MAXIM New Zealand October 2021

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miss gentle

Congratulations on your sensational MAXIM feature, Georgina. How do you feel? It’s always been a goal of mine to be a part of this magazine, so I’m feeling very excited and honoured. This was just one of those photo shoots where everything went so smoothly, from start to finish. Everyone was vibing, the energy was great, we had some Lil Baby and Drake playing and it was just a really productive day! “I love someone who is confident, considerate, funny, not afraid to banter with me and playful.” Well, you look amazing! When do you think you are at your sexiest? Thank you! It sounds cliché but I feel sexiest when I’m in some matching lingerie that fits my body perfect. There’s also something really sexy about being in some bikinis, wet hair with…

9 min
dune a look into a world without snow

Every skier lives for face shots. Face shots of that crisp, fluffy, buttery, white stuff. Face shots that send grown-ups back into their childhood selves with hoots and hollers. Face shots that transform men and women into complete animals! Hounds; local legend powder hounds! But what if, in the near future, we completely lose that? What if someday we’re living in a world where that fluffy white stuff gets replaced by SAND?! Tragically, that dystopian future might not be as far off as you think. The facts are there: the Earth is warming at alarming rates. June 2021 was the hottest month in recorded history in North America, and just last month Sicily reported a temperature of 48 degrees Celsius, making that the warmest temperature recorded in Europe EVER. While summers…

1 min
wade who?

Wade Holland is an adventure personality, award-winning filmmaker and popular multi-channel content creator. He has developed, produced and starred in creative content and advertising campaigns for major networks and multi-national brands while his original content has won accolades including GoPro Awards, Emmy nominations and air time across global networks. A former competitive freestyle skier originally from Montana, Wade’s lust for life has led him from snow-capped slopes to capturing and creating his own content. After winning TNT’s adventure reality show, 72 Hours, Wade built his own content shop, spotlighting original series and telling the stories around the adventure sphere. In the relentless pursuit to get more people off the couch and out into nature, Wade has fully devoted himself to creating content that helps make the outdoors more approachable and inclusive, while…

3 min
a new frontier

“ALL GREAT ACHIEVEMENTS, CREATIONS AND CHANGES START WITH AN IDEA.” As it rolled onto the tarmac of Spaceport America, Virgin Galactic’s newest vessel for cosmic travel revealed itself to the planet. Towed by an exclusive Astronaut Edition Range Rover, the gleaming hull of the VSS Imagine caught the reflections of the surrounding sky in brilliant azure hues. This mirror-like livery isn’t just for thermal protection, mind you, but to catch the eye and impress upon the viewer what is possible for humanity. One thing was evident upon its reveal: we are looking at the future. Dubbing themselves “the world’s first commercial spaceline,” it’s clear Virgin Galactic boasts no small goals, and VSS Imagine is their next step in conquering the heavens. As the first of the next generation SpaceShip III class of…

3 min
arabian knight

“GEORGE BROUGH’S FIRST ‘SUPERIOR’ MOTORCYCLE WAS BUILT AS A BESPOKE, HANDMADE ALTERNATIVE” The final ten Brough Superior SS100 motorcycles were made in 1940, the last of a very special breed. That is until 2008, when the grandson of a British bespoke tailor, Mark Upham, acquired and consolidated the Brough trademarks. Perhaps Upham’s grandfather and George Brough had sold complementary outfits to the same clients— the forebears of those in the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, and every suited racer today. Upham went about resurrecting Brough in its original spirit, with an initial bespoke recreation of the racing version of the Superior SS100 Pendine, dubbed the SS101 and available to order for a cool US$250,000. He then sold on the Brough rights for motorcycles to Thierry Henriette, who set up BSM (Brough Superior Motorcycles)…

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rise above

Produced in China, the Ehang 184 is an electric aerial vehicle (EAV) that won't only be used as an air taxi — but also for tourism, logistics, and medical assistance. Whatever the reason, the drone can be booked and boarded through an app. Made from aeronautical-grade aluminium and composite carbon fibre panels, this gull winged mega drone has an air-conditioned cabin for two passengers, ample luggage space — and free wifi once you fill out a survey. A computer visual system onboard ensures accurate electrical vertical take-off and landing (VTOL), reducing the need for excessive maneuvering. Four arms and eight propellers offer lift while eight motors packing 106 kW propel the 184 to a max speed of 100 km/h, and max altitude of 500 metres. A full charge can deliver 23 minutes…