Women's Health Australia December 2019

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unlock your inner strength

A couple of weeks back, we did a shoot that proved why Kayla Itsines is not only one of the most successful but also one of the most loved trainers in the world. Since she burst onto the scene with BBG, she’s not only built a global fitness empire but a passionately committed community of women now more than 11.8 million strong. But despite hitting the Financial Review Young Rich List in 2018, this new mum of one couldn’t be more down to earth. Just a few examples? Having arrived early to our bayside location, she charmed us all by literally glowing with pride as she shared pics of her gorgeous seven-month-old daughter Arna (happily playing back home in Adelaide). Then, rather than relax and take in the amazing spring…

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ask wh

THE BIG QUESTION Watermelon is a legit natural electrolyte drink: true or false? Answer True! A wedge of summer’s trendiest fruit would go down easy after a tough workout and it’ll do your weary body good. Here’s why: IT’S HYDRATING: “Watermelon is mostly water and carbohydrates, which are two of the most important nutritional factors for fitness recovery,” says sports dietitian Josh Reed. “So it can be quite useful in delivering both fuel [carbohydrates] for energy and glycogen replenishment, as well as hydration.” IT’S BIG ON ANTIOXIDANTS: The juicy fruit’s pink hue is down to lycopene and beta-carotene, nutrients that “can contribute to reducing oxidative damage post-exercise,” Reed notes. It also contains vitamins A and C and the amino acid L-citrulline. Together, they work to wipe out the dreaded DOMS. IT HAS SOME ELECTROLYTES: Watermelon’s…

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on our radar

COSMIC PLAYLISTS It’s official, we’ve reached peak astrology. Spotify has launched monthly horoscope playlists, curated by celeb stargazer Chani Nicholas. The tunes tap into your sign’s theme for the coming weeks and are accompanied by a detailed ’scope. Search Cosmic Playlists to find your heavenly soundtrack. CIRCULAR BATHS What’s better than a bath? One in a tub specifically designed to soothe stress. Victoria + Albert’s new Taizu circular bath is inspired by traditional Chinese bathing rituals, and, suds aside, its luxe look is guaranteed to induce relaxation. One for your ‘dream home’ Pinterest board … INVESTIBLE SNEAKERS Your trainer collection may just be a legit asset. According to market analysts Cowen & Co, the global sneaker resale market could hit $6 billion by 2025. King of the kicks? Kanye, obvs. The 2009 Louis Vuitton x…

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deck the hauls

1 Sony XB01 Extra Bass speaker, $49 each, Harvey Norman These tiny wireless speakers pack a major sound punch, and come in cute Chrissy colours to boot! 2 We Are Knitters Blanket Kit, $225, weareknitters.com.au Harvard pros say knitting induces a calm similar to the one you get from yoga. Self-care (and a new blanket) awaits you. 3 Google Nest Mini, $79, store.google. com/au With stronger bass than the original Mini, this next-gen version plays tunes, gives weather and diary updates, and more. It’s voice controlled, so all you have to do is ask! 4 Corkcicle canteens, $69.95 each, mrandmrsjones. com.au Keep water cool for hours minus the bottle sweat. We adore these chic metallic versions.…

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omg to omega-3

You know this fatty acid is a brain-function hero as well as a warrior against heart disease, but guess what – it’s important for your skin, too. In a study by the UK’s University of Manchester, people who took a 4g dose of omega-3 (equivalent to about 1.5 portions of oily fish) daily enjoyed a boost in their skin’s immunity to sunlight. While it’d never replace sunscreen, researchers concluded it could add to protection against skin cancer. PURPLE REIGN When it comes to looking after blonde hair, you can’t go past a purple-based formula to neutralise brassiness. Enter Joico Blonde Life Violet Shampoo and Conditioner ($33.95 each), which contain monoi and coconut oil to nourish, fight frizz and boost shine. Plus, arginine to strengthen damaged locks and make them more resistant to…

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easy runners, rejoice!

Good news if your pace is more tortoise than hare: the slower you run, the more you’ll improve in your pace when you make changes to boost your running economy (how much energy you use to run), found a new review from the University of Colorado at Boulder in the US. Example: if you’re a 4:30 marathoner, a one per cent advantage in running economy would take three minutes and seven seconds off your time. So, how do you become ‘economical’? Try these three research-backed methods. Be Light On Your Feet More technical running shoes will do you more good than they will a pro runner. Invest in a pair of lightweight sneaks that support your particular gait, which a running store can help you analyse. Sip Strong Nitrates in beet juice have been…