February 2022

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editor’s letter

SPACE-GRADE DESIGN Welcome to the Wallpaper* Design Awards issue – celebrating the very best in design over the past 12 months. And what an exceptional year it was, with tremendous creativity that helped us through challenging times to build a brighter future. We are delighted to welcome multimedia artist and impresario Doug Aitken, filmmaker and interior designer Luca Guadagnino, London Design Medal laureate Ilse Crawford, architect Sou Fujimoto, culinary evangelist Jon Gray of Ghetto Gastro, and fashion designer Simone Rocha as our esteemed panel for the Judges Awards. A heartfelt thank you to all our judges for the time, care and wisdom they put into their selections. The remaining awards have been selected by Wallpaper* and our family of contributors from around the world. Tom Sachs’ brilliantly imaginative Rocket Factory is a particular…

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best glove affair

High jewellery meets horological expertise in this unique mitten watch, which envelops a Baignoire Allongée timepiece in a sensual gold and diamond mitten. The mitten, crafted from supple rose gold mesh and set with nearly 1,600 diamonds, was created in collaboration with a master glove-maker to ensure it drapes fluidly over the hand, forming a precious second skin. Created using 3D printing, the intricate design proved challenging for both watchmakers and jewellers, who meticulously assembled thousands of microscopic pieces of gold using lasers and small pliers more commonly used for microsurgery. The diamond-paved dial of the Baignoire Allongée watch inside, whose crown is cleverly concealed, ensures that the glove and the watch are joined seamlessly.…

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best fireworks

Judy Chicago’s career is defined by fierce self-belief, prodigious creative flair, and a lot of smoke. In the early days, she injected emotion into the dry landscape of 1960s minimalism, garnering acclaim with The Dinner Party (1979), a work that shook the foundations of art history. Chicago’s adventures in pyrotechnics are no less dramatic. Last year, in celebration of her first retrospective, at San Francisco’s de Young Museum, the artist filled the skies with her largest-ever smoke sculpture, Forever de Young. The multicoloured smoke erupted from a 27ft-high scaffold, dancing in the wind in a spectral chromatic haze. Staggering in scale, concept and choreography, it’s a fitting reflection on Chicago’s epic career. ‘I was marginalised for decades because nobody could fit me into the narrow categories of contemporary art. When…

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best use of colour

Apple’s 1999 iMac G3 revolutionised the personal computer with its cutting-edge tech. But let’s be honest: what we all really remember is its cute curved shape and rainbow of happy hues. Now, after years of serious silver, the Cupertino giant has finally brought back some colour for its new ultrathin iMac, available in green, yellow, orange, pink, purple and this lovely deep blue. Each option features a softer shade on the front to allow users to focus on their content, and a bold, saturated colour on the back; colour-matching accessories include a woven power cable. Our other two worthy winners are Germans Ermics’ frosted glass console, an ethereal design part of the Amsterdam-based designer’s ongoing polychromatic, ombré explorations, and Ilse Crawford’s North Sea Blue version of Hans J Wegner’s ‘CH26’…

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best hinge benefits

Is the era of the supersized phone finally coming to an end? Samsung’s foldable Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3 mobile devices open up like books to reveal most impressive screens (7.6in and 6.7in respectively), fashioned using the latest version of Corning’s Gorilla Glass, the near-miraculous material that swathes billions of smart devices around the world. The new hinge mechanisms have been tested to be good for 200,000 folds – take a peek at your screen every five minutes for 18 solid hours a day, and it should last for over two and a half years. We’ve paired them with some very pocketable compacts by La Bouche Rouge, a sustainable Parisian beauty brand that doesn’t compromise on design. The eyeshadow palette and bronzer come with a chic case made…

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best metal morphosis

Lightweight, durable and recyclable, aluminium is a designer’s dream material, with Naoto Fukasawa using it to craft a series of stools that can be used just about anywhere, and Studio Joachim-Morineau taking inspiration from Roman columns and putting aluminium on a pedestal. Nick Ross turned to the post-and-lintel system used in ancient Greek, Indian and Egyptian architecture for his candleholders, while Waiting for Ideas was motivated by the motor industry to create a unique chair with harmonious curves and sharp angles. Designers also love sleek, versatile, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, with Achille Castiglioni moulding it into a playfully bulbous kettle and Shepherd Studio exploring density with its chair composed of 210 stainless steel spheres. All are metal winners in our book.…