Women's Health Australia November 2021

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editor’s letter

thoughts on OPTIMISM So, 2021 hasn’t exactly turned out like many of us expected. The plans that we cautiously made at the beginning of the year, fuelled by the hope that we had entered our new post-2020 normal, were smashed by a certain mutation of an unrelenting virus. It’s made looking ahead hard. But not redundant. As WH contributor (and casualty of the TBD wedding) Lindsay Geller writes in “Flash Forward” (page 108): “Even if you’ve only got miniscule amounts of positivity left, it’s worth the investment [as it] makes you feel happier and less stressed”, according to psychologists. This doesn’t equate to walking around with a deluded sense of reality, BTW. It’s important to note that feeling optimistic does not cancel out those so-called “bad” emotions. Dr Addie Wootten, clinical psychologist…

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ask women’s health

THE BIG QUESTION Eating while exercising – yay or nay? Answer You’ve probably seen high-level athletes crush a protein bar or gel during a training sesh. A less likely scenario? Eating a cupcake while working out. Activist and actor Jameela Jamil posts videos of herself munching on foods (like ice-cream) mid-movement to remind herself that she exercises for mental wellbeing and health, not for weight loss. And she’s onto something. “When we eat with the intention to fuel our workouts – whether before or during – we look at food as a way to enhance exercise rather than as something we need to ‘burn off’,” says sports and eating disorder-focused nutritionist Gabriela Barreto. Plus, if you work out long enough (45 minutes or more), your body will likely crave sustenance anyway. Some…

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on our radar

FIGHT PERIOD POVERTY Modibodi is teaming up with The Good Box to deliver parcels of selfcare items and five pairs of period undies to women and girls experiencing homelessness. Buy a box to donate via thegoodbox.com.au from October 27. FIT KIT DELIVERED Online workouts now come with a side of gear. FLOE Gym (floefit.com) is a box that houses equipment and converts into a bench and barre for use with FLOE’s classes; while pilates fave Fluidform at Home sends members a ball, sliders and bands (fluidformpilates.com.au) ALLBIRDS ACTIVEWEAR Devotees of Allbirds footwear will love its debut performance apparel. The Natural Run Collection features tights, tanks and shorts made from sustainable materials. allbirds.com.au WORKOUT FUEL Fancy munching on something a bit more substantial after your gym sesh? Try BioSlim VLCD Bars in Caramel Crunch – they’re high protein,…

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discuss nutrition

Best Brew Let’s hear it for your AM cup. A recent study in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology found that drinking filtered coffee (defined as using a paper filter for a drip-brewed beverage) is better for your ticker than no coffee at all. Plus, it contains 30 times fewer cholesterol-raising diterpene compounds than an unfiltered brew. That’s news to warm the heart. 40 WHEN MIGRAINE SUFFERERS BOOSTED THEIR INTAKE OF FATTY FISH (THINK: SALMON, SARDINES, MACKEREL), THEY EXPERIENCED A REDUCTION IN MIGRAINE FREQUENCY AND INTENSITY BY UP TO 40 PER CENT COMPARED TO A CONTROL GROUP. RESEARCHERS RECKON IT’S PARTLY DOWN TO THE OMEGA-3 FATTY ACID CONTENT. SOURCE: THE BMJ PLEASE EXPLAIN… Prebiotics Turns out 43 per cent of us aren’t sure how prebiotics benefit gut health. Here’s the lowdown: prebiotics are a type of fibre…

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discuss fitness

Pop Quiz! Which of these wins the race? A RUN-WALK METHOD B CONTINUOUS RUNNING ANSWER: It’s a tie, kind of. Turns out the run-walk method can reduce muscle soreness and get you to the finish line in roughly the same time as continuous running. When non-elite participants either ran-walked or just ran 42km, the run-walkers reported less muscle fatigue and pain afterwards, plus, broadly similar finishing times to the run-only group. SOURCE: JOURNAL OF SCIENCE AND MEDICINE IN SPORT Cramp Your Style New Edith Cowan University research has found that those who drank an electrolyte drink instead of plain H20 during and after exercise were less susceptible to muscle cramps, leading scientists to point to a lack of electrolytes, not dehydration, as the cause of such pains. Your move? Try adding a sugar-free electrolyte powder to your…

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discuss health

Get It on for Better Zs The Hindu and Buddhist practice of tantric sex aims to foster connection and groundedness through mindful sex. The lotus position (where one partner sits cross-legged and the other sits on top, facing them) is a fave for its intimacybuilding eye contact and synchronised breathing but it could also spell a deeper slumber. A recent survey tracked the post-coital snoozes of 1,652 participants via sleep monitors over three months. Of the 25 positions performed in the name of research, doggy style increased REM sleep the most, hiking it by 43 per cent, but the lotus came a close second at 39 per cent. Turn on to tune out. SOURCE: THEDOZYOWL.CO.UK SOOTHE OPERATOR Few things are as satisfying as digging your nails into a frustrating bug bite – but rubbing…