PC & Tech Authority February 2018

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make it better

Tinkering. Sometimes you have to, sometimes you just want to. I think it’s fair to say that pretty much all PC & Tech Authority readers enjoy delving into the almost limitless capabilities of their PCs. It’s just who we are. In part, we do it to personalise a machine to suit our needs, whether it’s a simple theme change, or a registry edit to automates tasks that we each may do more of than other people. Or, we may need to fix something that just isn’t working the way it should. While this is thankfully rare these days within the highly evolved PC ecosystem, things can always be improved, and it’s the versatility and flexibility of the PC that makes this possible. Some tweaks we put off, but shouldn’t. Are your backups as…

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In the December issue our Labs was all about tablets. In the intro I wondered if the honeymoon was indeed over for tablets, and asked you what use they have in the real world. Amusingly, I did not foresee the irony at play here, that these letters would sit on a page at the bottom which we are spruiking our tablet editions... Here are some of your replies, thanks to all for writing in! BEN PHONES, PHABLETS AND TABLETS Personally, I am fruitlessly searching for an Android tablet that has a screen size of about 13in so I can properly surf the net and read magazines on it. I also want to be able to write on the screen to take notes, preferably with the option of converting my handwriting to text. I initially…

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optus to compensate 8700 customers for slower-than-advertised nbn speeds

Optus will compensate more than 8700 of its customers who were misled about maximum speeds on certain NBN plans. The telco advertised a range of speed plans on its NBN services between 1 September 2015 and 30 June 2017, including a “Boost Max” offering which advertised maximum download speeds of up to 100 megabits per second (Mbps) and maximum upload speeds of up to 40 Mbps (100/40 Mbps). However, due to technical limitations of the NBN’s fibre to the node (FTTN) or fibre to the building (FTTB) connections meant that the speeds advertised were not achievable. “Optus is the second major internet provider we have taken action against for selling broadband speeds they could not deliver to their customers,” Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman Rod Sims said. “Worryingly, many affected…

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five stories not to miss

1 GOOGLE DOCS GLITCH LOCKS USERS OUT OF PROJECTS Google was forced to apologise for a glitch that highlighted the dangers of relying on its Docs service, when it temporarily locked out users from their critical files. Users received a warning saying their documents were blocked due to “abusive content” after Google’s document scanning technology went rogue and declared the most benign projects as breaching the company’s terms. 2 MICROSOFT PULLS PLUG ON OUTLOOK.COM PREMIUM SERVICES Microsoft is once again shaking up its consumer email services, with the closure of its Outlook.com Premium service. New customers are instead being directed to the company’s Office 365 subscriptions. The free Outlook.com service – with ads – is set to continue, and current subscribers that have paid up will still be able to access the service, while subscribers…

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the australian pc awards want you!

The crew responsible for PC PowerPlay, PC & Tech Authority and Hyper believe we have the savviest, most tech literate readers around, so that’s why we’ve decided that the Australian PC Awards should revolve around your decisions. On March 22nd, 2018, PCPP, PCTA and Hyper will be hosting the first annual Australian PC Awards, an event to shine a spotlight on the best the tech and gaming world has to offer, but before we can announce the winners, you have to choose them for us. Starting February 7, 2018 you, the most passionate and influential tech readers in Australia will be able to head to the URL below to vote on the best products in the marketplace and potentially win yourself some great prizes. Here’s how it works: the editorial team from…

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crytek sues the makers of star citizen

DAVID HOLLINGWORTH IS A FORWARD THINKER AND OPTIMIST You know, I think I will always be thankful for putting my money behind Star Citizen. There are three equally entertaining outcomes to the investment: the single player Squadron 42 and its much more ambitious counterpart will either one day release, and be an absolute revelation of PC gaming supremacy; it will be at best the most mediocre, and therefore, terrible, game ever made; or it will never, ever see the light of day as a complete product. Either way, I will be able to tell my forebears that I was there. That fans would tell me to quit my job or even send death threats just for having the temerity to mention the game in anything less than hushed and reverent tones. What an…