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The Australian invasion of America continues. Our finest exports in skateboarding predominantly live in Southern California; many of our countrymen head over to slay spots every summer; and any upstarts dreaming of a career on seven-ply veneer know where they have to go. Many of America’s right-wing conservatives are worried about illegal immigrants crossing the Rio Grande from Mexico to California to ‘take their jobs’. However, they should probably be more concerned about the amount of Australian skaters signing significant sponsorship deals, or the avalanche of Aussie actors taking the biggest roles in Hollywood. So what do American skaters think about so many Australians moving in on their turf? I asked one of The States’ leading skateboarding photographers if we’re well received, or if they’re over the Aussie influx. Anthony Acosta…

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mark appleyard

Why were you in Melbourne for only three days? I was there for the Globe Unemployable book release party at the Melbourne Library. Globe flew me out there to be a part of it. What can you tell me about Unemployable? It’s a great big book that covers the 30 year history of Hardcore Distribution, Dwindle, Globe, and much more. There’s a lot of history and epic photos in there. It’s a great book. Do you know the Hill brothers [Founders of Hardcore/ Globe International] well? I’ve known them for about 11 years or so. It has been great to work with them. They’re all really cool. Do you think many people know what they’ve contributed to skateboarding over the past three decades? Those who know, know. They’ve done so much for skateboarding in Australia, America and…

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need any help?

I.look back on the time I spent working in a skate shop as some of the most enjoyable years of my life. As well as paying the bills and keeping me stocked with cheap boards, working in a skate shop was a great middle ground between being completely immersed in the strange world of skateboarding and being a normal person. It’s good to have a bit of responsibility – to hustle sales, balance the till, look for the right size – and it’s healthy to engage with members of the general public, rather than just look at them as people who make it difficult for you to skate a spot. Having said that, working in a skate shop teaches you that all people are crazy. Everyone’s nuts! Ex-PSC (now Fast Times)…

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the legend of the screaming hand

When I first saw the Screaming Hand, I didn’t get it. Sure, I thought it looked cool. But I didn’t know what it meant. I thought a screaming foot would make more sense for a piece of skateboard art. But what did I know? Nothing. That’s what. In 2010 I had a chat with Jim Phillips – the man behind the hand (as well as countless other iconic pieces of art for the likes of Independent and OJ Wheels) – and it all started to make sense. “Screaming Hand to me is like Mickey Mouse was to Walt Disney,” Jim told me. “Walt was so into Mickey that on the opening night of his early cartoons he would stand in the back of the theatre and pantomime Mickey’s movements and say…

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broad boards

Tell me about the creation of Welcome Skateboards. Is it true that you started the brand with just $2000 and a cauldron? Yes. 2010 was probably the actual start date. I was really bummed on the state of skateboarding brands and the lack of effort in making skate product. All the emphasis was on how good their team or video was. It seemed like the general direction was China-made, logo graphics, and zero attention paid to the leverage of the boards that were being made. I wanted to make a beautiful product that actually had proper leverage for modern skating. I had a full-time job the whole time, up until last May, so my days were extremely long. I’d start one job at 5.30am and finish my day at 11 or 11.30…

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aussies in the u.s.a

“YOU CANNOT SWING A DEAD WALLABY THESE DAYS WITHOUT HITTING AN AUSTRALIAN.” In response to Donald Trump’s anti-Latino rants accusing Mexican immigrants of being rapists and drug dealers, comedian Bill Maher took a satirical swipe at the real enemy invading US soil. “No one is paying attention to the ethnic group that’s taking over this country while we blithely do nothing ... fucking Australians,” said Bill on his HBO show Real Time. “Wake up, people, you cannot swing a dead wallaby these days without hitting an Australian. Ladies and gentlemen, Australia is not sending us their best people, they’re bringing drugs... Yes, enough for everybody, but still. They’re rapists... OK, not rapists, but they do a lot of fucking. How do they get here? No one really knows; some say the jet…