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Two hundred and fifty issues of PC & Tech Authority. That’s just over twenty years, during which we’ve witnessed immense change in every area you gaze. Over that time there have been countless reviews written, a library of feature articles planned and executed, all of columns submitted from our star writers. All of the lovely pages and covers created by our designers. All, for us, the staff, done over the never-ending monthly ebb and flow of magazine production. It’s something that fills me with pride, because I know that all the way through our publishing history it has been a satisfying challenge to maintain the standards set in place from the outset. Testing products is a serious responsibility. At the end of the line we need to have formed a solid…

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microsoft to join apple’s intel exodus?

Apple might not be the only company set to jettison Intel’s processors. Microsoft has ported Windows 10 to its own chip architecture, giving Intel’s shareholders cause to be very nervous indeed. Microsoft has been working on a processor architecture – E2 – for several years, but the project is receiving fresh attention with reports claiming the company has managed to port both Windows 10 and Linux onto the processors. While the chips might not be destined to appear in PCs, they could play a role in a wide Windows ecosystem, experts said. “Microsoft has experience designing processors for specific applications, such as the SoCs for the Xbox,” said Shane Rau, research vice president for computing semiconductors at research firm IDC “The E2 experiment suggests that Microsoft is researching what would be an ideal…

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google to put windows on pixelbooks?

Google could take aim at Microsoft’s Surface customers by enabling Windows to run on its high-end Pixelbook Chromebooks. Earlier this year, Google made a series of changes to the Pixelbook’s firmware, with developer forum contributors revealing an AltOS mode that would allow a second operating system to boot on the device. Eagle-eyed developer forum watchers have now spotted details of software “commits” within the Pixel development team suggesting they plan to make the hardware run Windows. Contributors to the XDA mobile software development community have highlighted that Pixelbook developers were working with the Windows Hardware Certification Kit and Windows Hardware Lab Kit. While warning that a Windows version was by no means a certainty, analysts said they could see good reasons for Google to push Windows onto its hardware. Currently, the Pixelbook has limited…

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game publishers need to get serious about security

If you are a PC gamer – and increasingly now, a console gamer too – you’ve probably found that almost every single publisher and developer has some sort of native authentication service. Where once it was only a handful of gatekeepers – Microsoft, Sony, Steam, and Nintendo for example – other major publishers found that they’d also like access to the incredible amounts of data and control over their software, as well as the ability to offer micro transactions and packages in a way that got around the larger existing distributors. So, when we once had maybe two or three logins to contend with, we now have up to and possibly more than ten. And it could be more still if you play games as a service, such as League…

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chip news

CPU 9TH GEN THAT ISN’T Intel recently released a microcode guidance update document that let slip the fact that 9th generation processors are on the way. Not only did it list several model numbers, but it also listed them all under the 8th generation Coffee Lake S subheading, indicating that the 9000 series (at least initially) will simply be a Coffee Lake Refresh of the 8th generation, and goes a long way to explaining why Z370 motherboards are getting BIOS updates with support for “new generation CPU” including 8-core parts, presumably meaning the 9000 series. The models listed included: • Core i5-9600K • Core i5-9600 • Core i5-9500 • Core i5-9400 • Core i5-9400T • Core i3-9100 All the i5’s are 6-core parts where as the i3’s are all quad cores. As no i7 9000 CPUs were listed, the rumour…

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most wanted

BEELINE MOTO MOTORCYCLE GPS Do you go to places on your motorcycle? Have you ever been laughed at, as you balance a street directory on your knee and edge up through traffic to the front of the lights, tracing your planned route with one finger as cheerful cagers wish you the very best? Have you ever been savagely beaten-down by a police constable who saw you put one finger JUST ONE FINGER on your smartphone while in the saddle with the engine running? Wow, that sucks. MOST WANTED: Here’s a sleek little GPS display to mount to your sick sports bike or weird Triumph alike, that shows you the minimal possible information to your destination. Its 350mAh battery lasts a claimed 30 hours, and it’s IP67 waterproof. Smart. Basically there’s a distance…