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fresh starts, new beginnings

“Leap and the net will appear” has always been one of my favourite mantras. It’s also a philosophy almost every power woman I admire seems to live by, both personally and professionally. The simple but powerful thinking behind it? That on the other side of every bold move and brave decision lies something truly great, and the kind of unlimited potential we can only find when we have the courage to really test and challenge ourselves. It seems to be a recurring theme right around the world, as a growing number of trailblazers – from health and wellness seekers to business leaders and entrepreneurs – rewrite the rules of what’s possible, in genuinely exciting and innovative ways. It’s also something I’ve found to be true time and time again. I’ve been…

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ask women’s health

THE BIG QUESTION I’ve started exercising but I’m gaining weight. What gives? Answer The most likely explanation is that all your workouts have increased your appetite. “When you burn more [kilojoules], your body wants to compensate for this loss by eating more,” explains dietitian Torey Armul. Indeed, a 2019 study in the Journal Of Clinical Nutrition found that people tend to lose less weight than expected when they exercise because of increased appetite and the resulting extra kilojoules consumed. Armul advises doing some dietary analysis to check the kilojoules coming in aren’t dwarfing the ones you’re burning. Watch out for sugar-laden pre- and post-workout snacks, keeping yours to fruit, vegies, complex carbs, lean protein and healthy fats – and focus on portion control at dinner. Consider mixing up your training, too. “Lifting…

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2 PEOPLE WHO TRY THIS MANY (OR MORE) DIFFERENT KINDS OF WORKOUT EACH MONTH MAY BE MORE LIKELY TO HIT THEIR EXERCISE GOALS. THIS ECHOES PREVIOUS RESEARCH, WHICH REVEALED THAT VARYING WORKOUTS CAN HELP BOOST YOUR CHANCES OF STICKING TO A FITNESS ROUTINE. SOURCE: NYU RORY MEYERS COLLEGE OF NURSING Body Pump Keeping active while pregnant? Hear this: a recent study in Nature Metabolism revealed that moderate exercise – a daily walk will do – in pregnancy increases levels of a compound called 3SL in breast milk, which is believed to reduce bub’s lifelong risk of obesity and diabetes. Sweet news indeed. DO LO-FI YOGA, NIX BACK PAIN Nursing a lower-back niggle? Allow us to suggest you hit the mat. Not for anything super intense, though, just some gentle yoga or even tai chi. A new…

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Let’s Hear It For Sprouts Make room for this humble cruciferous hero. A fascinating Edith Cowan University study has revealed that consuming the likes of broccoli and Brussels sprouts more often is linked with lower levels of blood vessel disease in women. Scientists think it’s due to their vitamin K content, which may inhibit calcification (accumulation of mineral deposits) in vessels. So plate up! 200 EATING THIS MANY GRAMS OF SARDINES WEEKLY HAS BEEN LINKED TO A REDUCED RISK OF DEVELOPING TYPE 2 DIABETES. THE REASON IS STILL TBC BUT, SINCE THE OILY FISH IS RICH IN NUTRIENTS INCLUDING TAURINE, OMEGA 3, CALCIUM AND VITAMIN D, THEY’RE WORTH ADDING TO YOUR MENU – TRY IN SALADS, PASTA, AS A TOAST TOPPER OR ON YOUR NEXT BARBECUE. SOURCE: CLINICAL NUTRITION LOSE THE LATE PLATE Reconsider that midnight…

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Juicy Vibes In preparation for summer, we’re dousing our hair in watermelon. “It accentuates natural movement and adds shine,” says expert stylist Barney Martin. “Watermelon also helps to promote collagen formation for healthy growth.” Try Garnier Fructis Volumising Watermelon Hair Food, $10.99, and R+Co Dreamhouse Cold Pressed Watermelon Wave Spray, $48. Pop Quiz! What’s our favourite fragrance note? A POWDERY B WOODY C CITRUS ANSWER: A After a new scent and not sure where to start? Turns out most women prefer powdery notes, according to a new survey of the most popular fragrances. Think: ingredients that offer a clean, soapy smell, such as vanilla, musk or iris. Sound good? Then try Santa Maria Novella Iris EDC, $198. SOURCE: ONBUY.COM NAILED IT We’re all for ’90s beauty trends making a comeback (we see you, hair clips and brown lip liner). The latest one…

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Who Runs the World? In the words of Queen B, girls! Scientists researching the Mosuo tribe of south-west China found that women in its matriarchal villages (where grandmothers are the heads of households) have lower blood pressure and fewer inflammatory proteins than those in similar, but patriarchal, villages. More proof women being in charge is a win for health. SOURCE: PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES 28 DAILY BATHS HAVE BEEN LINKED TO THIS PERCENTAGE LOWER RIS OF CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE, ALONG WITH A 26 PER CENT LOWER RISK OF STROKE. RESEARCHERS FOUND THAT BATHING BOOSTS ‘HAEMODYNAMIC FUNCTION’ – THE WAY BLOOD IS PUMPED AROUND THE BODY. GOOD TO KNOW YOUR SELF-CARE SOAK COMES SCIENCE BACKED, EH? SOURCE: HEART SMART MOUTH With so much focus on the gut microbiome, it’s easy to forget that your mouth also…