WellBeing Wild

Issue 9

Wild is a feeling; a state of being. It’s that swell of energy that strikes you like a hot spark spat from a blazing flame. It’s when a surge of inspiration pushes everything else aside, causing you to stop, pause and contemplate. It’s with you in that moment of stillness as you breathe in the landscape of a new wilderness or cityscape. It’s the reason your backpack is full, ready for an adventure whenever the possibility arises. It’s the blisters on your feet after a hike through the mountains and the salt sticking to your eyelashes after an ocean swim. We will be with you as you wrestle with university degrees, careers, money worries, babies and anything else life throws at you. We will remind you to nurture your wild. To find it, taste it, touch it and embrace it. We’re here to guide you back to the wild light raging within you — and we won’t leave your side.

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a wild welcome

I have only ever succeeded at keeping one of my New Year’s resolutions. It was years ago, when I was living in London, and I promised myself for the duration of the year I would take the stairs instead of an escalator or lift (this resolution doesn’t make much sense in Australia, where we don’t travel across cities by underground train). I don’t know what made that one stick, but apart from that year, many moons ago, I have failed at every January promise I’ve ever made. To exercise daily, to make my bed in the morning, to wake up earlier, spend less money, only order take-out on the weekend, learn French, do more DIY, stretch before bed, spend less time scrolling, the list goes on. Every resolution I have made…

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love letters from issue eight

@cereal.for.lunch @rachelcastleandthings @charliehale1 WILD is created on Bundjalung Country in Byron Bay and printed on Gadigal Country in Sydney. In this present moment, WILD has found a new home with you, perhaps on Country very far from its conception and print. Wherever WILD lands, we acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the sacred waters and lands on which we live, work, learn, rest and play. We ask that you help look after and respect Country. We also extend our respects to Elders both past, present and emerging.…

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what’s making my mind wild

Moment My little girl turns one in January. I can’t quite believe a whole year of motherhood has passed. It has been the toughest, most wonderful year of my life, and for those reading this that are also new parents, I see you! Books Last issue, I mentioned I had read Meg Mason’s You Be Mother. The Sydney-based author has totally stolen my heart again with her hilarious and heart-wrenching novel Sorrow and Bliss, which explores mental health like nothing I have ever read before. I beg you all to get your hands on a copy. Art I recently visited photographer George Byrne’s latest show, Innervisions —a collection of photography-based works transformed into abstract dreamscapes. I spoke to George about his practice and evolution of style on page 84.…

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emotional healing

I wanted to express my deep gratitude to WILD and Isabelle Comber. I live in California and found your magazine while scrolling through my library’s online newsstand. I was intrigued from the beginning by the editor’s column, but it’s Isabelle Comber’s article that has me sending you this email. I wish I’d had this article and knowledge about love bombing before now. Unfortunately, I was sucked into an abusive relationship with a narcissist who used those tactics on me. Our marriage lasted only 12 days. I grew up with an emotionally abusive stepfather so was able to get out before too much damage was done. But I know others aren’t as lucky and often endure years of abuse, violence, stalking, harassment and even death. I honestly feel that the “romance” movies…

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wild welcome

I am thankful for my wellbeing,the energy I have for life.For all the wonderful things I have done,and all the wonderful things that await me.May I honour and follow you so that myenergy for life stays vital and strong.May I delight and nurture you,give and receive love,so that you may always feel refreshedand very well looked after.May I see that nourishing younurtures my body and mindand that when you feel joy,my spirit is ignited.Help me to choose peaceful and joyous pathwaysin loving support of my wellbeing.Help me to see, know and care for myselfas the worthy and loveable person that I am.May I treasure my uniqueness.May I savour the beauty and mystery of my life.May I live each day with passion,and welcome you to guide me on.Thank you, Heart.Speak soon. This…

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the positivity trap

Positivity is everywhere. Just scroll through your social media feed and you’ll come face to face with the Instagram highlight reel: upbeat stories of success and posts chanting the millennial mantra of “good vibes only”. The #goodvibes hashtag has racked up more than one million posts on the photo-sharing app alone, but what happens when you encounter an experience that leaves you feeling … not so good? The impulse to cling to happiness in difficult situations, such as a global pandemic, is an understandable one, but this outpouring of relentless optimism is creating a spike in toxic positivity. Trend-forecasting platform WGSN described the term in its 2022 Future Consumer trend report as “the concept that keeping positive, and only positive, is the right way for people to live their lives. It…