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SARAH AITKEN Sarah is a radio producer and writer living halfway up kunanyi/Mt Wellington, with one foot in nipaluna/Hobart and one in the wilderness. She loves to write about community, sustainability, nature and social justice issues. Her favourite days are the ones where all three of her little adventurers are happily lost in imaginative play in the great outdoors and she can walk, stretch or sit in nature nearby. EMMA LUPIN Emma Lupin is a plant lover, sensory explorer and an environmental educator based in Darwin. With a background in horticulture and an enormous respect for the environment and its diversity, her work in tropical Australia entwines a love of place, plants and people. For more than a decade, Emma has been inspiring others to grow and enjoy edible and useful tropical plants…

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“We too have a responsibility to care for these landscapes” We have all been spending a lot more time at home lately. And it has given us an opportunity to become more familiar with our local spaces. Whether that be our own gardens, if we have them, our verges, our local parks and, if we’re lucky, our local wild places. We’ve had more time experiencing them, exploring them, getting to know them and potentially feeling a deeper connection to them. These are our local spaces, our bit of land that we are a part of. You may have started to notice things about your local place. You might have noticed particular animals that reside in these areas, or plants when they blossom, fruit or drop their leaves. You might notice the extreme…

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matt ryan

When Matt Ryan purchased a vintage caravan and decided to document the renovation on social media, he didn’t know the hand-drawn illustration of his new van would be more interesting to his followers than the restoration process. So under the banner of vandrawings.com, he launched a side hustle of creating custom drawings for caravan owners, and the rest is history. Matt lives in Victoria’s Ocean Grove with his young family of five and when he’s not drawing caravans, he works as a product designer for an Australian tech company.…

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pip noticeboard

THE WINNERS OF THE 2021 PIP PERMIE AWARDS ARE… Each year, Pip recognises the individuals and organisations who are digging deep to create important and positive change. From scores of nominations, and after long and robust conversations, Pip is delighted to announce the people and organisations who best represent permaculture’s three key ethics of earth care, people care and fair share. Congratulations to this year’s winners! 10 X 10 COBARGO After devastating destruction in the small New South Wales town of Cobargo during last year’s Black Summer bushfires, a project has grown from the ashes in a bid to help rebuild the community. Dubbed 10 x 10, it’s a collaboration between the Cobargo Community Garden and supportive community groups and will see ten fire-affected households provided the materials, knowledge and support to build…

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pip picks things we like

Hello Snowglobe REUSABLE GIFT WRAP Every year, Australians throw away around 350,000 km of wrapping paper. Why not opt to use reusable wrap this festive season which can form part of your gift for friends and loved ones. With a large range of festive and decorative designs printed on 100 percent cotton, the reusable wrap is designed to make use of traditional Japanese wrapping styles, where knots and bows are tied in the fabric to wrap the gift. From $19 www.hellosnowglobe.com.au Team Timbuktu ELEMENTS WATERPROOF JACKET Using recycled plastic bottles, Team Timbuktu creates high-performance waterproof raincoats and sweatwicking activewear. This design, called Banksia Forest, is the result of a collaboration with Australian Indigenous artist Shanai Kellet from Maloga Art, a Yorta Yorta woman living on Boonwurrung Country. Waterproof, windproof and breathable, the jacket features a large…

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international projects

MESOAMERICAN INSTITUTE OF PERMACULTURE www.imapermaculture.org In the Mayan highlands on the shores of Lake Atitlán of Guatemala is the Instituto Mesoamericano de Permacultura. It was created in 2000 by a group of Indigenous Maya Kakchiquel people dedicated to reclaiming native seeds and traditional Indigenous knowledge systems, and have chosen to use permaculture as the platform to help them achieve it. After 36 years of internal armed conflict in the region that wiped out hundreds of communities and displaced millions from their land, this work is critical. The conflict disrupted the transfer of cultural and ancestral knowledge and the Indigenous community faces the very real challenges of poverty and malnutrition. Indigenous people were disproportionately affected during the war and left largely dispossessed when the peace deal was signed. The institute is focused on restoring knowledge…