Women's Health Australia September 2019

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flip your life script

“Where the mind goes, the energy flows.” Over the past few weeks, training for my first marathon, I’ve realised just how true this old adage is. What we allow to occupy our brain space (and even the way we think about ourselves) can have a huge impact on our health, happiness and the goals we set in life. But it wasn’t until I read a friend and colleague’s Insta post recently that I realised just how powerful reframing your thinking, and removing the limits from your life, can be. Determined to rewrite old scripts and beliefs, such as “I’m not a distance runner” and “I don’t think I’ll ever run more than 12km”, she radically decided to run almost double the distance she had previously. As she wrote, “I signed…

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ask women’s health

THE BIG QUESTION I eat well during the week but fall off the wagon every weekend. Am I kidding myself that I’m healthy? Answer It depends what you mean by ‘eat well’ and how far you’re falling off this wagon. Spend five days mainlining kale for the sake of Friday night pizza washed down with a bottle of wine? Let’s see. If, by ‘healthy’, you mean you’re trying to get lean to reach a healthy weight range, “you’re simply adding upwards of a few thousand [kilojoules] to your weekly intake and may be taking yourself out of the [kilojoule] deficit you’ve created during the week,” explains registered nutritionist Dr Emilia Thompson. If gut health is your goal, a weekend binge is doing you no favours, either. In a 2016 rodent study by The University…

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do blue-light filtering glasses actually work?

If you have 20/20 vision but always wanted to rock that sexy secretary vibe, blue-light blocking glasses give you a legitimate in. Or do they? They’re designed to filter the rays emitted from digital devices to reduce eye strain, but it turns out the blue light emitted by screens isn’t as damaging as first thought. “There is no scientific basis for claims that blue light from digital devices is harmful to people’s eyes,” says Associate Professor Heather Mack, president of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists. “The amount of blue light that people are exposed to from digital devices is lower than the amount of blue light we are exposed to by being outside during the day.” Instead, the culprit for your sore, dry eyes is more…

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on our radar

SNACK HEAVEN Low-GI and refined sugar-free, Shelby’s Healthy Hedonism range ticks all the boxes. Try the roasted almonds dipped in choc or yoghurt and coated with raspberry, matcha, cinnamon or espresso dust. Find them at Woolies or shelbyshh.com THINX FAST Period-proof undies just levelled up: the new Thinx Air range is made using an ultra-thin, cooling fabric that has the absorbency of one-and-a-half tampons but dries in half the time of the brand’s regular smalls. shethinx.com THE STRUGGLE IS REAL Burnout is now recognised as a real medical condition by the World Health Organization. Key symptoms? Exhaustion, negativity or cynicism towards work and below-par performance. Take regular breaks and set boundaries. CAULINI There’s a new produce hybrid on the block. Part of the uber-healthy brassica fam, caulini has long, tender stems and lacy florets, similar to broccolini.…

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word to your mother

Good wellbeing news! Turns out getting fit in your middle decades lowers the risk of early death just as much as being active from your teens. Weight training, particularly, was shown to build motivation and confidence – with long-game gains including increased muscle mass and mental sharpness, plus better mobility and metabolic health in old age. We’ll take that! SOURCE: JAMA NETWORK OPEN 50.24 IN A GIANT LEAP FOR WOMANKIND, A NEW REPORT HAS REVEALED THAT THIS PERCENTAGE OF RUNNERS ARE FEMALE – COMPARED WITH ONLY 20 PER CENT BACK IN 1986. THE NEWS COMES VIA THE LARGEST STUDY OF RACE RESULTS EVER, WITH STATISTICIANS LOOKING AT MORE THAN 70,000 EVENTS FROM ’86 TO 2018. WHO RUN THE WORLD AGAIN, LADIES? SOURCE: THE STATE OF RUNNING 2019…

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do you need a rest day?

Your heart rate is a bit higher than usual today. Record your heart rate each morning. (Just use your fingers on your pulse.) If, one day, your rate is about 10 bpm faster, take a break. “It’s a sign your body is in repair mode,” explains Winsper. You’re super tight – but only on one side. It’s called asymmetrical tightness, and it could signal an alignment problem. Overtraining tends to make these issues more noticeable, because our form breaks down when our bodies are exhausted. Take this as a signal to scale back. You did a new, intense workout yesterday. Once your body gets used to a new technique, it can repeat it several days in a row with few-to-no issues. But if you shock your muscles with a new way of training, it’ll cause…