Women's Health Australia March 2021

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win sally’s surfboard!

This month, we didn’t just score an exclusive cover interview with one of the world’s most successful surfers, Sally Fitzgibbons. We also snared one of her boards! To celebrate the launch of Women’s Health’s huge comeback issue, we’ve teamed up with Almond Breeze to give one lucky reader a chance to own a surfboard signed by Sally, so you can hit the waves like a legend. Sound good? Then simply scan the QR code here, head to our Instagram page @womenshealthaus and enter now.* Good luck! * Terms & conditions apply. Check them out at womenshealth.com.au…

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we’re back, baby

Every cover tells a story. And trust me when I say this one is pretty wild. It’s proof that, if you just keep the faith in the face of even the biggest life curveballs, you can come out stronger, wiser and better on the other side. Back in March 2020, before the entire world changed forever, Women’s Health was lucky enough to score an exclusive shoot with one of Australia’s most successful athletes, surfer Sally Fitzgibbons. She was mere months away from the Tokyo Games and in the best shape of her life, ready to compete for gold as surfing burst onto the Olympic roster for the very first time. Then the pandemic hit, everything changed and the world’s borders slammed shut. And after 13 years pioneering the health market,…

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my friend is in a baby bubble – how do i get her to talk about something else?

If your mate is a new mum and life is now more about expressing milk than espresso martinis, be kind. “Not only does a new mum’s lifestyle completely change, a new bub takes up almost all of their attention. It’s only natural, then, that the baby will be the first thing a new mum talks about – and sometimes they won’t have much else to say,” says clinical psychologist Gemma Cribb. You can help by bringing her up to speed. “Telling your own stories can help pull your friend gently out of their baby’s bubble. Alternatively, giving them updates about world events or topics in the media can be a nice way to connect.” If she isn’t showing much interest in your life now, it’s OK to gently raise your…

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the big question

Could fruit be giving me tummy troubles? Answer We hear you: how could something so healthy cause you pain? Unfortunately, it’s entirely possible that fruit is messing with your gut. “Some types of fruit contain compounds called FODMAPs, which, if eaten in larger quantities by those sensitive, can trigger irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms,” explains dietitian Chloe McLeod. FODMAPs are short-chain carbohydrates that occur in a range of foods and are poorly absorbed in the small intestine, which can lead to diarrhoea, bloating, wind and pain for those with digestive issues. Sadly, mango is one of many fruits high in FODMAPs, alongside apples, pears, plums and nectarines. But that doesn’t mean all fruit is off the table: pineapple, citrus fruit, kiwifruit and just-ripe bananas are all low-FODMAP options. “It’s important to…

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workout motivation... talk me through it

REWARD YOURSELF Just like a doggo, your brain responds to treats. “Celebrating all the little wins along the way is especially important when you’re starting to lose sight of your goals,” says Burdon. “All the small changes add up to form long-term habits, so reward yourself when you’ve earned it – say, by setting a new running PB or doing a heavier squat.” RECRUIT A FRIEND Try outsourcing your motivation. “Having someone to sweat it out with makes working out more enjoyable – and it holds you both accountable.” Best mate not nearby? Arrange a Zoom workout or phone catch-up for your walk. RIP UP ROUTINE “Try something new,” says Burdon. “There’s no harm in experimenting with that kickboxing class you’ve been wanting to try. This can be a good way to look forward to…

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on our radar

MINDFUL CRAFTING Move over, colouring books – relaxing crochet, embroidery and glass art are on the up, according to Pinterest. Try slow stitching or basket making with an online workshop by Craft School Oz (craftschooloz.com) or take your pick from the craft classes at ClassBento (classbento.com.au). THE WORLD OF SLEEPCARE From celeb-read bedtime stories (hey, Harry Styles on the Calm app) to a surge in demand for relaxing, sleep-inducing affirmations and workouts, it seems rest is on our minds more than ever. If you’re feeling like going one step further, check out Sleep Cove for relaxing hypnosis and meditation exercises. BREAKFAST BOARDS It’s brekkie – but not as you know it. Serving morning spreads on charcuterie-style boards is having a major moment, whether it’s a fruit and granola combo or a feast of mini avo…