MAXIM New Zealand January 2021

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jayde heiser

ello again, Jayde, and welcome back to MAXIM. What have you been up to since you first appeared in our pages in August 2019? Thank you so much! Gosh, that feels like so long ago now, but since then I was lucky enough to travel to New York, L.A., Miami, Mexico and Cape Town for work. I feel very grateful to have had these opportunities – especially with COVID. “For me, it’s about feeling strong and confident in your own body, not comparing yourself to others.” This is another great photo shoot. What did you love most about it? This shoot was inspired by Victoria’s Secret and shot in a really cool studio in Sydney. It was so beautiful and I love how it’s always so easy with Neil [Dixon, the photographer] – it’s…

3 min
the spider that flies

“THE EARTH AND ITS TOPOGRAPHICAL MISCHIEF MEETS THE ZENITH EXPRESSION OF ITALIAN MACHINERY PUSHED TO ITS LIMITS.” There is an unseen architecture in the universe one can discern with the correct lenses, like those alien-spotting sunglasses “Rowdy”Roddy Piper wears in They Live. An unheard symphony if you tune your ears to the right frequency. Followers of Carl Jung would call it synchronicity; the Grateful Dead faithful promise you can see this web of oneness under the spell of the right psychonutrients. But forget all that crap. You don’t need sci-fi eyewear or glands from some endangered Arizona desert toad to manifest spiritual zen — all you need is a Ferrari F8 Spider, an azure sky overhead, and a clear swath of open tarmac rolling out before you like a red carpet. This…

2 min
the new ninety

ENGINE: 1,170cc boxer flat twin TRANSMISSION: 6 speed hydraulic clutch POWER: 82 kW TORQUE: 116nM @ 6000 rpm DRY WEIGHT: 220 kg SEAT HEIGHT: 805mm FUEL CAPACITY: 17 litres Unlike Hollywood today, the custom motorbike scene is known for dismissing copy-repeat projects in favour of innovative and creative builds – with just the right amount of crazy. The craftsmanship on this BMW R nineT from Zillers Garage in Russia is a prime sample – and far from a grocery getter. Zillers Garage is run by Dmitry Golubchikov, an AMD Championship winner who gained many followers from his early Vincent bike tinkering. He mostly works assignments solo, but thanks to commission from BMW Motorrad Russia, called in reinforcements on this one. Dmitry starts out with a 2016 model R nineT, and guts it until all that’s left is motor, final…

2 min
captain nemo

U-Boat Worx has been in the business since 2005, but until Nemo, they’ve only been making made-to-order toys for the rich. The Nemo will also be an expensive toy, but it will be mass-produced, with some customisation available. Using tech from the Super Yacht Sub series, U-Boat delivers a submersible that is by far the lightest manned submarine in the world (2500 kg), and is about the size of two jet skis side by side (5-ft tall, 8-ft wide, 9-ft long), meaning it can be launched at a boat ramp or even brought to the beach. Under water, it will be able to dive to 330 feet, giving the two passengers inside the glass bubble a water view they wouldn’t get with a snorkel and flippers. It’s also got some speed and…

6 min
the return of a classic

“If you look at the high-end brands they all do the same thing. I think it is important to take good care of the history of a brand.” From the runway to the wrist, the 1970s are back, baby. Indeed, no-one is riding this nostalgia wave quite like American watchmaker Timex. “In the ’70s, there was incredible freedom of design,” says Giorgio Galli, the brand’s design director. He’s chatting to us via Zoom from his offices in Milan, Italy. As we talk, Galli and Team Timex are celebrating the success of the Q Timex reissue, which has injected the centuries-old company with newfound street cred. Since its founding in 1854 as Waterbury Watch Company, Timex has consistently found a symbolic place on the wrist of American history. Bill Clinton wearing the brand’s…

5 min
space cowboys

While the aviation industry cools its jets due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, the aerospace sector is heating up, meeting multiple milestones this year and aiming to put some wealthy travellers into orbit. Blue Origin, SpaceX, and Virgin Galactic are all gaining major momentum towards the long-awaited goal of commercial space travel. NASA meanwhile has strategically partnered with private companies to bolster America’s efforts at increasing our footprint in the final frontier. The agency’s Commercial Crew Program awarded SpaceX a multi-billion dollar contract in 2014 to get its space shuttles ready to transport NASA crew to the International Space Station. In the half-century since the Apollo 11 Moon landing, humans have made significant progress in space exploration. As the transhumanist age promises evolution beyond earth-bound decay — the era of neural augmentation and…