PC & Tech Authority August 2018

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alpha gamers

I‘ve evolved. Moved up. Focused inwards and attained a heightened state of PC gaming nirvana. I know most of you like to game, every PCTA reader survey says so. Some hardcore, others casual, but almost everyone that reads this mag likes to put their machine to work rendering frames of escapist fantasy. So instead of blabbing on about more Computex stuff here, I’m sharing the thing that’s brought me much happiness recently. Besides, we have a good dozen pages on Computex elsewhere in this issue, so I’m indulging myself in a hopefully relatable story. I’ve always been a hardcore PC gamer. In case you wern’t aware I’m the guy that started our sister mag PC PowerPlay back in 1996. For a long time I tried to play every single game that came…

4 min
tech firms go to war on ‘right to repair’

Lay down your screwdrivers. That’s the message from the tech industry, despite efforts to make it easier for consumers to repair their own kit. With lawmakers in the US threatening to legislate a right to repair, the tech firms are fighting a rearguard action. And they’re fighting dirty. Apple, for example, is suing independent repair shops that import spare parts to repair customers’ iPhones. Meanwhile, sources tell us the company is increasingly stamping its logo onto internal cables and devices to make it easier to spot refurbished parts and punish offenders. LG, on the other hand, is attempting to block a right to repair on the grounds that independent engineers don’t have the “extensive background checks” and “drugs screening” that its own staff are subject to. Is this the behaviour of an increasingly…

2 min
valve backs away from curation on steam

First Valve got in trouble for taking a stand against sexual content in games, by ditching a mess of them from Steam. Then it stepped back from that decision, and let the games back on. Then the company allowed a game that let players become school shooters onto the store, for which it copped some justifiable flak, and so removed that game. Now, according to a blog post overnight, Valve’s basically decided this curation malarkey is just too damn hard, and announced it will be allowing developers and gamers to decide what gets published, and what gets bought. Valve stated in a post: If you’re a player, we shouldn’t be choosing for you what content you can or can’t buy. If you’re a developer, we shouldn’t be choosing what content you’re allowed…

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chip news

CPU 8086’S 40TH Intel has officially launched the previously rumoured Core i7 8086K in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Intel’s original 8086 processor. While the nomenclature of the product suggests that in today’s product lineup it belongs at the bottom of the i7 range, it in fact sits at the top, boasting a 5GHz stock turbo boost speed, the first processor to reach that speed out of the box, and interestingly has a clock speed exactly one thousand times faster than that of the original 5MHz 8086! Before you go clamouring for one, do note that while it runs 300MHz faster at base and boost clock speeds than the i7 8700K, that 5GHz boost speed only applies to single threaded loads. Two threads and up and it clocks to the same speeds…

4 min
most wanted

NOMAD ESPRESSO MACHINE The problem with being a true coffee snob these days is everyone has caught on. Step 1: buy a machine that uses pods. Step 2: get guilty about how much “waste” the pods generate, throw out the pod machine and buy a “proper” espresso machine. How can you possibly stand out? Make your coffee in an actual pot on the stove like some kind of Italian? MOST WANTED: There’s a new way! The Nomad is a purportedly portable espresso-maker where you just fill a reservoir with boiling water, then rock the level back and forth like an olde-timey fire engine to pressurise the system. Then make use of the patented True Crema Valve and we guess a cup too, to make an espresso that actually looks like an espresso.…

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system news

The Computex expo in Taiwan wrapped up recently and as always there were many new products and technologies unveiled. RGB was of course everywhere, now being offered in even more places not previously seen. For instance, Lian Li is offering an RGB system that attaches onto your power supply’s 24-pin motherboard connector effectively making it look like the cables themselves are glowing in programmable RGB patterns and colours. Is there anything that can’t be RGB lit? Gigabyte was also on board the RGB train, selling fake RAM. RGB topped RAM sticks aren’t new but when you think about it, filling all your DIMM slots with RAM just to make the effect complete is rather expensive and often unnecessary from a specification point of view, so there are often gaps between the…