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I’M LUCKY ENOUGH to receive many letters from readers each month telling me how The Weekly has touched their lives, or thanking us for a particular story. Of course, there are also the odd notes of constructive criticism, which although harder to hear are no less welcome. But one particular letter hit home recently – it was from a dear friend of my mother’s. She had read about our Kindness Project, and suggested I look no further than my own mother to see the epitome of such a virtue. She explained how mum had bought her a subscription to her favourite magazine (The Weekly, of course!) to cheer her up as she recovered from major surgery. This is just one of countless kind acts mum performs, without thought, not only for…

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open line

CLOSE TO HOME Beware the Healthcare Gender Gap investigation (AWW, March) struck a raw nerve with me. For many years I suffered at the hands of medical professionals whose treatment was humiliating and condescending. When I became seriously ill, I consulted a female doctor who later restored my health. It took some time, but thanks to that doctor and a caring specialist my thyroid was taken care of. Name withheld, via email. ROYAL ROLE MODELS I must commend Juliet Rieden on her article about the Duchess of Sussex (Meghan’s grace under fire, AWW, March). Both Meghan and Duchess Catherine work so hard and are just such fabulous ambassadors for all the charities they support. There needs to be a lot more love in this world instead of all the haters. K. Wain, via email. MADE WITH…

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in brief news bites

Majestic Meghan LESS THAN 48 HOURS AFTER she arrived home from her New York baby shower, Meghan was a ball of unstoppable energy on the Sussex couple’s first tour to Morocco. The visit, which was followed by a 100-strong media pack, highlighted causes close to Meghan’s heart, from gender equality and girls’ education to social entrepreneurship. Jumping aboard a helicopter to fly to the tiny town of Asni in the Atlas Mountains, Meghan met schoolgirls benefitting from the Education for All charity. The royal had even polished her French to ask questions. It was a very proud Prince Harry who held his wife’s hand throughout the three-day tour, intended to strengthen ties between Morocco and the UK. Farewell, my love JOHN KENNERLEY was the prince of Kerri-Anne’s world. Their love story started like…

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let’s talk about

NO WORK FOR WOMEN The people behind The Women’s March urged women to strike on International Women’s Day, turning it into “A Day without a Woman” to show the world how much labour the fairer sex shoulders. ON THE STREETS There were so many inspiring images of women marching around the world for International Women’s Day. One of our favourites was this picuture of “STEMinists” in Katherine, NT. JULIA & MEGHAN Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard joined singer Annie Lennox and the Duchess of Sussex on a panel to promote women’s leadership, where she praised Meghan’s passion for equality. PETER BREW-BEVAN. PICTURE SUPPLIED AND USED WITH PERMISSION. YIANNI ASPRADAKIS/BAUERSYNDICATION.COM.AU. GETTY IMAGES. CATERS NEWS AGENCY. CGU INSURANCE.…

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inside the shame of george pell

I was raised a devoted Catholic. Mass every Sunday, confession, giving up sweets for Lent. At school we recited Hail Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy and at lunchtime didn’t step on lines on the pavement lest it be declared that we loved the devil. It’s perhaps that upbringing that, in 2015, drew me to cover the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse for ABC’s 7.30 program. That year, I met a woman, Julie Stewart, who was the same age as me. Julie had been raised in a parish across Melbourne from where I grew up. I’ll never forget seeing her First Communion photo – eyes cast to the heavens, her starchy white dress, veil and stiff crown of artificial flowers, her frilly socks and little patent leather shoes.…

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sophie delezio “i’m going to spread my wings”

Sophie Delezio remembers the precise moment she fell in love with London. “Mum and I were walking through the centre of the city,” recalls Sophie, a pretty, spirited young woman about to turn 18. “I was 15 at the time and Mum and I went to London. It was the two of us, so it was a girls’ trip. “We’d been to visit Kensington Gardens and were walking back. It came over all cloudy and drizzly, and then a freezing wind sprang up. I could feel the chilly air on my hands and face, and I remember thinking to myself, ‘I love this’. I love that feeling of having to rug up against the cold in winter woolies. It was like a winter wonderland – all the Christmas decorations, all the…