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#358 Technique

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the drop

Do you accidentally sabotage your surf? Wait, what? Sliding into the second half of the year, those New Year resolutions are now a muddied memory belonging to a more-motivated, summery version of you. It was when those upbeat memes cycled through social media: Motivation gets you started. Commitment is what keeps you going. Commitment leads to results. Achieving those results relies on technique: the method of accomplishing.1 To be a better surfer—or, for some, to be the best—we confuse being “our best” with being “perfect”. Surfers are known for their affinity with nature—naturalists. (This doesn’t mean we all want to swim naked in the ocean, though some do.) Leaves dancing in dappled light, tree trunks with their gnarled branches stretching for the sun, uneven sand patterns on the beach, or misshaped brown fronds…

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with mark richardson

Will using wave pools as a part of coaching help or hinder future progression? Wave pools are definitely going to be a real positive for the future progression of surfing especially in the area of skill development. Surfers are going to be able to get very specific with their skill development. They will be able to practise the same manoeuvre repeatedly, with the wave pool consistently offering the right section of the wave to practise whatever particular skill they want to work on. For example, the Waco Surf Pool offers a good speed-generating section, which then goes into an awesome ramp section for practising aerial moves, or The Surf Ranch, which offers a long barrel section. I think you will see a real impact of that skill development around the world…

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the lineup

QUESTION: WHAT IS THE BEST PIECE OF TECHNICAL ADVICE YOU COULD GIVE? LYSTRA BISSCHOP Fear can be a friend or foe, depending on how you treat it. After last year’s shark attacks, my husband and I were surfing our local beach break. Overcast weather and murky waters, my heart was thumping out warnings—shark warnings. Was it fictional fear or primal instinct telling me to get out of the water? I used two strategies: breathwork, heavy breathing ’til I felt lightheaded, to reset my nervous system. And secondly, chatting with my surfing spouse to confirm my intuition. He agreed. Moments later, a chopper hovered overhead. We left the water, and found out later there’d been a shark sighting. If you can move past fear’s auto-responses, you can tap into true instinct. BRAD BRICKNELL Advice is…

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EDITORIAL Josh Allen John Andrews Tim Baker Mat Bell Russell Bierke Chris Binns Will Bendix Daniel Brennan Brad Bricknell Michael Ciaramella Liz Clark Noah Cohan Chris Coté Hayden Cox Ricky Dann Andy Davis Keiran Deck Rambo Estrada David Eurell Jaymie Faber Sosefina Fuamoli Matt George Joey Griffiths Kaipo Guerrero Tim Hawken Lauren Hill Jake Howard Luke "Louie" Hynd Craig Jarvis Jonathan Jenkins Scott Johnstone Candice Land Craig Macintyre Torren Martyn Mark Mathews Andrew McKinnon Kate McMahon Toby Mossop Graeme Murdoch Marcus Paladino Taylor Paul Tom Pearsall Chris Peel Derek Rielly Michael Saunders Steve Shearer Andrew Shield Craig Sims Chas Smith Jed Smith Luke Surplice Alan van Gysen Roxanne Williams Peter "Joli" Wilson Kerry Wright Sam Zubevich PHOTOGRAPHIC Jack Barripp John Barton Scott Bauer Leroy Bellet Brian Bielmann Ian Bird Peter Bohler Peter Boskovich John Brumfield Chris Burkard Josh Burkinshaw Josh Bystrom John Callahan Chloe Candarakis Tom Carey Kelly Cestari Jason Childs Andrew Chisholm Mitch Clark Antony Colas Ray Collings Ryan "Chachi" Craig Andrew Christie Mick Curley Hilton Dawe Jack Dekort Jeff Divine Damea Dorsey Matt Dunbar Sam Elsom Rambo Estrada Sean Evans Joel Everad Greg Ewing Kim Feast Jackie Fiero Ishka Folkwell Lynden Foss Pete Frieden Jorge Garcia Adam Gibson Stu Gibson Todd Glaser Mike Gleeson Pedro Gomes Woody Gooch Ted Grambeau Odell Harris Jules Hatton-Ward Dan Hayward Ryan Heywood Dick Hoole Spence Hornby Dustin Humphrey Mark Hunter Pablo Jimenez Travis Johnson Calin Jones Peter Jovic Jordan "Nugget" Keir Jason Kenworthy George Kettle Mike Killion David Kirkland Richard Kotch Kerry Langdon Mike Latronic Alex Laurel Nat…

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rings of fire

There has been so much debate around surfing making its maiden appearance at the Olympic Games. A Games that have been shrouded in doubt, pushed out a year, and finally run in a crowdless, COVID-safe environment. We’re not here to discuss results, because by the time you read this, champions will have been crowned, medals handed out, national anthems sung with chests puffed out and, no doubt, the odd tear. Sport, we love it! And thanks to the Brazilian Storm, we’ve seen the pot of patriotism re-heated, and its energy spill over like boiled water on an unwatched stove. For years, the team format fostered by the International Surfing Association (ISA) has championed a system that promotes team, alongside individual, performances. The ISA has been successfully running World Surfing Games and World…

16 min

Are you the person that inhales surf content like a starving, post-session grommet doing a Maccas run? The one who’s data disappears in a day, because you’re constantly glued to a screen deciphering the mind-bending surfing you’re trying to mimic from your favourite surfers. Sometimes, we don’t know what we’re seeing, because it’s beyond the realms of what we comprehend to be possible. Yet, we can’t look away nor stop ourselves from digging deeper into the mechanics of what keeps us coming back for more. Let’s face it, every time we see surfing that stops us in our tracks—whether live, at our local, in a magazine, Instagram clip, or movie part—we get psyched to go surfing. But you don’t want to be the surfer with all the gear and no idea. That’s…