Issue #97

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editor’s letter

“Taste is the enemy of art, A.R.T,” said Marcel Duchamp. As a revolutionary in the development of conceptual art, his idea was simple and highly prescriptive: reject work that is intended only to please the eye and use art to serve the mind. Aesthetics should never rule ideas. As inspirational as this sounds, we have never truly been able to escape the taste debate. Whether it is the kind that passes over the tongue or that of aesthetic value, it is so deeply personal that it remains unreconciled even within our being. In contemplation, it is largely binary. Good taste is considered creativity’s greatest killer and yet so often, accepting the taste of our cultural milleu can come with great reward, admiration and gain. Poor taste, on the other hand, is synonymous with…

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extreme sustenance

Apuol Model, Come On, Over, Over Your most played song of all time? Nyajirim, Sunnyman. Your signature look? High-waisted jeans, a crop top and sneakers. Good taste or bad? Good taste. A book you’ll cherish forever? Boy Overboard by Morris Gleitzman. Your last meal on Earth? El Jannah, always. Ella O’Keeffe Writer and Photographer, Eat It Your most played song of all time? Maggot Brain, Funkadelics. Your signature look? On the face, that of confusion. On the body, trousers and a button down. Good taste or bad? So bad it’s good. A book you’ll cherish forever? In The Dream House, Carmen Maria Machado. Your last meal on Earth? Anything Estela NYC has on the menu. Isabella Schimid Makeup Artist, Worst Behaviour Your most played song of all time? I am a huge Prince fan, so it would have to be When Doves Cry. Your signature look? Black.…

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hannah wick

The first thing you should know about me is … I might seem tough but I’m actually pretty sensitive. I am my best self when … I’m with my loved ones. Home feels like … Warmth, a home cooked meal and my cat. My star sign is … Taurus. It suits me because … I am stubborn and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. I start my day by … Sleeping in, if possible. Good taste or bad? I think taste lies in the eye of the beholder and honestly I want both in my life. The most important lesson I’ve learned is … There is always more to learn. Who are you when you’re alone? Boyish, goofy. My first memory of modelling is … Walking the Dion Lee show at the…

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we love

To our saviours of conformity, the royalty of pop and rock ‘n roll. Bold, unironic – 110% in. Only they knew that the line between ‘bad’ and ‘too good to handle’ was a fine one, and only they had the audacity to walk it like a runway. “Come to our level, it’s really fun here!” Bowie in a leotard, hair teased and high. A casual purple mullet, disco-ball pants, platform boots, feathers, and exposed midriffs. Heavens forbid someone wears sequins on a Sunday! They donned eyeliner at a time when ‘boys didn’t cry’, embraced the wild and head-butt the ‘inappropriate’. Small acts of rebellion, or total freedom of self. Either way, it was a middle finger varnished jet black. They wore the badge of ‘bad’ – no! ‘terrible taste’, like…

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betty catroux

“We lived for beauty and amusement… And the first rule was to seduce. Seduce everybody and make everybody crazy about us and then never mix with anyone.” — Betty Catroux What does it mean to be someone’s soulmate? Inseparable – identical. An electrical force that unites body and soul in a way that can’t be explained. An understanding and extraordinary meeting of two minds often, without more than a glance across a crowded room or heated dance floor. When Yves Saint Laurent first caught sight of Betty Catroux in 1967, it was her platinum blonde hair and endless silhouette that drew his attention; her androgynous, bold and innate elegance holding his gaze a little longer. He knew instantly that she was his feminine double; his twin flame. Catroux spoke to Saint…

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meet my gaze

Every season brings fresh faces that become the faces. The ones you can’t take your eyes off on the street when you’ve ducked out to buy a pretzel. Or see storming down the Jordan Gogos runway like some kind of modern samurai at Mardi Gras. They have nicknames like Emerald. WOAH. It’s more than a glow up. They catch a flight, cut all their hair off and come say ‘hi’ at RUSSH HQ, with hearts full of hope and the kind of attitude you can’t fake. You can meet them here. It’s called a go-see for a reason. Paris Newman @ Priscillas My name is … Paris Newman. But my friends call me … P. I am … 19 years old. The first thing you should know about me is … That I…