Women's Health Australia July 2019

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editor’s note

When women come together, and rally around a common cause, truly amazing things can happen. Just one example? Every day, I’m lucky enough to be totally surrounded by smart, savvy and thoroughly switched-on women, all keen to make a positive difference in the world. And, just as importantly, who devote their time and energy to lifting other women up – to make them stronger (both physically and emotionally), fitter, happier and more content in their personal and professional lives. And nowhere is that spirit more evident than in this month’s hero feature: our annual list of the 25 most fitfluential women in Australia, which kicks off from page 72. There you’ll meet the fierce females who inspire our workouts, wardrobes, attitudes, meal plans and so much more. From yogis and trainers…

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ask women’s health

Why do I crave stodgier foods in winter? Answer Rainbow, schmainbow. When The Bachelorette is back on TV and it’s dark by 5pm, only beige food will do. First, let’s debunk the myth that this is your body’s way of fattening up for winter – you’re not a hibernating woodland creature. So, what is going on? Blame your hormones, says dietitian Jo Hollington. “They’re strongly influenced by sunlight, so when it begins to get dark earlier, your levels of serotonin (the happy one) start to fall,” she explains. “Eating foods high in carbs gives them a boost.” They trigger the release of insulin into the bloodstream, which helps convert amino acid tryptophan into serotonin. “This explains why you ... reach for carbs to boost your mood,” adds Hollington. She recommends bulking…

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on our radar

WORLD CHOCOLATE DAY It’s a thing, and it’s on July 7 – the perfect excuse to treat yo’self. Need inspo? Adixions’ antioxidant-rich dark chocolate bars are cleverly flavoured with native superfoods – good for your mood and your bod. We’re sold. $14, adixions.com.au PIT DETOXING If you’re considering the switch to a natural deodorant, you might wanna detox your pits first. Kind-Ly’s Armpit Detox enlists activated charcoal, bentonite clay and colloidal silver to draw out impurities and correct your pits’ pH. Think of it as an underarm mud mask. $24.95, kind-ly.com.au WATER IN A BOX Let’s hear it for Just Water, an eco-friendly alt to single-use plastic bottles. Founded by Jaden Smith (yep, Will and Jada’s son), it’s Aussie spring water packaged in a fully recyclable carton. Grab some at Woolworths and 7-Eleven. NATURAL WINE We’re calling…

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take the stairs

We know you know this, but now there’s yet another reason to actually follow through and bypass the lift. It’s called ‘exercise snacking’ and it’s got nothing to do with getting Cheetos dust on your yoga mat. According to a 2018 study, short and sweaty workouts done throughout the day are sufficient to boost cardiorespiratory fitness. Participants were asked to do a quick warm-up (10 star jumps, 10 squats, five lunges on each side) before climbing three flights of stairs as quickly as possible three times a day, on three days a week. Doing this for six weeks improved their VO2 max (the optimum rate at which your body is able to use oxygen) and heart power output by five per cent and 12 per cent, respectively. See you in…

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join the resistance

Brace yourself for a new lifting technique: adding vertical resistance bands to barbell exercises such as dead lifts, hip thrusts, bench presses and squats. The bands add tension as they stretch tighter in the upward part of the movement, then reduce resistance as they loosen on the way down, allowing you to ‘lift heavier’ without actually adding another weight plate. This set-up presents a rare opportunity to practise explosiveness (a combo of speed and strength), says trainer Christi Marraccini. Just loop a band around each end of a barbell and secure them to an anchor point beneath you, such as heavy dumbbells on the floor.…

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do good for more orgasms

‘Warm fuzzies’ takes on a whole new meaning once you know that a key consequence of showing kindness is getting laid. Yes, really! A study by psychologists from Canada’s universities of Nipissing and Guelph found people who showed altruism were more likely to have better sex lives. Participants answered Qs on how often they did things such as giving blood and helping to dig a stranger’s car out of the snow (#canadianproblems). Those who scored higher on selfless acts reported having more sexual partners, casual trysts and sex within relationships. Altruists also have higher ‘mating success’ than non-altruists. Win-win.…