Women's Health Australia October 2019

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happy 2.0

This month, we’ve been talking a lot about the concept of happiness, and what it means in today’s world. Once upon a time, if you’d asked a random selection of people, it’s likely the answer would involve words like family, friends, time, purpose and (in short) elements that lead to those warm, fuzzy feelings of contentment and peace we all chase. And rightly so. But in a refreshing turn of events, leading researchers are starting to paint a more realistic view of happiness, the fact it’s impossible to feel happy 100 per cent of the time, and that learning to embrace the full spectrum of emotions (including, yes, sadness) is an important and healthy part of life. Turns out making even the smallest mindset tweaks (including rewriting your own internal…

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ask wh

THE BIG QUESTION Should foam rolling hurt this much? Answer If there’s a fine line between nice pain (think: a massage) and pain-pain (a bikini wax), foam rolling might just be that line. “The pain comes from the initial pressure undoing knots and releasing trigger points,” explains PT James Pisano. And unlike planning your best mate’s hens’ weekend, in this scenario, added pressure helps. Foam rolling frees up your fascia – the fibrous tissue surrounding your muscles – stretching and loosening it so that other structures can move more freely. “With regular use, the initial pain should pass, as knots will have less time to build up,” says Pisano. But roll wrong and you could create more inflammation and tension. Roll ‘right’ by moving outwards from the centre of the pain and…

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on our radar

AVO ICE-CREAM Is there anything avocados can’t do? Even the bruised ones are still giving us life as the base for a creamy vegan dessert called Gelavo. The brainchild of Curtin University food scientists, it comes in many flavours. Best of all, by diverting second-grade avos from landfill, it’s sustainable. Praise be. CONTRACEPTIVE BLING Forget the pill, scientists are working on a new way to deliver contraceptive hormones – via jewellery. The plan is to use special backings on earrings, watches, rings or necklaces to apply hormones to the skin, which will then be absorbed straight into the bloodstream. Yep, cute and smart. BRIDAL BIKE SHORTS Let’s hear it for Zoë Kravitz, who has officially made bridal bike shorts a thing. The actress donned white lycra shorts, a bra and a pearl-beaded sheath for her…

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what the smell?

Ever caught a whiff of something that actually wasn’t there? No, this isn’t some mind-bending Black Mirror sitch, it’s a legit condition known as Phantosmia. A US study published in JAMA Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery found one in 15 adults over the age of 40 have smelled a phantom odour. Researchers say the causes vary, from nose issues such as sinus infections and common colds, to conditions of the brain or nervous system, such as migraine and stroke. So go see your doctor if something smells fishy.…

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pop quiz!

Which approach best curbs overeating? A Mediterranean diet B Western diet C Neither ANSWER: A If the Med diet needed any more fuel for its already-stellar rep, it’s just been served. In a small three-year study, researchers discovered that non-human primates on the eating plan were less likely to overeat compared with those on a typical Western diet. They also ended up with lower body weight and less body fat. A key feature of the winning approach? Protein and fat primarily came from plant sources rather than animal ones. Pass the avo and legumes, will you? SOURCE: WAKE FOREST SCHOOL OF MEDICINE 120 IF YOU END UP WITH A COOKIE EVERY TIME YOU GO ON A COFFEE RUN, GET A WHIFF OF THIS: BASKING IN THE SCENT OF INDULGENT EATS FOR THIS MANY SECONDS (AKA TWO MINUTES)…

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play the right way

Prep With Intent Like tough workouts, leisurely activities such as light swimming or golfing deserve a few minutes of warm-up time. Perform dynamic stretches that replicate the movement you’re about to do (arm circles, torso twists, respectively). Improving your range of motion and getting your blood pumping before you begin can boost performance and lower injury risk. Shift Your Hips Most people have a natural pelvic tilt (as in, a slight arch in their lower back), but it’s best for safety and strength to approach any standing exercises from a neutral position. To find yours, stand with your feet hip-width apart, bend your knees slightly and squeeze your glutes. Try to reset to this stance from time to time, whether you’re mid-workout or mid-, say, 18th hole. But First, Plank All movement, power and overall…