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your say matters

Big news, folks. Because you are the most informed and opinionated tech audience in the land, we’re handing the responsibility of deciding which gear was the best this year over to you. This takes shape in the form of the allnew Australian PC Awards! Of course, as an aside, our Kiwi friends are also welcome to participate. The voting opens up in early February, and will cover gear released in the 2017 calendar year. We have every important category covered, and you can see the whole list on pages 10 and 11 of this issue. Our many industry friends tell us often how they’re impressed by the knowledge of our readers. It may be from a conversation at one of our Upgrade Australia events, or reading the comments on our site. The…

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NBN, NOVEMBER I worked in the telecommunication business for over 28 years and watched us go from 300 Baud acoustic modems to ADSL2+ and beyond. I was personally involved with testing and diagnosing faults on most of these systems. Data speeds were always a contentious issue but what wasn’t was the bearer “Link Speed”. Every method of data transmission should have a basic hardware level link speed (call it whatever you want) - it is this speed that should be guaranteed. My NBN service end point in my premises (modem/access point/whatever) is connected over wire/fibre/air to some other single end point (usually), at which point it will be aggregated into a larger (hopefully) data stream heading towards the (whomever’s) network. It is this link speed which should determine the speed we pay for,…

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trusted software taken to the cleaners

THE LATEST TRENDS AND PRODUCTS IN THE WORLD OF TECHNOLOGY Software firms are facing a crisis of trust if they can’t protect the delivery mechanisms used to distribute their wares online, say security experts. The warning comes after a wave of malware infections were passed on to end users by reputable software companies after their distribution systems were compromised. The latest attack affected security company Avast, which recently bought system scrubber CCleaner – software that has millions of users globally and is a particular threat because it has access to Registry files. Hackers sabotaged CCleaner for at least a month, inserting a backdoor into updates to the application that landed on some two million PCs. “In the CCleaner case, we have a legitimate bit of software being distributed directly from the vendor, and it…

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the australian pc awards are coming!

How do you determine what are the best PC products in a year? You could simply look at scores, or draw names out of a hat, but we have other plans. On the 22 March, 2018, PC & Tech Authority, PC PowerPlay, Hyper and Atomic will host the first annual Australian PC Awards, an event that will see you, the readers determine the best products on the market. Starting February 7, 2018 you, the most well informed, passionate and influential tech readers in Australia will have a chance to vote for the best products on the market. Here’s how it will work. The editorial teams of the nextmedia Technology and Gaming department will curate a list of nominees from the products we reviewed over 2017 as well as some of the…

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now open: sydney has a new vr adventure zone

Sydney has a new place to go and experience VR. The Virtual Reality Rooms centre (level 1, 484 Kent St) offers up group experiences that can be shared by up to six players, though as few as two people can do it together. Currently two experiences are on offer, both built specifically for this, so you won’t be able to try them anywhere else. They’re not traditional games, per se, but rather adventures that rely on teamwork to get through. As such the Virtual Reality Rooms people emphasise that these are great for corporate team building days, or group parties. IN SPACE NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SUCK We went along and played the Cosmos experience, in which our team was tasked with escaping from a space station. It was pure puzzle, and…

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chip news

CPU AN EXTRA GOOD BATCH OF RYZENS Some lucky owners of Ryzen 5 1600/X CPUs have discovered that their 6-core 12-threaded processors had an extra two cores and four threads without needing to do anything, making them effectively a 1800X but at half the price. After some sleuthing it was discovered that they were all manufactured on the 36th week of 2017 (Sept 4th – 10th). They still run at the default clocks the 1600/1600X are supposed to operate at, but as all Ryzen GPUs are unlocked, overclocking to 1800X levels is quite possible, and benchmarks have proven that they indeed perform just as well as the bigger dearer parts. How this happed no one knows, but it could point to AMD using perfectly fine 1800X’s and cutting them down to meet demand…