Women's Health Australia February 2018

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cheers to a new year

There’s something about a new year. Like a blank, shiny new page, it makes you believe that absolutely anything is possible. Whether you want to get fitter, feel healthier, kickstart your motivation, travel the world or finally turn your passion into a paying job, the space, time and 100 per cent chilled out vibes that summer provides create the perfect environment to stop and take stock of what really matters. According to leading positive psychologists, the happiest people are those whose values align with their day-to-day life. And when it comes to authenticity (plus doing what you truly love), there’s no better example than this issue’s cover star, the divine Elyse Knowles. When we shot her on the beach in Sydney, we were blown away by so many things. Her sense…

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mulling over your own ny resolutions? here’s just a few ideas via team wh ...

My resolution is to be able to do a chin-up, or 10! This year, I’m all about working on my upper-body strength. Clare Baxter, Junior Features Writer Learn Japanese and how to make great cocktails. To travel more and pack less. And to aim for less phone time and more face-to-face time. Courtenay Raman, Marketing Manager To take full advantage of weekends, and to explore more. 2018 is the year of adventure. Alex Davies, Features Editor Balance work, study and spend more time with the people I love. Lisa Balemi, Art Director To dive in and enter a 2km ocean swim! Lottie Dalziel, Digital Content Manager…

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we asked so you don’t have to

COULD MY SKINNY JEANS CAUSE BACK PAIN? ANSWER Heels have traditionally been your wardrobe’s prime suspect when it comes to spine niggles. But harbouring an obsession with skinny jeans might raise your risk, too, according to experts from the British Chiropractic Association. “Everyone has a natural cycle to their gait, with knees, hips and pelvis all moving in a certain way,” explains chiropractor Dr Rishi Loatey. And skin-tight jeans can mess with this natural rhythm. “Restrictive denim could hinder your natural ability to move your hips forwards and backwards. Equally, from the pelvis downwards, it disrupts your body’s preferred way of moving, so the joints in your lower back take the strain,” he explains. That’s not to say your future trouser game needs to be permanently wide and loose. “It’s when…

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on our radar

FUNCTIONAL FITNESS Aka working out so you can safely perform everyday activities. It’s a top trend for 2018, according to the American College of Sports Medicine. NO LIGHTS, NO LYCRA This Melbs-born fitness craze is all cardio, no lights. The dance-class-in-the-dark is designed for those of us without coordination to jive out in anonymity. HEMP Now legalised for consumption in Oz, hemp seeds are packed with protein, magnesium, calcium and zinc. Plus, hemp is the only known food source of vitamin D3. Hemp, hemp hooray! ROLLED ICE-CREAM The new summer fave wellness cafes are loving. Made in front of you on a cold plate, you can add fresh fruit or nuts. Some places even do a ‘postworkout’ version with protein powder. Roll with it. STRETCH MARK ART Instagram artist Sara Shakeel adds glitter to stretch marks to demonstrate how…

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fitness discuss!

Gold star Give yourself one. Just acknowledging how much exercise you’re doing is crucial to reaping its full health benefits. Stanford University researchers showed that people who thought they were less active than their peers were up to 71 per cent more likely to cark it sooner – even if they worked out the same amount. Tip: wear a tracker to log every activity, from hiking to walking your dog. BUFF OR BLUFF? SLACKLINE TRAINING Buff! Balance work is huge right now, and the latest apparatus feels more gymnast than gym-goer: a secure but wobbly 8cm-wide belt, aka the slackline. “Bodyweight moves on the line engage most lower-body muscles to keep you from slipping,” says celeb PT Gunnar Peterson. Like BOSU balls, the unstable surface better activates your core. But staying put isn’t…

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weight loss discuss !

39 THE PERCENTAGE OF US WHO HOLD ONTO JEANS THAT DON’T FIT AS MOTIVATION TO SLIM DOWN. THE REASON IT WORKS? IT PUTS EMPHASIS ON OVERALL BODY COMPOSITION, WHICH IS IMPORTANT FOR HEALTH. BUT, IF YOU HAVE A CLOSET FULL AND HAVEN’T BEEN THAT SIZE FOR YONKS, CLEAN OUT THE SPACE FOR NEW CLOTHES AS INCENTIVE TO MOVE ON. Source: Harris Poll Snap to it Smashed your weight-loss goal? Don’t keep shtum. Sharing the news on social platforms like Insta can help you hit the next target, say American University researchers. Turns out opening up about progress and setbacks (eg, before-and-after pics) in a virtual community keeps us motivated and accountable. Time for a cheeky #gymselfie. THE CARB GENE If you’re wondering why you can’t ever stop at just one helping of pasta, let us…