MAXIM New Zealand June 2021

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3 min
zillers’ killer

“LIKE A GUNMETAL JAGUAR WAITING TO JUMP INTO ITS STRIDE.” Thundering through the mist from the future, a cyborg arrives clad in a sleek armadillo-like exoskeleton. He arrives on this thing. As if BMW were still cranking out fossil-fueled bikes in 2221. And the “Zillers Thriller” is where it’s at. At least that is what this bike says to me, looking at it at a standstill planted on its bespoke pneumatics. It is like the fantastic lovechild of Terminator,Mad Max,Tron,Blade RunnerandThe Man In The High Castle. All bedecked in standard-issue Russian army matte grey atop its seamless aluminum curves. What a piece of kit. BMW Motorrad Russia commissioned and paid for it. Dmitry Golubchikov of Zillers Custom Garage in Moscow dreamed it up and built it, taking a year to turn his…

5 min
blast from the past

I’ve scored myself a ride on the Jennifer Hawkins of motorcycles. Lithe, luscious and absolutely mesmerising with legs that stretch all the way to the far side of 150 mph; she is, of course, the MV Agusta Superveloce. I’m winding her up and down a deserted highway in an alligator-filled swamp, reminiscent of a scene in a Bond movie. Pterodactyl-sized flesh-eating vultures exploding from shady mangroves into my path as I buzz past playing Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumblebee” on her three-cylinder motor. But they will need to try harder and fly a damned sight faster if they want to catch me before I arrive back at my base for the weekend. I’m chatting luxury with Dylan Austin, the President of Davidoff USA, at what should be SPECTRE’s North American…

1 min
the one andonly

“A WORK OF ART SURE, BUT ALSO QUITE AN ENGINEERING FREAK.” After previously impressing with their Psyche and Zeus electric motorcycles, Curtiss now stun with ‘The One’, a truly deceiving machine — with a saddle and tank that screams old-school and engine that is just the opposite. It may appear heavy, but it’s a modest 193 kg — light for a cruiser — thanks to its many helpings of carbon fibre. The bike’s frame uses an aircraft-inspired, digitally milled Triple Load Path monocoque, with a phallic battery case making up the backbone of the design. That large centrally mounted battery, called the Power Pak, is a 399V unit. Any wattage squeezed out of there is converted into power to the rear wheel through a toothed belt drive (no gearbox) offering instantaneous torque…

1 min
water wonder

The vision of Austrian designer Maxime Lefebvre, the Yamaha XT500 H2O is a water-powered re-imagining of the original Yamaha XT 500 — which was built from 1975 to 1981, and fitted with a four-stroke 499cc single cylinder engine, good for 160 km/h. Maxime's new design was commissioned by Yamaha back in 2016, but has taken five years to get to this prototype stage. With motors that resemble a Dyson vac, this bike loses the unsustainable fuel engine and replaces it with a closed-loop H2O engine that continually pumps water through it for power. The engine builds pressure and then shoots the pressurized water to inject it into the ‘turbine’, which then turns the rear wheel. Beyond the unusual power source, the design itself stays true enough to the original while wearing new…

2 min
to the max

“I was totally terrified. I thought nobody was ever going to buy this piece, and it was basically going to kill our company.” It turns out that Max Büsser’s fears about the MB&F HM4 (for Horological Machine) were unfounded. In 2019, the New York Times cited the radical wristwatch as one of the 10 timepieces that have shaped modern watch design. The aviationinspired HM4 was awarded Best Concept & Design Watch at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève when it debuted in 2010, and Büsser now hails the near-death experiment in watchmaking as the most important timepiece in his brand’s history. Ever since, MB&F — which stands for Max Büsser & Friends — has been a cult favorite among fans of avant-garde watch design and innovation. “The HM4 case escapes any…

3 min
all aboard the gains train

Oddly enough your body doesn’t really want to add muscle. It’s metabolically expensive and it’s costly to build and maintain. This means you probably won’t add much of it unless your body deems it to be absolutely necessary. The good news is that you can make your body deem it absolutely necessary by imposing on it enough physical stress (training) so that it is forced to adapt. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW When it comes to building muscle (hypertrophy), we could go really deep and talk about motor units, protein synthesis, mitochondria, signalling pathways etc…, but do you really need that info? Hell no. Chances are you’ll end up with paralysis by analysis. What you really need are some simple yet practical guidelines that are research-backed and proven on the gym floor. Sets…