MAXIM New Zealand July 2021

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evie mcclelland

iller photo shoot, Evie. Congrats on your first MAXIM Australia feature. How do you feel? I am so honoured, excited and thrilled to be featured! As such a reputable and inspiring magazine, MAXIM has always been one of my major goals for modelling and I’m just over the moon! Well, you look absolutely gorgeous. When do you feel sexy? I honestly feel sexiest on set. Shooting is my passion and what I love. When I am surrounded by supportive, creative and inspiring people, it’s just so uplifting. What is your best asset? Physically, it would have to be my legs. Which is so ironic, because during all of high school I didn’t like them – they made me so tall compared to everyone. Now I wear heels and want them to be even longer. Otherwise,…

3 min

Any high-net-worth individual can buy a speedboat to cruise on tropical waters, that’s just pedestrian. So how do you truly make a statement — how does one set themselves apart from these commoners? Simply procure a vessel that can skim both on and under water. That’s the unique selling point of SubSea Craft’s visionary hybrid watercraft, the Victa. Titled a Diver Delivery Unit (DDU), the Havant, England company’s carbon fiber vessel uses a modified 725 hpplus Seatek diesel engine to slice over water at speeds up to 40 knots, offering all the high-velocity joys of a speedboat. The categorical difference with the Victa being that if you want to submerge — you know, to dive across a coral reef, peruse an octopus’s garden, or maybe release divers for a secret mission to…

2 min
electric dream

There are many unique pieces in the Ferrari museum. The Ferrari SF90 Stradale marks a new era once more, emulating Benjamin Franklin and Nikola Tesla to harness electricity for the greater good of all supercars. Luckily, you’re not required to have owned a Ferrari before being ‘eligible’ to own one. With technology only ever seen in production capacity in Honda’s NSX, the three electric motors sit between the one twin-turbocharged V8 and the new eight-speed, dual-clutch transmission to give the Stradale 745 kW of Italian boost which owns any piece of straight road. It handles the trickiest corners with composure too — thanks to the torque-vectoring front e-motors. Switching to Hybrid mode is like entering a new realm of automotive performance. Alternatively, hitting the Manettino switch on the steering wheel into Wet…

1 min
paradigm plus

It didn’t take long for the electric car community to tackle the issue of range anxiety, but the stigma associated with lengthy charging times still exists. Now a San Diego startup named Aptera thinks they have the solution, in the form of a three-wheeled electric car called the Paradigm Plus - that they claim never needs charging. With a range of more than 1,600 km, the Plus has help from above, able to top up via solar power while parked — making the tech on Tesla’s Model S and Model X seem ancient. Looking like a small road plane with the wings missing — the carbon fibre, kevlar and hemp body is designed with extreme aerodynamics and futuristic LED lights, with no less than 180 solar panels located on its body…

3 min
silver dream

Storming out of the mist comes a hand-formed aluminum missile. Created by a mind bent upon rediscovering the analogue beauty of post-WWII streamlined racers, and hand made with an attention to detail only a man possessed of a passion to learn can muster. Christopher Rünge was once a professional snowboarder. But at 26 he found himself standing looking at a 1967 Porsche 912 in a barn in North Dakota. And eyeing with surprise the myriad parts and tools used for machining metal that surrounded it. He had found his new calling in life; and it wasn’t the 912. He had decided instead to take the tools and build his own cars. Rünge is the definition of an autodidact. Everything he knows about building cars, and the tools and machines he has amassed…

4 min
stronger for longer

What’s the point of being big and strong if you’re always in pain? Nobody cares about your numbers if you throw out your back every time you sneeze. And your barrel chest isn’t very impressive if you can’t lift your arms high enough to put on deodorant. Most of us start throwing around heavy shit because we want to look better, perform better and “feel” better. But more often than not, the feel better part gets lost somewhere between our ego and the squat rack. Sure, various bumps and bruises are inevitable, but training should enhance your quality of life, not detract from it. Strength and muscle are the cornerstones of resilience and longevity, and the best prehab and rehab method is smart training. You can get bigger and feel…