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January 2022

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welcome to total film

This month, I was reminded of how fortunate I am to do the job I dreamt about as a kid. I was on-set of Clio Barnard’s Ali & Ava in my home town of Bradford and got to see the city I grew up in through Barnard’s affectionate eyes as she turned her lens to the unseen beauty of the place. As I caught the train to Keighley Station (just as I had many times in my youth) I appreciated anew the Yorkshire countryside and the friendliness of Northern people – something Barnard’s film aims to do for audiences. She and I grew up a few miles apart, and we got nostalgic over shared memories of Bradford ice rink and its hallowed DJ booth, which was next to the then-named…

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call sheet

EDITOR AT LARGE JAMIE GRAHAM @JAMIE_GRAHAM9 It’s always a great pleasure to chat to Edgar Wright, whose passion for cinema is infectious. I had 30 questions to get through – he spoke for 15 mins on the first! DEPUTY EDITOR MATT MAYTUM @MATTMAYTUM Was extremely chuffed to vote in the London Critics’ Circle film awards as a new member. The deluge of catch-up screenings was also extremely welcome. It’s a tough job, etc. NEWS EDITOR JORDAN FARLEY @JORDANFARLEY Zoomed with James Cameron from the Avatar production offices in New Zealand to discuss his new book, Tech Noir, and got to ask my favourite director questions about my favourite film (Aliens). Still buzzing. ONLINE EDITOR JACK SHEPHERD @JACKJSHEPHERD Keanu Reeves was exactly how you expect him to be; relaxed, friendly and very expressive! You can hear him and Carrie-Anne Moss talk The Matrix Resurrections on our…

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utter luna(r)cy

@JORDANFARLEY Billed as a mix of Independence Day and 2012, the premise of Roland Emmerich’s latest disaster-piece is simple and suitably unhinged: the moon is knocked from its orbit and hurtles towards Earth on a collision course with mankind. But what forced our very own moon into this deadly new trajectory? Emmerich is keeping tight-lipped on the finer details of the plot, so there are no spoilers here. However, the German director is more than happy to chat about his obsession with all things lunar. “The moon is weird,” he tells Teasers. “I’ve read endless books on the subject and some of the theories can get very crazy. In one book, there are three theories about how the moon was built. There are people out there who believe the moon was built…

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hot right now

When British actor Tom Burke hit America to star in David Fincher’s Mank, the transition was a culture shock. “I remember walking around one of those big studios,” he recalled. “I had to sort of try to gather myself and just try not to feel intimidated.” More exercises in self-composure will surely be required soon, as he boards the kind of gig that gives size a good name. Burke will co-star with Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth in Furiosa, director George Miller’s much-wanted prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road. Who he’ll play remains under-the-hood for now, but Miller has chosen well: with a strong résumé of intense, layered character studies behind him, Burke is due for his big break. The son of two actors and godson to Alan Rickman studied at RADA…

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mixed messages

It was fun to be back on set again,” says Chris Miller, creator, co-writer and director of The Afterparty. Alongside his movie-making ride-or-die Phil Lord, Miller’s focus in recent years has been animation – Into The Spider-Verse and The Mitchells Vs. The Machines both benefitted from Lord and Miller’s magic touch – but an overdue return to live action for the Jump Street pair was always on the cards. “Chris worked so hard on this,” notes Lord. “Really for like a decade.” Miller put pen to paper on The Afterparty 11 years ago, to be exact. Initially envisioned as a feature film, as the years went by the idea – a sort of Cluedo meets Rashomon – was retooled for TV. Set at a high-school reunion afterparty where Dave Franco’s pop-star…

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risky business

When Johnny Knoxville called Jackass co-creator Jeff Tremaine in 2019 to talk about getting the band of idiots back together for a fourth film, Tremaine had one question: “Most of the guys are in their 40s, and a couple are 50,” the director recalls. “Is it still going to be funny, seeing a bunch of middle-aged dudes go through this shit?” Turns out that, yes, watching middle-aged dudes torment their friends for cinéma is as gut-bustingly funny as it ever was, with or without the wrinkles. And if you’re expecting Jackass Forever to go a little easier on its longsuffering stars, think again. “We went to places we’d never gone,” Tremaine claims. “And hoped that their older bodies would hold up to it.” Some classic skits are making a comeback, most notably…