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21 Oct 2021

TV Plus is aimed at dedicated viewers of the two million South Africans who spend more than 25 hours a week in front of the TV. It is typically South African and has no overseas partners or ties. It is not just another TV schedule, but provides valuable information on programmes. TV Plus caters for readers obsession, like a close friend with whom you comfortable watch your favourite soapie, share a cup of tea and chat about what can still happen. There are wonderful stories, gossip and glamour from here to Hollywood, plus everything the couch sports lover may want. There are exciting pictures, recipes, fashion, beauty, irresistible competitions and essential information for kids about their own programmes entertaining and educational.

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ed’s letter

We life in a world of instant gratification – and it’s not always a bad thing! When I fill in our BlockBusters, I try my very best to do it without help, but I love having the answers available! And with online word games and BlockBusters becoming ever more popular, we decided we’re not going to make you wait any longer for the answers. No more keeping old issues of the magazine to fill in that one word you just couldn’t find! From next issue, we’ll publish the puzzle answers in the same issue as the BlockBuster and games. We’ll also catch up with all the answers you haven’t had for the last couple of issues. So don’t miss next week’s issue or you’ll miss out. Of course, this means…

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hot list

Wednesday THE GREAT FOOD TRUCK RACE SERIES PREMIÈRE! Season 14 The Food Network (*175) 19:55 Episode 1 (reality) 20 Oct Host Tyler Florence follows seven previous Food Truck Race winners as they cook their way across the US while meeting local foodies. Challenges this season include a social media blackout and foraging in California’s redwood forest. THE BEASTS OF HALLOWEEN Special Curiosity Channel (*185) 20:00 (doccie) 27 October What makes animals perfect for certain Halloween superstitions and traditions around the world? Some are downright spooky – like black cats for witches, wild dogs and bats for shape-shifting werewolves and vampires, goats for the devil, and spiders because they’re just creepy… Thursday DIGGS TOWN Season 2 Universal TV (*117) 20:00 Episode 4 (drama) 21 October Marcie smells something fishy with her new case when she’s asked to defend a transgender woman who’s…

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television insider

IN THE DARK Season 3 M-Net (*101) 21:30 Episode 1 (drama) 30 October Twenty-something Murphy Mason (Perry Mattfield) is putting her situation as a blind woman to the side in season 3 of dark dramedy series In The Dark as she closes in on the person she’s been searching for since season 1. Her bestie Tyson (Thamela Mpumlwana), who was also her drug dealer, was murdered, and the chase for the killer has led to Murphy and her beloved seeing-eye dog Pretzel fleeing the police when they’re framed for killing drug trafficker Nia (Nicki Micheaux). “She can’t see what’s coming – literally – and now she’s got to run? Murphy has no luck,” says Perry, who isn’t blind in real life. Season 3 will be adding more comedy to the usually dark series.…

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you have no idea!

At tvplus, we watch an absurd amount of television. And while we might not like all of it, we do our best to give every show a fair viewing. But it’s not all work. We do get passionately attached to shows. Streaming allows us to follow series and binge to our hearts’ delight, and also fit our favourite shows in around all the live TV viewing that we do professionally. It allows us to sit back with a sweet, funny pick-me-up after reviewing intense dramas and thrillers on dark topics. And sometimes it just lets us switch off and enjoy for a moment when we’re neck-deep in season 4 of a twisty, detail-driven show with 40 different essential characters. This issue, here’s what tvplus is watching for fun… and why. TVPLUS IS STREAMING Television…

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what we watch

Name: Genevieve Terblanche. Position: senior writer who can see December stomping towards us like Godzilla. I am watching: season 1 of new South Korean dystopian drama series Squid Game on Netflix. My take on this show: a mastermind extends an irresistible offer to 456 people (we focus on just a handful of characters) whose lives have reached a point of desperation through grinding poverty, exploitation and political circumstance. They’re asked to compete in six traditional children’s playground games. If you win, you’ll never worry about money again. If you lose, you’ll never have to worry about money again either, because you’ll be dead – murdered by masked figures watching over the games. This was tough going at the start as the lead character was such a sad sack, but the moment he was…

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INVASION APPLE TV+ | 2021 | SCI-FI | SEASONS 1-4 | WATCH FROM FRI 22 OCT Five people across Earth, including space-programme scientists and soldiers, experience an alien invasion first-hand, and we follow their individual stories in “real time” as they try to work out what’s happening. With Sam Neill as grizzled Sheriff John Bell Tyson and Shamier Anderson (Xavier in western series Wynonna Earp) as Travante Ward. New episodes available weekly after 22 October. VERA BRITBOX | 2021 | DRAMA | SEASONS 1-11 | BINGE FROM THU 28 OCT Detective chief inspector Vera Stan-hope (Brenda Blethyn) investigates the murders of a beloved local builder and that of a support worker. The series is based on the novel series by Ann Cleeves. This will be a split season with two episodes airing now and a…