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Issue 290

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just hard

When you think of someone who’s lucky enough to edit a games magazine like this one, you might imagine the kind of gamer who loves every genre out there, from puzzle games to shooters, strategy titles to RPGs. Sadly... I am not that editor, and there is one kind of game I’ve always bounced off. Yep... it’s Souls-like games. Like this issue’s cover feature, Elden Ring, from actual Dark Souls developer From Software. But I’m not gonna lie... after putting together this issue, I’m a little tempted to dip my toe into the water. I know it’ll get bitten off, chewed up, and likely spat back at me. But I’m going to give it a red-hot go. So, dear reader, if a somewhat more haggard and drawn visage greets you by the…

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gaming news

BUNGIE CEO APOLOGISES FOLLOWING IN-DEPTH REPORT Sexism and toxicity at the studio rampant. A major new IGN report into workplace toxicity at Destiny 2 studio Bungie has prompted an apology from CEO Pete Parsons, who acknowledged that while the studio has made positive changes, “it is not enough, and it has taken too long.” In September, Parsons released a statement affirming Bungie’s commitment “to fostering a safe and welcoming environment for everyone, and to making conscious and constant improvements through listening, self-awareness, improving our workplace and our systems, and by acting on behalf of our people.” The statement was prompted by the events of “these past few months,” he said, but it was a clear reference to the allegations of widespread misconduct at Activision Blizzard. Parsons’ statement painted a very positive picture of life…

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funny money

Even Philip K. Dick could not have predicted a future this stupid. Hold on to your yarbles – 2022 is gonna be wild. Most of us would prefer not to think about NFTs, but these days it’s unavoidable. Non-Fungible Tokens have invaded the world of video games, and our news feeds are polluted with breathless prose describing how the blockchain will make our hobby so, so much better. NFTs are supposedly an iron-clad, fool-proof means of asserting the ownership of digital goods. But that’s simply not true – intellectual property gets stolen for use as NFTs all the time. Every day one reads social media posts from angry artists who’ve had works pilfered from their online image galleries, only to be melted down into crypto, pumped, and dumped. The exchanges that trade…

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one track mind

When I reviewed Mini Motorways in the last magazine, I realised that I’d never given in to the overwhelming, compulsive desire that Mini Metro had created within me; to rediscover old train sims. I think Young Meghann must have been cleverer than me, because these old interfaces are hard to understand. I’ve now played everything from the original Railroad Tycoon to Sid Meier’s Railroads(!). Even just placing tracks has been an adventure. Do not get me started on double tracking. How did we survive before tooltips? Tell me that. Did I enjoy myself? Yes, I did. My favourite thing about the original Railroad Tycoon was always choosing the best starting point on a randomly generated map; chaining resources, counting city tiles and so on. Next, I was reminded that Railroad Tycoon…

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map quest

When a post praising the thousands upon thousands of game walkthrough maps created by a GameFAQs poster named StarFighters76 circulated on Twitter, the astounded responses weren’t only from people seeing them for the first time. Tons of replies were from players who’d used his maps before, but had no idea just how many he’d created. “These maps have gotten me out of SO MANY jams bro,” says one. “Shout if you’ve been using these maps for the FF Pixel Remasters,” says another. The collection of over 3,500 maps that StarFighters76 has created is impressive, but the number of players he’s helped through more than 300 games may be even more so. For nearly 20 years, StarFighters76 has been posting maps to GameFAQs, one of the few surviving institutions from the ’90s…

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a collection aside

Optimistic enough to book a hostel, but realistic enough not to book flights, MEGHANN O’NEILL had to cancel her plans to attend PAX Australia for the second consecutive year, due to Covid-19. She invited Australian and New Zealand developers into her living room for Zoom interviews, and was impressed by the breadth and quality of what was on offer in 2021. This year’s assistant, MAE UDARBE, documented around 40 games over six hours and (somehow) wants to come back for more (hopefully in person) next year. In this collection you’ll find that no genre is repeated. Many of the games are unique, hybrid or uncategorisable, in terms of genre, too. Keep up the great work, ANZ developers! BLUEBERRY DEVELOPER Mellow Games PRICE TBA AVAILABILITY TBA WEBSITE https://mellow-games.com/games/blueberry/ I’m sure I’ve said this before,…