Women's Health Australia December 2018

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find the calm you crave

This time of year can be, in a word, hectic! Between pre-Christmas deadlines, back-to work functions, non-stop social engagements family, friends, plus trying to eat well and fit on top of that (phew!), it can be like trying keep a million different plates spinning at without dropping one. But the very good news for busy women? You can totally transform your world, for the better, in just five minutes a day. According to an eye-opening new study from the University of Pennsylvania – published in the Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology - athletes who practised one simple technique (diaphragmatic breathing), significantly reduced their stress levels and resting heart rates. But that’s not all. They also reported feeling calmer and more in control. Not a bad pay-off for such a simple…

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the big question

WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH THIS ‘DIRTY KETO’ DIET DOING THE ROUNDS? ANSWER Want cheeseburgers and ice-cream on the reg? This spin on the classic keto diet gives you just that. “‘Dirty keto’ promotes one thing only: high fat,” says cook and personal trainer Scott Gooding, author of The Keto Diet and The Keto Diet Cookbook. “It prioritises macronutrients but neglects micronutrients, those essential for health.” While the usual keto approach (where most of your kilojoules come from healthy fats, with some carbs and protein) encourages you to aim for max nutrition from whole, unprocessed foods, ‘dirty keto’ doesn’t mind where you get your fat from as long as you get it. That means even a greasy take-out burger (sans bun) is on the menu. “The ‘dirty keto’ approach neglects the health…

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i’ve never had allergies, but now, at 35, everything is making me sneeze. help!

Fact: Allergies can begin at any age, and symptoms are often worse during your 30s and 40s. “We’re not sure why, but there’s some thought it could be due to exposure to an allergen – like dust mites or pollen – at a time the immune system has been weakened, such as during pregnancy,” says Dr Keri Peterson, an internal medicine expert. Or it could stem from not being exposed to a high enough amount of an allergen to elicit a response as a child, but then hitting that point as an adult. Your body reacts to triggers by releasing histamine, which causes the sneezing. Try these relief remedies ... PLANTS Outside, try a saline spray to flush out your nasal passages. “Since airborne substances like pollen can travel very easily, close…

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on our radar

PICK ‘N’ MIX FITNESS Like to have your spin class and barre it up, too? New app Esquared lets you book into one-off classes at a range of boutique gyms across Sydney – with plans to roll out in Melbourne and Brissie by the end of 2018. BLISS IN A BOWL Our fave ice-cream brand Halo Top has added a new flavour to its line-up. If Birthday Cake and Peanut Butter Cup weren’t enough, now enjoy Cookies & Cream – for only 1300kJs a tub. BOUNCE WORKOUTS Far from the rusty-spring deathtraps of your childhood, the trampoline parks popping up on the fitness scene are as hi-tech and kitted-out as they are fun. Track one down for some high-intensity, low-impact cardio. FEEL-GOOD LIFE ADMIN Take on 2019 with The Australian Women’s Health Diary . This A5 baby…

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fitness discuss!

SLOW YOUR ROW Sure, the rowing machine may be a piece of cardio equipment, but know this: speedy pulls burn kilojoules but they can compromise form. Rowing slowly and with control is more comparable to a strength workout, and can actually max your body gains. How? “By powerfully pushing off with your legs and then drawing out the recovery phase, you get the most distance out of your stroke,” says trainer Caley Crawford. “You’re better able to target muscles like the hamstrings, glutes and core.” Your rowing ratio should be 1-2: one count backwards, two counts to move forward. Power on! 56 THE PERCENTAGE SURGE IN HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE (HGH) WOMEN SAW AFTER STRENGTH TRAINING VERSUS STEADY CARDIO, DESPITE TORCHING THE SAME AMOUNT OF KILOJOULES. HGH SPURS FAT-BURNING AND MUSCLE-BUILDING. WHAT A…

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weight loss discuss!

LOVE YOUR BELLY Follow your heart to show your waist some love. A ticker-friendly diet high in fibre and low in saturated fat is a kick-arse way to ward off and reduce belly fat, reports a new paper in the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health & Fitness Journal. So, that means a tick for vegies and legumes. “Independent of body weight, a larger waist circumference increases risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and metabolic syndrome,” writes author and dietitian Kari D. Pilolla. It’s a healthy move all-round. PLEASE EXPLAIN... Camu camu IT’S AN AMAZONIAN FRUIT, DON’T YOU KNOW? WHEN AN EXTRACT WAS FED TO MICE, THIS CLOSE RELATIVE OF GUAVABERRY SEEMED TO BOOST METABOLISM AND SLOW WEIGHT GAIN. NO WORD ON HUMANS YET, BUT YOU CAN ALREADY BUY POWDERED FORMS TO THROW INTO…