Women's Health Australia November 2019

Women’s Health Australia's mission is to help Aussie women feel happier and healthier (every single day!) with the ideal mix of fitness, food, nutrition, mindfulness, wellness, fitspo fashion and beauty, plus so much more.

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golden girls

If there’s one thing no one can ignore, it’s that Aussie women in sport are crushing it on the world stage. From Ash Barty winning the French Open at Roland-Garros (the first Australian woman in 46 years to take the title, rocketing to the world number one spot soon after), to the Australian Women’s Cricket team triumphing over England to take home the Ashes, or Sally Fitzgibbons riding to victory at the World Surf League Pro in Rio, there’s never been a more exciting time to be a sports fan. And we couldn’t be happier about it! Back in 2011, Women’s Health saw a need: to create a campaign that would celebrate our female athletes, putting them front and centre, where they always belonged. Since then, WinS has grown to…

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ask wh

THE BIG QUESTION I’ve sprained my ankle. How do I ease myself back into sport? Answer Ugh, frustrating, but well done for being cautious. “It’s best to stay patient to allow a full recovery,” says PT Bradley Simmonds. “That’s six to eight weeks’ healing time,” advises specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist Charlotte Pilgrim. Basically, you’ve overstretched your ligament – the structures that connect bone to bone. “You need to rebuild strength in the muscles around the ligament,” she explains. During that recovery time, work on regaining mobility – move your feet up and down and in and out; add a band to the exercises to increase resistance. “Then you can progress to more functional training. For soccer, start with straight-line running before working on change of direction. Part of the rehab process will be…

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on our radar

SOOTHING STORIES If you find meditation a slog, download new podcast Meditative Story. It weaves compelling personal stories about life-changing moments with gentle mindfulness prompts and relaxing music to leave you feeling inspired and refreshed. We love. FRESH AIR Coming soon to a space near you: an air-filtering system made from leaves. Aussie company Junglefy has harnessed the pollution-busting power of plants to create its lush-looking portable Breathing Totem, which produces about 140 cubic metres of clean air an hour. Ahhh! BARRY LOVES LULU Look alive, Barry’s Bootcamp devotees: the cult gym has teamed up with Lululemon for a capsule collection. Starring heart-pumping shades of red and smart tech, the pieces are designed to keep you looking cool and feeling comfy during Barry’s sweat-heavy workouts. USE YOUR WORDS You know how you always wanted to journal but…

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your fave beauty besties

“Will definitely be buying the Voeu Night Moisturiser again. Not greasy or oily and my skin feels amazing!”JASTYLLIL* – NOVEMBER 19, 2018 At last, an affordable quality skincare range with active ingredients that actually work. The Voeu range has everything your skin needs to look and feel its best. Only at Woolworths, it’s an everyday luxury you can feel good about. 1 CLEANSE WITH FACIAL WIPES Voeu Cleansing Facial Wipes gently cleanse away impurities, remove make-up and leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Enriched with pore-purifying Witch Hazel Water, Pro-Vitamin B5 and vitamin E, they are alcohol and fragrance-free. 2 PURIFY WITH CHARCOAL With the purifying properties of activated charcoal, Witch Hazel water and Aloe Vera to moisturise and hydrate the skin, this facial gel wash can help to minimise the appearance of pores. 3…

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splash on happy

They say money can’t buy happiness but, frankly, we can think of a few splurges that’d spark joy: VIP Coachella tickets, a 24 carat gold leaf facial and an endless supply of Maggie Beer’s Burnt Fig, Honeycomb & Caramel Ice Cream ( just trust us). Good news then: it turns out that splashing your cash might not be the worst idea if you’re in need of a mood boost. Well, sort of. A study led by researchers at the University of British Columbia and Harvard Business School suggests that using your money to buy free time (say, paying to delegate household chores, such as cleaning and cooking) is linked with greater life satisfaction. And with time on your side, you can put it back into the things that matter, including…

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the italian jog

Adopting a Mediterranean diet could help you run faster, and it’s got nothing to do with carb-loading on pasta. A paper published in the Journal Of The American College Of Nutrition found that eating like the Italians can knock six per cent off your 5km time in just four days. Athletes running on treadmills in the small study performed better after switching from a Western diet (low on vegetables and high in saturated fat) to a Med diet (rich in whole grains, vegies and olive oil), although it made no significant impact on anaerobic tests.…