Women's Health Australia June 2019

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wellcome change

What does true wellness mean to you? To me, it’s pretty simple. A healthy body. A strong mind. Getting my sweat on regularly and spending time with a like-minded tribe. But if there’s one thing I know, it’s totally individual. Looking out over the health landscape, during the past decade or so, the concept of wellness has slowly shifted. It’s widened from focusing solely on things like blood pressure, BMI and ‘not being sick’ to a more holistic concept, with happiness, balance, energy and sleep now as important parts of the equation as piling your plate with nourishing food. That’s why we put together The Wellness Issue, packed with ways to enhance body, mind and soul. Get fitter and stronger, faster – in just three easy steps – with our expert…

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this month’s highlights reel

OUTBACK ADVENTURE Not long ago, I was lucky enough to travel to the Pilbara in WA with endurance athlete and all-round legend Samantha Gash. Read all about why we were there on p38. WH DOES TASSIE So much travel, so little time! I also got my run (and wellness vibes) on during a weekend escape to the island state. More on that next month. TEAM HEALTH One of the best parts of my job? Meeting women like Tiffiny Hall, who swung by to say hi to the team (including MH Editor Scott) with her son Arnold.…

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THE BIG QUESTION I drink loads of water but my lips are constantly dry. Help! Answer Here’s the thing: the skin on your lips is thinner than anywhere else on your body, and it doesn’t contain any oil glands to keep itself hydrated. That makes your pout more sensitive than the male ego – and water is only a small part of the problem. “Dry lips can be caused by a number of factors, such as exposure to cold weather, wind, dry air, air-conditioning, long flights and even using lip balms and toothpastes that contain irritating or sensitising ingredients, such as peppermint, menthol and some chemical preservatives,” explains Fiona Tuck, skin expert and nutritional medicine practitioner. “Drinking water will help to plump the lips by providing moisture to the water reserves…

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what is carb backloading?

Not to be confused with devouring spaghetti in the days before a race (carb loading), carb backloading is the idea that by timing the intake of your macros, you can alter your body composition. “It’s based on the premise that eating carbs after an evening workout means they’re less likely to be stored as fat,” says clinical and sports dietitian Rick Miller. Studies suggest insulin sensitivity peaks in the morning, making glucose absorption into both muscle and fat tissues more likely. Avoid carbs during the day – apparently – and the body will use stored fat for energy (a la the ketogenic diet). Then, after early-evening training, when your muscles are crying out for fuel, loading up on pasta will shovel glycogen into your muscles, rather than storing it as…

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on our radar

HIIPA EXERCISE Aka high-intensity incidental physical activity. Experts say anything that makes you huff and puff improves fitness and helps ward off heart disease, so aim to raise the intensity of your everyday. Think running for the bus, taking the stairs and cleaning like Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Nice! OAT LATTES First it was soy, then almond – now oat milk is having a moment. Naturally creamy and slightly sweet, it plays nicely with espresso, plus it’s high in soluble fibre and also kinder to the planet than its humble almond cousin. Froth on. MINDFUL SWEATING Corethentic is a new workout that taps into the power of the mind to up your gains. Created by Aussie Flic Manning, it fuses dance, core work, toning and stretching with meditation and mantra for brain- and body-boosting…

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i’ve got an iron deficiency and heard drinking tea can make it worse. true?

Actually, yes. Both black and green teas are sneaky iron inhibitors and the culprit is the very same stuff that makes tea a health star – the antioxidant tannins. “Tannins are a compound that binds to iron, which can decrease iron absorption and contribute to low iron levels,” explains Body Science dietitian Harriet Walker. “This is why it’s advised that tea is consumed [separately] from iron-rich meals if you’re iron deficient.” In fact, research shows that tea can inhibit iron absorption by 62 per cent. Here’s the fine print though: tannins only bind to non-haem iron, the kind found in plant foods, so if you’re a meat eater and don’t have any iron issues, go ahead and put the kettle on. But if you’re deficient or vegetarian or vegan, swap…