Women's Health Australia May 2021

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hello, energy!

There are several equally precious commodities when it comes to wellness. But there’s one that pretty much every woman I know wants more of: Energy. Around the world, countless conversations are being had by scientists, doctors and health-seekers alike on how to get it, keep it and harness its power in everyday life. From Arianna Huffington’s best-sellers Thrive and The Sleep Revolution, to Aussie energy guru and nutritional biochemist Dr Libby Weaver’s books The Invisible Load (A Guide to Overcoming Stress and Overwhelm) and Exhausted to Energised, thought-leaders and experts have never been so focused on the new science of vitality and what it means for our health. Women have a lot to deal with, daily. So much so that burnout and adrenal fatigue are some of the most commonly searched…

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the big question

Running or strength training – which is better for heart health? Answer Cardio-phobes, rejoice! A new study by the University of Prishtina in Kosovo has rated endurance and resistance training as equally beneficial for reducing your chances of developing risk factors for heart disease, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Participants were divided into three groups: one did endurance training on a treadmill, another did strength-based circuits and the third did nothing. The groups who exercised had lost weight and body fat at the end of eight weeks, but the results were remarkably similar, leading study authors to conclude that both workouts could be equally heart-healthy. But consultant cardiologist Dr Amanda Varnava cautions: “While this study provides some early evidence that strength training may be able to compete with…

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how much coffee can i drink per day?

The question of whether glugging as many takeaway lattes as your bank balance allows – or using a Nespresso machine hourly – is as good for your health as it is for an energy spike remains as murky as the sludge at the bottom of your cafetière. Multiple studies have shown that drinking coffee can hike your blood pressure, and research from 2016 found that having more than five cups of the unfiltered stuff may raise cholesterol by up to 8 per cent. But research has also shown that women who knock back two or three cups a day have lower total body and abdominal fat. As for migraines, a 2019 study found that having one or two cups of coffee wasn’t associated with headaches, but three or more may…

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on our radar

HAPPIER HOUR What’s better than a homemade cocktail? One bursting with probiotics. Liven up your after-work drinks with Nexba’s sugar-free kombucha and kefir in flavours like elderflower and lemon. Cheers! Nexba.com JARCUTERIE This super-cute social trend sees the usual foodie platter ingredients popped into small jars, rather than on a board, for you to enjoy. Try it with the likes of fruit, cheese, meats, nuts and even dark chocolate at your next get-together. FLOW GEAR Period undies brand Thinx has added workout clothes to its range, including absorbent shorts, leggings and a leotard. Some even come with heating pad pockets in the front. Now that’s clever! Shethinx.com GAMERCISE FUN Video game-based workouts are taking over, fast! From Nintendo Switch’s Ring Fit Adventure to Just Dance 2020 where you shake it to tunes by Ariana Grande and more. ASTROLOVE Using…

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can i follow a plant-based diet if i’m allergic to nuts?

Yes. But let’s break it down, shall we? For starters, if it’s just peanuts – technically a legume – that are the problem, this leaves an array of nutrient-jammed tree nuts, such as cashews, walnuts and almonds, for you to experiment with. All nuts a no-no? “For creamy plant-based sauces that would usually call for cashews, tofu is a fantastic substitute, providing protein and micronutrients, such as calcium and iron,” explains dietitian Sam Gould. Her advice? Choose as wide a range of tasty plant-based protein sources as possible in order to maximise the chances of getting the nutritional diversity your body needs. “Thankfully, there are many out there, such as beans, seeds, seitan, lentils, mycoprotein, soy products, chickpeas and peas,”she says. As for nuts’ other nutrients, you’ll often be able…

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CUDDLE BUDDY Nothin’ wrong with sleeping in your partner’s old T-shirt. In fact, you may snooze better when you’re wrapped in the scent of a loved one, according to research from the University of British Columbia. For the 2020 study, more than 150 people made a makeshift pillowcase of a tee that had either been used by their S.O., donned by a stranger (ick?!) or not worn at all. Peeps believed they slept better with their partner’s scent, and they did indeed toss and turn less, as recorded by their sleep trackers. say it with us now: awwwww.…