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The hour is nigh, the stage is set and the dictaphone – scratch that – the iPhone is on the coffee table. A final piss has been taken to clear the tank, and a thoroughly researched line of questioning is printed on a few tattered pieces of paper. The storytelling is about to begin. Welcome to the Interview Issue. In 14 years of working on this here magazine, I’ve been fortunate enough to interview the cream of Australian skateboarding’s crop, as well as some of the world’s leading pros and many pioneers of the seven-ply plank. I’ve learned that a Q&A can go either way. There are the surreal moments, like hearing the legendary Lance Mountain speak in length about his longevity: “I refused to go away.” And then there’s the…

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the highs and lows of interviewing pros

I have a love-hate relationship when it comes to interviewing people. When I know I have an interview coming up, I hate it. It could be two weeks out or one hour, and I’d hate it just the same. I get nervous. I stress about what questions to ask. Then I get nervous some more. I could be interviewing a snowboarder in front of a room full of journalists; an Aboriginal elder in some deep bush in Far North Queensland; one of my all-time favourite musicians over the phone; some young up-and-coming skater in a pub in Melbourne or two skaters and their girlfriends in their own home, and I’d get nervous just the same. In fact, I hate it right up to the point where I actually meet the person,…

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the art of interviewing with cameron sparkes

Cameron Sparkes has been interviewing skateboarders for more than a decade and he can certainly attest that it’s a trickier business than it sounds. Chatting with skaters is always a bit of a potluck, and it’s a gig that doesn’t necessarily get easier with time, age or experience. Each person is a new challenge: a unique and (hopefully) interesting character with their own quirks, stories and reservations. Sparkes reckons he’s got somewhere between 50 and 100 interviews under his belt, having questioned the likes of Tony Hawk, Christian Hosoi, Austyn Gillette, Ryan Sheckler, and even his childhood hero Rhys Grogan – just to name a few. I’m on the other end of the spectrum: just finding my feet in the business of interviewing skateboarders for print. So, with an aim to…

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ANDREW BROPHY GIRL PRO MODEL GIVEAWAY Girl Skateboards has added Andrew Brophy, the high poppin’ big daddy, to their formidable team of word-class skateboarders. To celebrate the selfie-stick-waving Insta celebrity’s new partnership with Girl, we’ve got three of these cosmic Brophy pro-models to give away. WANT ONE? Then make a little Instagram clip of you shredding the streets and hashtag #slambrophyboardgiveaway. Brophy will choose three of his favourite clips, based on style, quality and creativity, and then hook the winners up with his rad new board. Australian residents only – entries close on September 13. FLYING MICROTONAL BANANA KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD King Gizzard have got a really unique ability to satisfy the mainstream while simultaneously producing some of the most experimental and interesting music around today. They’re also probably the hardest-working band in Australia;…

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sam atkins

The Niagara Hotel, Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. It’s 4.30pm on a regular Friday night. Sam Atkins, the Geelong-born 19-year-old skateboard extraordinaire, is drinking a beer and eating potato wedges. I’m sitting opposite Sam, watching him drink a beer and eat potato wedges. The after-work boozers are beginning to trickle in. They’re keen to kick-off their weekends (or forget their week) with an appropriate amount of intoxication. By the time I’m finished talking to Sam, we’ll be almost totally engulfed by a cacophonic swarm of nine-to-fivers, barely able to hear one another over middle management slurs and talk of what’s on for the weekend. Having never met Sam before, one thing I gather during our hour-long chat is that Sam is what is technically known as a damn good kid. There’s no arrogance. He…

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andrew beauchamp

I appreciate that this is a busy time in your life. Is it pretty hectic at your end? You’d think so, wouldn’t you? But it’s not that hectic. It’s just that my girlfriend is pregnant and she’s ready to pop. She’s kind of over it, but everything’s still kind of the same, you know? We’ve just got a baby on the way, aye. I guess that’s a pretty relaxed way of approaching it. Is there a feeling that it’s the calm before the storm? Oh, for sure. Everyone’s like, “Your life’s over!” and I’m just like, “Righto.” It’s just a new chapter in my life, so I’m not worried about that. Have you made a lot of preparations? Oh yeah. The baby’s room has been done for ages now; we’ve got everything we need. My…