Women's Health Australia June 2020

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As this issue goes to print, the entire world (and the Women’s Health team) is getting used to an entirely new normal. With social distancing and working from home now an essential part of our social fabric, we’ve all had to find new ways to navigate day-to-day life, and bring some sense of joy and meaning to a situation none of us ever imagined we’d be in. And the one thing I’ve learnt during the past month or two? Some of the smallest habit and mindset shifts can have the most positive impact. As regular readers of this column would know, I’ve always been a huge fan of exercise. But during this very strange lockdown time, it’s become my saviour and the number one way to bring some sense of order…

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the big question

Do you really need to feed a cold? Answer The old “feed a cold, starve a fever” adage can be traced back to the 16th century, when colds were thought to be caused by, well, being cold, and doctors thought that eating to raise your body temperature would nix the illness. And now? Well, we understand the biology of colds a little better. “They tend to be caused by viruses that attack the linings of your airways, causing irritation that results in sneezing, coughing, blocked ears and a hoarse voice,” says GP Dr Serena Rakha. GP Dr Daniel Fenton adds, “Eating healthily with both colds and fevers is likely to help you recover more quickly. Evidence suggests that increasing your vitamin C levels can be beneficial, and while effervescent vitamin tablets…

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ANXIETY-FREE NEWS If you could use more positivity in your life, click ‘follow’ on one of our fave Instagram accounts: @the_happy_broadcast. It focuses on good-news stories only, and its daily blasts highlighting the little wins you might otherwise miss are the smile-makers we all deserve. BALLET AT HOME Found: an at-home workout that doesn’t involve a million burpees or jump squats! Instead, you can practise your plié, pirouette and arabesque with the pros at the Australian Ballet Centre. They’re offering free online classes for beginners through to advanced, so get your bun ready and visit australianballet.com.au/studios. RAINBOW NAILS The easiest way to inject some joy into the depths of winter. Paint each digit a different colour or graduate one hue from light to dark for a more office-friendly take. Either way, expect smiles all round. SPIRITUAL…

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discuss fitness

GYM HACK! Flip Your Workout Need a circuit refresh? Train from the top down. It’s called vertical loading: you start with upper-body exercises (arms, chest) and end with your legs, moving from one muscle group to the next without rest. Why? You get more done in less time (since the group above recovers while you work the next), which can lead to quicker results, says certified strength and conditioning specialist Hannah Davis. Do 12 reps of overhead press, lat pulldown, chest fly, squat and single-leg dead lifts. Repeat twice for three total sets. POSE-ITIVE THINKING Turns out there’s yet another health benefit to a regular Warrior II. When researchers used yoga – Iyengar, to be precise – and breathing exercises to manage symptoms of depression and anxiety, the study group showed significantly improved sleep…

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Migraine Magic Sidestep pricey over-the-counter remedies: new evidence has found that high doses of low-cost aspirin could be the secret to managing your migraines. A study published in The American Journal of Medicine found that between 900mg and 1300mg of the bargain cupboard staple can be a safe and effective treatment option when your migraine begins. Consider this your headache heads up – and obviously check with your doc first. PLEASE EXPLAIN Dichloroacetate Scientists have found a potentially life-changing drug for women with endometriosis. Dichloroacetate – once investigated as a cancer treatment – was found to reduce the production of lactate (a potentially harmful waste product) and stop abnormal cell growth, meaning it could one day be used to reduce the pain sufferers endure. SOURCE: THE UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH Pop Quiz! What portion of Aussies sleep well…

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discuss beauty

PLEASE EXPLAIN PHAs So, you’re all over your AHAs and BHAs, but what about PHAs? Short for polyhydroxy acids, PHAs “act very similarly to AHAs in that they are chemical exfoliants, [which work on] the outer layers of the skin and [encourage] new skin cell production,” says Dr Natasha Cook, dermatologist and founder of Darlinghurst Dermatology. But this is where the similarities end. PHAs are rich in antioxidants, prevent glycation (the ageing process) and cause less irritation. 75 THE PERCENTAGE OF SEWER BLOCKAGES THAT INVOLVE WIPES. SWITCH TO THE BIODEGRADABLE KIND – THEY’LL HELP REDUCE THE AMOUNT PILING UP IN LANDFILL, WASHING UP ON BEACHES AND CAUSING HAVOC TO MARINE LIFE. SOURCE: SYDNEY WATER Pit Stop Trending now? Natural deo, in the quest for a more low-tox life. “Natural deodorants are gaining popularity as…