Women's Health Australia August 2018

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you can do this

What if you could wave a magic wand and make anything happen? As you’ll read in our special feature, The WH Guide To Backing Yourself (p76), the one thing holding many of us back is surprisingly simple: the limits we set in our own minds. Smash through these barriers and you’ll be blown away by what you’re capable of – whether that’s starting your own business, tackling a new fitness challenge, travelling solo or navigating a major career U-turn. I discovered this first-hand last month when I signed up for my first-ever trail half-marathon. Picture: 1000 metres of elevation, four-degree temps, creek-crossings and navigating 600 metres through a pitch-black tunnel. Was I terrified of getting lost in the bush? Yep! Slightly concerned I’d stack it? You bet! But in the interests…

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ask women’s health

I’m an accountant, and my friends always ask for tax help. How can I tell them I’m tired of doing favours? Just because you’re close with someone doesn’t mean you’re obligated to offer complimentary services – and this goes for any profession. Donating your time and services for free can actually strain the friendship because you may grow resentful if the relationship feels one-sided. Whether you’re willing and available to help them or not, it’s key to establish clear boundaries with mates so you can continue to enjoy their company without awkwardness. Three strategies to use with a pal who wants your help: 1 If you’re willing to help a friend just this once. When she has a quick, one-time-only question you can answer off the top of your head, by all means…

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on our radar

HACK YOUR SHOWER Bring the spa experience to your bathroom by tying a sprig of eucalyptus behind your shower head. Steam from the hot water releases essential oils from the plant, which act as a decongestant and boost the immune system. PEDAL POWER Save the planet and clock up some cardio by hopping on an eBike. Ideal if you want to cycle but live far from work and need a tiny motor to, well, motor those legs. PEANUT MILK A new nut-based milk on the block, and it’s an easy DIY. Soak peanuts in water overnight until they swell, then blend with water until you have your desired consistency. Bonus? It has more protein than almond milk. KICK ASS Looking for some serious inspo? Check out new Audible Original series Kick Ass with Mel Robbins , where…

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running hot & cold

51 THIS PERCENTAGE OF PEEPS TURN TO EXERCISE FOR A MOOD BOOST. THAT’S MORE THAN SEX (38 PER CENT) AND CHOCOLATE (37 PER CENT). WE SAY COMBINE ALL THREE. Source: The Iconic Hot bath A soak after endurance exercise (say, a marathon) can help your muscles regain strength faster, says a new study by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. The theory: heat helps your muscles utilise carbs afterwards (as fuel), speeding up repair. Frosty tub For intense workouts only (sprints, CrossFit). The ice moves blood to your core to keep your organs warm. When you get out, blood flows extra hard back to your extremities, promoting healing. Aim for 15 total mins in three-min intervals. Ice pack Best for immediate post-exercise throbs or minor injuries, the frozen stuff can reduce swelling and numb pain in a…

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weight loss

BOWLED OVER Pass the penne, sauce the spaghetti, boil up those little bow-tie thingies. The science is in, and it turns out pasta ain’t the slimming saboteur it’s been painted to be. Unlike most refined carbs, which are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, pasta has a low glycaemic index (GI), say researchers at Canada’s St. Michael’s Hospital. They found it isn’t associated with body fat when eaten as part of a low-GI diet. Folks in the studies ate around 3.3 serves of pasta a week. Buon appetito! WEIGHT-LOSS RESUME: WALNUTS OBJECTIVE Burn fat and rev metabolism. QUALIFICATIONS ✱ Loaded with antioxidants called ellagitannins that fight fat and also act as prebiotics in the gut, torching kilojoules. ✱ Excellent source of magnesium, which can help ease insomnia and irritability, two main culprits linked to emotional eating. ✱ Satisfy appetites…

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BLOWN AWAY Rocking air-dried hair? While heat styling causes surface damage, leaving hair wet could harm the cell structure, an Annals of Dermatology study shows. So soak up as much moisture as possible with a microfibre towel, such as the Aquis Waffle Luxe Long Hair Towel Dream Boat Blue, $66. CLOSE SHAVE Winter can be harsh on skin. So when shaving, should you go for a special shaving cream or is reg shower gel OK? “A natural body wash (free from chemicals and sulfates) can be used instead of using shaving cream,” says beauty therapist Elizabeth Macauley. But her personal fave? Coconut oil. “It’s very moisturising and doesn’t clog up your razor.” Or grab the Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor, moisture bar included, for a cheeky $15.99. Super serums Ah, skin gripes! Whether yours is inflammation,…