Slam Skateboarding 208

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It has been two years (too long) since we last ran an edition solely dedicated to skateboarding photography. With an abundance of amazing pictures overflowing on the Slam server, it was evidently time to pick out and print a selection of our most spectacular shots. Cutting through the collection of captivating images was no easy task. After making some tough calls we decided on the cream of the crop that you’ll find immortalised in this issue. In this special edition we chat to one of the world’s most renowned skateboarding photographers. Atiba Jefferson is a master of the craft, and he checked in with us for a photo flashback of Matt Mumford. In a battle of the titans, Max Olijnyk pits Canon up against Nikon to find out which brand is…

6 min
atiba jefferson

You picked Matt Mumford’s Smith down El Toro as your favourite photo that you’ve ever shot of an Australian. Tell me about that day and what happened in the lead up to him rolling away. It was a long time ago. I don’t even know exactly what year. I think it was ’98 or ’99. Heath [Kirchart] was the first one to skate it. Heath did the lipslide, but Mumford was the first one to grind it. We just went there for a 50-50, and that’s what he was supposed to do. I think in the back of his mind he was thinking Smith. Maybe because he Smith grinded what was on the cover of the Australian issue of Transworld; the Brooklyn rail, which is 15 stairs, maybe. He did everything…

5 min
canon vs nikon

Anyone who’s attempted skate photography will know how addictive, satisfying, frustrating, and impossibly difficult it can be. Maybe you’re a natural, I don’t know. Lord knows I’ve tried, and failed miserably more often than not. A bad workman always blames his tools, so I started thinking to myself, “Maybe it’s my camera that’s the problem, not me.” Yeah, that’s it. So I asked a bunch of my favourite photographers what camera they use so I could get to the bottom of why I suck at skate photography. Their answers may shock you. Q1. Do you shoot Canon or Nikon? Q2. Which brand is the best camera set-up for shooting skateboarding, and what is your favourite camera? Q3. Can you share a technical tip to taking a good skate photograph? ANTHONY ACOSTA 1. Canon has been…

5 min
contradictions of photography

I originally set out to write a ‘do’s and don’ts of skate photography’. As I started to jot down my notes, I realised that a lot of these so-called rules strangely contradict themselves. There are no absolute rules to photography. So instead, this is just a massive muddle of information that you can try to pick apart and use within your own world of images. Taking advice (like mine) or criticism is essential to growing and evolving your photography. You need to soak it all up, then filter it out and see what actually applies to you. Whether it’s just your mate, your mum, the skater, or your favourite photographer, take all the advice in and assess it, then reassess it, and if you don’t like it, throw it out. But,…

19 min
andrew mapstone

I was born in Sydney on July 31, 1972. My parents and the rest of the Mapstones and my mother’s family, the Sheilds, are all from Sydney. We lived there until I was five years old, when we were transferred to Melbourne with my father’s work. My mum thought it would be a temporary move, but we never made it back to Sydney. We travelled all over the place following my dad’s work with DuPont. We lived in the States and in New Zealand. The US was rad, but NZ sucked. It’s cool to visit, but not to live. From prep to grade six I went to Waverley Meadows, and then moved on to Wheelers Hill High. School was fine for me. I was bigger than everyone else. I was tough,…

17 min
2015 photography feature

JAKE DARWEN MORGAN CAMPBELL NO COMPLY POLE JAM “Morgs mentioned that he had this crazy-looking spot with a rooftop that reminded him of an old scene from the Mad Max movie. With that being said, I knew he must have found a gem. We tried going here late at night multiple times to shoot this photo, but there were always cars parked in the way. As the saying goes, third time’s a charm, and we struck a night when it was completely isolated. I put flashes behind the pillars to try and get a different look, and this picture is what we ended up with.” Jake Darwen SHANE O’NEILL BACKSIDE SMITH GRIND “It was another perfect summer’s day in the Valley, and a new spot had been discovered by Guy Mariano, so we decided to check…