Slam Skateboarding 220

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The magazine you’re holding in your hands is tangible proof that Australian skateboarding photography is in very capable hands. While some of Slam’s master lensmen like Jake Darwen and Andrew Peters have migrated to The States to shoot, we also have a new wave of emerging skate photographers who are taking the reigns and offering their own visual perspectives. The cover of a Photo Edition is sacred ground and not easily achieved – our page one was shot by someone you’re possibly more familiar seeing in skate photos, rather than being credited for capturing them. Paul Battlay clearly has an eagle eye, snapping pinpoint sharp shots, but also crafting them with creative flair and careful composition. Battlay’s background of being photographed as a skateboarder has no-doubt helped his shift into shooting…

6 min
dave chami

SKATEBOARDING IN NZ I grew up in a little town called Pukekohe, which is about 40 minutes south of Auckland. It’s out in the country – a real small town with about 10,000 people. In 1990, this kid from Auckland moved to my school and he had a Tony Hawk ‘Claw’ board. I remember he did a boardslide on a piece of wood on the ground and I was stoked on it. Then I got a board and went skating with him heaps. We would take the bus to Auckland and skate this indoor skatepark called Graffiti Junction, and we’d skate Aotea Square and go to Cheapskates. I’ve been skating ever since. STARTING TO SHOOT I didn’t shoot photos until after I’d been skating for a long time. I went to film school…

5 min
wade mclaughlin

THE CALOUNDRA BOWL I’ve pretty much always been around skateboarding. When I was about 12, my mum and I coincidently drove past the Caloundra Bowlrider’s comp. We pulled in to have a look and ended up staying for the rest of the day. Seeing the likes of TNT [Tony Trujillo], Dorfus [Tim McDougall], Noah Phillips and Adam Alfaro gave me a proper dose of skateboarding culture, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Growing up on the Sunshine Coast, if you didn’t play footy you either surfed and/or skated. THE MINI DV CAMERA After learning how to do mad fly-outs, I wanted to film that shit. So when I was 13 or so, I convinced my mum to hook up a shitty old-school Hi-8 camera with my accumulated birthday and Christmas presents. I used…

29 min
frame by frame

NIXEN OSBORNE DROP IN PHOTO AND COMMENTARY BY WADE MCLAUGHLIN Nixen and I had been staying at Nige Cameron’s place in Sydney city for a week, and we had this brand new spot staring us in the face every day. We looked at it a bunch of times, but Man Cub, with his paw on the mend from a pretty heavy dislocation a few weeks prior, had decided that trying it was not going to happen. Obviously, he was hesitant because of the imminent ploughing into the ground that could happen on this thing. I was only in town for one more week, and Nixen is not one to let an opportunity slip. Eventually, he started working his way up, dropping it higher each time as we gave him the “all good” signal…

7 min
ben lawrie

You’re in Europe, right? What are you up to? Yep, as we speak, I’m in Barcelona on the rooftop of my hotel looking over the city. I’m with my mate Leo [Carroll-Capp] for the whole trip, and the plan is to make a part with all the footage we get. Quayde [Baker] and Clocky [Laim McCulloch] were in London with us and came along to Barca. What’s been your highlight so far? So far, I think the highlight was seeing ‘The Push’ [Nik Stain] skating at Southbank and trying a trick for hours. Also, meeting this guy Dan from Bristol who is the most insane skater, and he is best mates with Nick Cave’s son. He has dinner with Brad Pitt on the regs. Sounds chill. How did you save up for this trip? I…

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ethan copeland

13 YEARS OLD LIVES IN CANBERRA RIDES FOR VANS, VOLCOM, INDEPENDENT, ALMOST, BONES WHEELS, DSCO BEARINGS AND TRILOGY SKATE SHOP “I’ve been hitting heaps of terrain over the past week with Ethan in San Diego and he is ripping! He is also cleaning out all of the petrol station stores of their Zingers [cream filled cakes].” – Keegan Palmer “Ethan is an absolute legend. Have a conversation with him and you’ll forget how he’s so young by how switched-on he is. His love for skating is insane, and he’s so bloody good – it’s a recipe for him to blow minds for many years to come.” – Floyd Scott…