Women's Health Australia April 2021

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fitspo, on tap

Last September, I did something I never, ever dreamed would be physically (or mentally) possible; ran 62km in a 31-hour, non-stop relay event, as the only female in a team of six self-confessed exercise extremists. And, to be honest, I loved every single second of it. Through two gruelling nights and one full day, we pushed through the pain cave and pounded the same loop of Bondi (on repeat) until we finally crossed the finish line exhausted but totally triumphant at 4am on September 7. For us, it was unfinished business, when the event we’d been training to tackle in March 2020 (The Speed Project, one of the most brutal underground running events in the world) was cancelled due to the pandemic. Just a few short years ago, if you’d…

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the big question

So, am I spending too much on wellness? Answer That’s kind of like asking how long is a piece of string… But if you’re feeling the pinch, you’re not alone: according to ING research, 45 per cent of millennials are worried they’ll never get out of debt, while 53 per cent namecheck saving as a top priority. If you’re not sure exactly where your money is flowing, start using an expense tracker, suggests financial advisor Helen Baker, founder of consultancy On Your Own Two Feet. “The key is to be aware of those little items that pop up,” she explains. “It’s like keeping a food diary – you’ll actually see when those sneaky one-offs creep in without you realising.” While you’re at it, take some time to audit your spending habits.…

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i’ve been stressed and my period came late. could that affect my cycle?

Potentially, but don’t panic. “Your hormones perform a delicate balancing act every day,” says Dr Kate White, associate professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at Boston University. On a good week, they work together in harmony – like a perfectly synced-up spin class. But a stressful time – like a tough deadline or a relationship break-up – can throw them off their game. “Stress activates certain hormones, notably cortisol, which can suppress oestrogen and progesterone, [which control your menstrual cycle] throwing your period for a loop,” she says. The average menstrual cycle lasts 21 to 35 days, so any variation within that window may be normal – or stress-induced. While there’s no way to tell for sure, in many cases, it’s not something to freak about (providing you’ve done that pregnancy…

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on our radar

ROBOT DOGGOS The world’s first intuitive robot dog, a product of Silicon Valley, is in the works. Powered by artificial intelligence, the clever canine (named KODA) is designed to tune into its owner’s emotions and socially interact. Paw-some! THE CLIMATARIAN DIET This on-the-rise approach is all about eating with the planet in mind. Climatarians prioritise foods with a low carbon footprint, such as seasonal and local produce. They also cut back on waste and look into composting – visit sharewaste.com for your nearest site, green queen. SWEAT HOTSPOTS Turns out Byron Bay, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane are the most fitness-conscious places in Australia. That’s according to a Myprotein report, which analysed criteria including the number of gyms and fitness-related online searches. GUT GOODNESS We’re all about showing our guts some nourishing TLC, which is why we’ re…

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how can i get more vegies into my brekkie?

Eaten on the run, breakfast is often a nutrition blind spot. But add in some vegies and you’ll be well on your way to an A+ day. “It’s recommended that all Australians eat five serves of vegies each day (one serve is equivalent to one cup of salad veg or half a cup of cooked veg),” explains dietitian Rachel Scoular. “If you’re able to squeeze one or two serves into breakfast, you’re less likely to need to play catch up come dinner time.” They’ll also give you filling fibre, without adding many kJs, Scoular says, and they pair perfectly with protein – another overlooked nutrient at brekkie. Need ideas? “Try making a big vegetable frittata to grab and go in the mornings,” suggests Scoular. “Fill it up with mushrooms, roast…

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i really want to master a headstand. any tips?

Start in the middle – that is, with your core. “Core strength is really important to mastering a headstand,” explains Emma Seibold, Barre Body founder and yoga teacher. “It’s lightness you need to lift up and hold a headstand, and that comes from developing the deeper, more subtle core, coupled with the adductor muscles in your inner thighs.” When you’re ready to turn your world upside down, try Seibold’s tripod method: 1 Start in an all-fours position and put your head on the floor in front of your hands, so you make a triangle shape with your head at the top of the triangle and your hands at the base. 2 Lift your knees off the floor and come into a downward dog shape with your head and hands still in the…