Women's Health Australia December 2021

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thoughts on booze

L: WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO GO BOOZE-FREE LAST MONTH? M: For me, alcohol is something I limit year-round. With my training and competitions, I find it’s really important to be at the top of my game constantly and I’m a huge believer that we can all be awesome humans and have a great time without needing alcohol. L: FOR SURE. SO, FROM ONE AWESOME HUMAN EXCITINGLY VENTURING INTO SUMMER TO ANOTHER, HOW DO YOU NAVIGATE GOING OUT? M: Yeah, it’s something I’ve had to practise over the years, so for me the route to go for is a good mocktail. I love them! A personal favourite of mine is Naked Life. I’m obsessed with their sugar-free Virgin Margarita. I even treat myself to a mid-week drink. L: WHICH YOU PROBABLY COULDN’T DO WITH…

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ask women’s health

THE BIG QUESTION Is it silly to date according to astrology? Answer If you’re a Gemini who’s convinced your soulmate is a Libra, you’re not alone. The app Bumble has reported that users who include their star signs see a 60 per cent jump in matches. Why? We’re relational creatures, says relationship coach Dr Maryanne Comaroto. “Astrology is one of the many maps we have to explore our compatibility.” Plus, navigating the unknowns of being single, for some, brings on feelings of loneliness. Consulting an ancient practice can calm you down. But before writing Aries off, dig deeper. “You don’t want to pass up a match because you’ve pigeonholed someone’s sign,” says Comaroto. #notallscorpios Why do I go red when I drink? Answer You may have an alcohol intolerance, says Dr Jong Sung…

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on our radar

EVERESTING Taking fitness to new heights, this trend sees cyclists hopping on their bikes to virtually climb the 8,848m elevation of Mount Everest on the Strava app. Talk about pedal power. FOOD UPCYCLING Listen up conscious consumers: this type of upcycling aims to deal with food waste in creative, versatile ways. We’re talking about using those ingredients you’d often chuck – think carrot tops in DIY pesto or roasting potato peels to make chips. MICROPRENEURS With the pandemic leaving many people underemployed, a fresh wave of small homegrown start-ups and ‘micropreneurs’ is emerging, say trend forecasters. TACKLING TABOOS The new iDecide platform is all about opening up the conversation around death and loss. Created by Rechelle Leahy – who lost three loved ones within a decade – it offers a space to store and share end-of-life plans,…

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BE SUNSCREEN SMART Consider this a nudge to replenish your SPF supply. “Out-of-date sun cream can be much less effective, so you have a higher chance of burning and exposing yourself to the sun’s harmful rays,” says dermatologist Dr Simon Zokaie. No expiry date? You’ll likely see ‘6m’ or ‘12m’ on the label – how many months it’ll last after opening. “Allowing sunscreen to overheat or exposing it to moisture can... reduce its effectiveness,” adds Zokaie. So, if that factor 30 sunbathed with you, re-buy and stash the new one away from sunlight. COMPILED BY ALEX DAVIES. PHOTOGRAPHY: GUILLAUME REYNAUD/GALLERY STOCK…

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Lettuce Water for Sleep A new trend claims you can get better Zs by soaking lettuce in boiling water and sipping it. Legit? Not exactly. “There’s limited research to suggest green romaine lettuce may improve sleep in mice due to a compound, found in lettuce, which has a sedative effect,” says accredited practising dietitian Sophie Rindfleish. “But there have been no clinical trials in humans.” Still keen? There’s generally no harm* in it, she adds. Besides, a cup of warm water, lettuce or not, could be soothing come wind-down time. 1/2 HEALTHY OLDER ADULTS WHO ATE AROUND HALF A CUP OF WALNUTS DAILY SAW A MODEST REDUCTION IN THEIR LEVELS OF LDL (“BAD”) CHOLESTEROL. SOURCE: CIRCULATION SWEET SEEKERS Forgot where you stashed the Dairy Milk? Please. In a recent study, participants tasted or smelled eight foods…

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kiss and make up

THROUGH THICK AND THIN Even if you resisted at-home eyebrow shaping while everyone else was going to tweezer town, you may still have noticed some changes. Thinning brows can actually indicate health probs, says derm Joshua Zeichner. Here are two... 01 THYROID ISSUES Your thyroid gland maintains the body’s functioning through hormone secretion. Thinning of the brow’s outer third may indicate an underactive thyroid. Talk to your doc; you may need to get it checked. 02 ALOPECIA AREATA With this condition, your immune system attacks hair follicles, causing hair loss and bald patches anywhere on the body, says Zeichner. (It can be triggered by stress.) You may need a prescription topical. 370 TIME TO SEPARATE YOUR CAT MEMES FROM YOUR CURRENT AFFAIRS. A STUDY OF THIS MANY PEOPLE FOUND THAT SCROLLING THROUGH A MIXTURE OF NEWS AND…