Women's Health Australia April 2020

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who runs the world?

Want to hear some great news? Right around the world, the female empowerment movement shows no sign of slowing down. And nowhere is that more apparent than in the sports arena. Just a couple of recent examples? In November, superstar striker (and Matildas captain) Sam Kerr paved the way for other Aussie athletes when she signed a major deal to join the Women’s Super League competition, as part of UK team Chelsea, in a signing that made her one of the highest paid female players in the world. In February, 21-year-old American Sofia Kenin became the youngest woman in 12 years to win the Australian Open, declaring that, if you work hard enough, dreams really do come true. As this issue goes to print, on the eve of International Women’s Day…

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the big question

Are baked potatoes healthy or not? Answer We blame sweet potatoes for this concern. The tasty tubers have a lower GI than regular taters, which make them an easy swap for the health-conscious crowd. But the humble spud shouldn’t be a write-off, because when baked in its skin with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, it’s pretty wholesome. “Potatoes provide carbohydrates and fibre, plus a wide range of vitamins and minerals, such as potassium, vitamin C and B-group vitamins,” says dietitian Rachel Scoular. “The downside is that they’re a high-GI food, which means they’re quickly digested and absorbed by the body, potentially causing a spike in blood-sugar levels, [so] you’ll get a quick hit of energy, followed by a slump and soon feel hungry after.” To avoid the crash, serve…

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on our radar

GIRL POWER If a tri is on your 2020 vision board, check out Foher Co – an Aussie apparel label shaking up the dude-dominated triathlon world. Its gear is designed specifically for women’s bodies and comes in a range of fun prints. Who run the world? foher.co RUNCH TIME According to a report by fitness-scheduling app MindBody, lunchbreak workouts are on the rise, with 63 per cent of Aussies saying they feel more productive afterwards. We’re officially christening the trend “runching” (run + lunch, geddit?). VITAMIN BITES Fulfil bars deliver a rainbow of nutrients, including B6, B12, C and E, plus 20g of protein encased in drool-worthy flavours such as peanut and caramel, and white chocolate and cookie dough. Find them at Coles, Woolworths and independent supermarkets. TEE OFF Help Camilla and Marc give ovarian cancer the…

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foam party

Hot trend? Sneaker tech, with a host of clever innovations set to pimp your running ride. One of the latest to hit the market? The New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10. Featuring the company’s new Fresh Foam technology, which consists of a single-material midsole made of plush, seamless foam, it’s precision engineered for an ultra-cushioned, lightweight way to get your kays up. A sole that prizes itself on comfort doesn’t exactly sound like it’d stand the test of a long run, right? Wrong. The outsole is constructed from NDurance maximum wear-and-tear compound rubber, so you get the support of a soft sole with maximum durability. In short, they’ll do you proud from cross-country to commute. $250, newbalance.com.au…

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rules of engagement

FOCUS ON YOUR MUSCLES When you’re learning a new exercise: Tuning in to the muscles you’re targeting, increases their activation, research shows. So if you’re trying to master a move, a mental connection helps ensure you’re doing it right. When you have an imbalance or injury: The brain is powerful. Just thinking about contracting a muscle can build its strength, an Ohio University study found. Bum ankle? Pretend you’re flexing it anyway. When you’re doing a quickie: Workout, we mean. Quality matters even more when quantity is limited, yet you might rush through a set just to get it done. Zero in on the main muscle you’re working for each move – every rep counts extra here. FOCUS ON SOMETHING ELSE When you’re lifting heavy: If you’re tackling serious weight for only a few reps – think 80 per…

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wine time for your gut

HEART HEALTH HOTEL Need another push to book that holiday? Vacations are good for your heart – confirmed. According to new research, the more holidays employees take, the lower their risk for metabolic syndrome – a cluster of symptoms that together raise your chance of developing cardiovascular disease. What’s more, with each extra break taken, the risk decreased by nearly a quarter. Reason enough to use up your annual leave. SOURCE: SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, NEW YORK 34 THIS PERCENTAGE OF US CREDITS TIME WITH LOVED ONES AS OUR MAIN COPING MECHANISM IN THE FACE OF DAILY CHALLENGES. OTHER POPULAR STRATEGIES: SLEEP, EXERCISE, MEDITATION AND FOOD. SOURCE: SMILING MIND STATE OF MIND SURVEY…