Women's Health Australia March 2020

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it all starts with a single step...

They say one person really can change the world. And recently I was reminded how true that actually is, in the most inspiring way possible, when the global running community banded together to make a major difference and support those affected by the devastating bushfires raging across Australia. It all started with a straighforward idea. In early January, endurance athlete Samantha Gash was out running (with her 22-month-old son in a pram) in Victoria’s Dandenong Ranges, wondering what she could do to help. She dreamed up a concept that became the Relief Run, a virtual half-marathon anyone could do (anywhere in the world, on the same weekend) to raise money for the Australian Red Cross. At the time, she hoped to mobilise her local network and raise $20,000. But thanks to…

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the big question

Why can’t I do anything without my headphones? Answer Unless you’re at a pivotal point in your true crime podcast or you suffer from noise sensitivity that makes birdsong sound like a World Cup final, we suspect the thing you’re actually addicted to is what your headphones are plugged into: your phone. But being perma-plugged may mean you’re missing out on more than birdsong. A growing body of research is pointing to the neurobenefits of letting your mind wander off down the beach from time to time. It’s thought that creative tasks particularly benefit from the daydream approach, but studies have also linked it with an increase in productivity. One neuroimaging study by the University of British Columbia showed that brain areas associated with complex problem-solving are more active during daydreaming…

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on our radar

STYLE + STOKE You don’t have to be a surfer to want one of Nusa Indah’s boards. Known for stylish patterns that look as good on your wall as they do in the water, the brand’s latest range dips into the US Vogue archive for nostalgic inspo, featuring vintage covers designed by Salvador Dali and Georges Lepape. Tres chic. AI SPIN BIKES Mates, meet CAR.O.L. She’s an AI spin bike clinically proven to give you a 40-minute power sesh in eight minutes, using reduced-exertion high-intensity training, or, in other words, two 20-second, crazy-hard sprints alternated with recovery windows. She’s available in the UK and US already – fingers crossed CAR.O.L makes the journey Down Under soon. DIY LIFE COACHING Sydney psychology clinic The Indigo Project has taken its popular Get Your Shit Together course online,…

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ube cool

Seeing violet take over your favourite desserts? Credit ube, a purple yam indigenous to the Philippines. Its high dose of anthocyanins – the antioxidants that create its vibrant hue – promotes a healthier heart and brain, research shows. And since it’s in the sweet potato fam, you score some healthy carbs, fibre and potassium, too. Look for ube in Asian grocers, then throw ’em into casseroles or boil and bake into cookies and muffins. Be sure to save the water – it’s a natural dye that’ll prettify any foods you want to post on the ’gram.…

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discuss fitness

GYM HACK! A Different Dimension Fact: you don’t go about your day moving in one direction, and the same should apply to your gym sesh. But if your workouts are looking one-sided, there’s no need to overhaul your entire routine; simply take your fave move ‘around the world’. This means changing the angle of your body as you perform a set of exercises – such as planks, lunges or squats – in order to tap smaller muscles in the transitional (read: weight-shifting) phase. You’ll also improve your range of motion and better prime your body for everyday demands, since you’re branching out of that typical front-to-back plane, says PT Lauren Kanski. Ready to travel? JUMP SQUATS Explode into the air facing forwards and land in a squat, then pivot your body to the right…

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discuss nutrition

Avocaaa... go! Pass the guac, will you? Eating just one avocado daily may help lower levels of LDL aka ‘bad’ cholesterol. Specifically, the green fave was associated with fewer LDL particles being oxidised, a process that can contribute to plaque build-up in artery walls. SOURCE: PENN STATE UNIVERSITY EAT FOR YOUR EARS Listen up for even more incentive to chow down on a healthy diet. No seriously, listen: balancing your plate (via approaches such as the DASH and Mediterranean diets) may actually help you hold onto your hearing as you age, found a Brigham and Women’s Hospital team. Past research suggests the auditory wins could come down to specific nutrients, including long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (found in seafood and fish), folate (leafy greens and legumes) and the carotenoids beta-carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin (sweet potato, carrots,…