Women's Health Australia April 2018

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why it’s cool to be kindful

Rewind a few years, and everyone was talking about mindfulness. From mindful eating to cultivating more mindful relationships, there was seemingly no limit to the ways this simple practice could improve our wellbeing. But recently, major buzz has been building around a brand new trend that postive psychology experts believe could be just as powerful when it comes to enhancing both mental and physical health. As you’ll read from page 48, kindfulness (a term first coined by Buddhist Monk Ajahn Brahm, that’s basically mindfulness supercharged with a dose of kindness) is having a serious moment. And far from being all warm and fuzzy, there’s solid science behind it. According to a recent University of Tennessee study, those who performed random acts of kindness were more likely to report feeling happy…

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we asked so you don’t have to

IS COCONUT WATER MORE HYDRATING THAN THE ORDINARY KIND? Water, coconut water and even caffeinated coffee will quench your thirst, since all beverages (except alcohol) are equally hydrating, says dietitian Connie Diekman. However, the liquid in young coconuts boasts sodium and potassium – essential electrolytes for rehydration after you’ve taxed your bod (eg, post a serious sweat session). In fact, a study from the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that coconut water worked as well as a sports drink at replacing bodily fluids that were lost from sweating during a 60-minute treadmill workout. Keep this in mind, though: the tasty drop has up to 250 kilojoules per cup. So if you’re just thirsty (and haven’t been sweating buckets), then good old zero-kJ water is still the clear…

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on our radar

HARRY POTTER TIGHTS Alohomora your fitness goals with super-cute activewear in Hogwarts house colours, thanks to Aussie brand Black Milk. Accio tights! SENSORY FITNESS Make your workout a total-body experience with this new trend. Think yoga classes in rooms that literally hum at frequencies designed to uplift you, or aromatherapy to boost your energy in the middle of a cardio sesh. KOMBUCHA COCKTAILS Up your happy hour with a tipple spiked with everyone’s fermented fave. New Melbourne bar Green Man’s Arms serves up kombucha spritz, while The Nine in Bondi (where else?) does a mean kombucha fizz. INNER ORIGIN Do your health shop at this new online marketplace, delivering Oz-wide. From nut butter and skincare to organic bedsheets, prods stocked on innerorigin.com are made here and expert approved. TECH-FREE TOURISM Take time away from your Insta grid and check…

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nutrition discuss!

BLUE MATCHA Our feeds are full of dreamy smoothie bowls and lattes with mermaid vibes. So what’s behind the hue? Well, blue matcha is made from powdered butterfly pea flowers – and has nothing to do with the green type. The health benefits don’t stack up like green matcha, either, but a prettier sip is hard to come by. 2.37 THE WEIGHT IN KILOS OF A CONTENDER FOR THE WORLD’S HEAVIEST AVO. THE HAWAIIAN-DISCOVERED VARIETY IS CALLED DAILY 11 – THREE TIMES LARGER THAN YOUR BOG-STANDARD HASS. BUT SAD NEWS, BRUNCHERS: THEY’RE NOT SOLD HERE. NOT-SO SMASHING INDEED. The grain train Ancient grains are takin’ over – quinoa shipments grew by 18.5 per cent between 2016 and 2017, while amaranth saw an uplift by 19.4 per cent. Down with quinoa but not au fait…

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health discuss!

A HAPPIER HEART, NOW Hit a sauna this weekend. Researchers in Finland studied 100 people before and after 30 minutes in the steam. Post-sesh they saw a blood-pressure reduction and an increase in vascular compliance – aka the ability of blood vessels to expand and contract with pressure changes. License to spa for your ticker health. You’re welcome. Source: University of Eastern Finland Baby brain is legit Gone all Dory now you’re expecting? Deakin University pros found mums-to-be fared worse than non-preggo women in tasks measuring memory and executive function (things like attention and decision-making), especially during the third trimester. But, they add, the effects should only be noticeable to your inner circle. The “why” is still a mystery, but one theory suggests it’s the brain adapting as you prepare for a bub. Not…

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weight loss discuss !

POP QUIZ! How much protein do we chow at breakfast? ANSWER: B Women clock up about 11g in the AM, but we’d benefit from aiming for D (25g) at every meal, say CSIRO researchers. Most of us skew our protein intake towards dinner, but getting a more even spread over the day and bumping up our brekkie quota may help control cravings and enhance muscle metabolism, explains senior principal research scientist Professor Manny Noakes. Another boiled egg it is, then. LET’S TALK ABOUT … SPEED EATING I ALWAYS EAT FASTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE. BAD? You risk more than indigestion. Growing research shows a link between express-noshing and weight gain. Now a new study by Hiroshima University has tied it to metabolic syndrome (a constellation of risk factors – including excess abdominal fat and high blood sugar –…