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Surfing Life publishes five issues a year, each focussed on one of the five fundamental pillars of the surfing experience - Surfers, Surfboards, Waves, Technique and Travel. The result is a magazine containing quality content which will make a difference to your surfing experience. Essential reading for the active surfer.

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3 min
the drop

Hasn’t our world expanded and shrivelled—together and apart—over and over in some twisted ethereal way? We are conscious the world exists outside our empty international airports. Nonetheless, the constant rumble in our bellies, to visit people and places beyond Earth’s largest island, grows louder. And as the months tick by, our anaemic bucket lists, along with optimism, become more malnourished. To thrive is to feel the enormousness of our life-supporting planet; it makes our hearts hammer and humbles us with our ant-like existence. Wants aside, an important need has shrivelled our society: freedom of choice. When will our day-to-day lives settle into a normal consistent routine? On the world’s smallest continent, each individual should be a crucial building block of our community, despite how insignificant we are made to feel when…

4 min
with brooke farris

Rip Curl sponsor a lot of surfers, which is amazing, but there are a lot of blank noses on Tour; do you see this changing anytime soon? We do and we love to. From our next generation to our pro team, they’re a big part of who we are and how we continue to shape the Rip Curl brand. As for the blank noses, we’re always keeping an eye on these, and I’m sure the competitor brands are too. Into the future, I think we’ll see more stickers on surfboards just not necessarily always on the nose. Surfers are influencers. Curated social channels and with surfboard’s acting as billboards that’s good brand value for both endemic and nonendemic partners. Is there more or less of a market for sponsored freesurfers, and will…

2 min
the lineup

QUESTION: IF YOU WERE TO RENT A HOUSE WITH A FAMOUS SURFER, WHO WOULD IT BE? I think you have to choose Kelly Slater, right? Not only is he the GOAT, but he owns a wave pool! I’d be renting the shack out the front of the Surf Ranch and making sure Kelly clears the pool for private sessions for us for the week, or until my legs can't surf any more (whichever comes first). There are so many excellent choices to select from, but I can't go past the Queen, Layne Beachley. Envisioning a house filled with her hilarity (cue: pun-offs), honesty (yes, it is my turn to do the dishes), compassion (I'm not crying, you're crying) and wild ideas to push our limits. All that plus a beautiful longtime friendship…

2 min

EDITORIAL Josh Allen Kate Allman John Andrews Tim Baker Mat Bell Russell Bierke Chris Binns Will Bendix Tessa Berkeley Daniel Brennan Brad Bricknell Michael Ciaramella Liz Clark Noah Cohan Chris Coté Hayden Cox Ricky Dann Andy Davis Keiran Deck Rambo Estrada Jaymie Faber Sosefina Fuamoli Matt George Joey Griffiths Kaipo Guerrero Tim Hawken Lauren Hill Jake Howard Luke "Louie" Hynd Craig Jarvis Jonathan Jenkins Scott Johnstone Candice Land Craig Macintyre Torren Martyn Mark Mathews Andrew McKinnon Kate McMahon Toby Mossop Graeme Murdoch Taylor Paul Tom Pearsall Chris Peel Derek Rielly Michael Saunders Steve Shearer Andrew Shield Craig Sims Chas Smith Jed Smith Luke Surplice Alan van Gysen Peter "Joli" Wilson Kerry Wright Sam Zubevich PHOTOGRAPHIC Jack Barripp John Barton Scott Bauer Leroy Bellet Brian Bielmann Ian Bird Peter Bohler Peter Boskovich John Brumfield Chris Burkard Josh Burkinshaw Josh Bystrom John Callahan Chloe Candarakis Tom Carey Kelly Cestari Jason Childs Andrew Chisholm Mitch Clark Antony Colas Ray Collings Ryan "Chachi" Craig Andrew Christie Mick Curley Hilton Dawe Jack Dekort Jeff Divine Damea Dorsey Matt Dunbar Sam Elsom Rambo Estrada Sean Evans Joel Everad Greg Ewing Kim Feast Jackie Fiero Ishka Folkwell Lynden Foss Pete Frieden Jorge Garcia Adam Gibson Stu Gibson Todd Glaser Mike Gleeson Pedro Gomes Woody Gooch Ted Grambeau Odell Harris Jules Hatton-Ward Dan Hayward Ryan Heywood Dick Hoole Spence Hornby Dustin Humphrey Mark Hunter Calin Jones Peter Jovic Jordan "Nugget" Keir Jason Kenworthy George Kettle Mike Killion David Kirkland Richard Kotch Kerry Langdon Mike Latronic Alex Laurel Nat Lawrence Steven Lippman Jesse Little Morgan…

4 min
evolution equation

Progression encompasses many aspects of the surfing world, from explosive aerials to gender equality. Since its Polynesian origins and the days of riding 40 kilo planks of wood, surfing has undergone major transformations. This evolution has been driven by a human desire to be better or for some surfers, to be the best. Yet as tempting as it may be to explore new avenues of forward trajectory, progress does not always come without its trade-offs. The genesis of the thruster is a prime example of a surfer: Simon Anderson creating the solution to his surfing problems. The year that Anderson debuted his tri-finned masterpiece on the world stage he went on to win the iconic Bells Beach Rip Curl Pro and the Pipeline Masters. Within the next two years almost every…

12 min
diving deep

It’s October 15, 2018. Macy Callaghan has spent the week putting on a dynamic display of surfing. Her top-to-bottom Gilmore-esque wraps in the pocket scored Macy a second place at the Roxy Pro France as a WCT injury wildcard. That same day, with a small group of friends, Macy hightails it from Hossegor to Paris to celebrate the result and to bookmark another very special occasion. A fancy French dinner, a meander around the Eiffel Tower marvelling at its lights sparkling against a backdrop of black sky; what a way to spend an 18th birthday. It may come as a surprise that Macy shed a few tears that night—and not the happy kind. But for this self-described homebody, life on Tour away from family can be bittersweet. Macy explains this was…