Slam Skateboarding 214

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It’s a sunny Saturday arve in Surry Hills when Jackson Pilz congregates with a crew at the Shakey Bowl. The mini capsuled curves are not quite the size of tranny that Jacko is known to regularly destroy, but it’s a perfect spot to catch the Coolum local off guard while he’s casually sinking Peronis with his homies. It just so happens that Thrasher’s SOTY and the current Euro SOTY are in town, so the stage is set to bring together a trifecta of champs. While Jackson has no idea anything’s going on, Kyle Walker, Daan Van Der Linden and many of Sydney’s finest skateboarders are all poised to pounce and soak the new champ in celebratory booze. We slip up the side street, head into the park, and the celebrations begin to…

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dennis busenitz

Ididn’t want to be hungover for my interview with Dennis Busenitz, but I am. I make some small talk – not my strongest suit at the best of times – with the adidas entourage while I anxiously wait for The Man Himself to finish his breakfast. We’re in the café of Melbourne’s Mantra hotel and it’s 10am on the first day of the Australian leg of the Away Days tour. Perhaps more significantly for Dennis, 2016 marked the 10-year anniversary of the first time he slipped his feet into a complimentary pair of adidas shoes. He even had an exhibition in Sydney featuring original artwork by Australia’s own Sid Tapia to celebrate the fact. Knowing as I do that Dennis isn’t mad keen on interviews, I thought I’d try and make it…

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skate rats and role models

“I wanted to skate and be good at it and get sponsored, but then one day it just clicked and I thought, ‘Holy shit, this is nearly impossible.’” That’s Sydney skateboarder Nigel Cameron, founder of Totem Skateboarding, telling me over a fuzzy Skype call how he decided to start his own skate coaching and events company. His words are all too familiar; in fact, I think he’s effectively summing up a thought process that most skaters have gone through at some point or another: Will I ever be good enough to get paid for skateboarding? Of course, there are the chosen ones (such as those who grace these pages), the people who have enough raw talent, dedication and grit to get sponsored and earn a crust from the board. But the…

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JACKSON PILZ SOTY GIVEAWAY “Oi, Jacko, do a one-foot ollie over it and grab your shoe.” Jackson’s first-try reply is what you see pictured on this page. While you probably won’t be able to imitate our new SOTY on a skateboard, we’re giving you the chance to at least wear the same gear and ride the same setup as the man of the moment. Thanks to Jackson’s sponsors, you could take home this massive SOTY prize pack, with product from enjoi, Vans, Volcom, Modus, Independent, Spitfire, Fast Times and Sock Posse. TO ENTER SIMPLY ANSWER THESE THREE QUESTIONS: 1. What female skate shoe company was Jackson asked to ride for when he was a young boy with long, flowing hair? 2. What song does Jackson skate to in his Dad Cam 3 video part? 3. What…

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jackson pilz slam skate boarding skater of the year 2017

Jackson Pilz is one of the few people in this world that can virtually do anything they want on a skateboard. Not only that, the dude can pretty much crush any terrain you throw at him. The past year saw Jacko take his skateboarding to the next level. His section in Volcom’s Holy Stokes gave the world a glimpse at his monster pop and versatility on the board, which is probably just a taste of what this prodigy is capable of. A splay of his shredding was put to print internationally, and his productivity cumulated with an invitation to hit King of the Road with enjoi. We asked a small selection of people close to Jackson to write some words about our ultimate ATV SOTY.…

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proud pop

Jackson’s been renowned within the skate industry since he was a long-haired, micro grom throwing 720s. He decided very early on that he didn’t want anything to do with the jock oriented side of skateboarding. In hindsight, he started a journey of discovery, not caring too much about coverage or money. He began skating more street and refined his tranny skating to the point of becoming one of the best bowl skaters around – despite not doing a 540 in years. About five years ago it all came together and people really started taking notice. He was ripping shit up. Through power, technique and trick selection, style became his mantra. In my mind, Jackson has been the best skater in the entire world since he was five; but I’m his dickhead…