MAXIM New Zealand September 2020

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casey costelloe

Sensational shoot, Casey. What did you love most about it? Thanks! It was actually nice to shoot at a local beach of mine, called Spoon Bay, on the NSW Central Coast. I grew up around here and [the photographer] Neil Dixon lives close by. So, we organised the shoot just after I got back from living in L.A.. What do you think is your best asset? “WHEN I FEEL GOOD ON THE INSIDE IT GIVES ME MORE CONFIDENCE ON THE OUTSIDE.” I think physically my best asset would be my eyes – these are what most people tend to comment the most. Or maybe my olive skin – I don’t like to wear fake tan ever, but always seem to remain quite tanned naturally. Personality-wise, maybe my laid back, easy-going nature. I’m a happy…

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status update

FULL NAME: Casey Louise Costelloe BORN: November 10, 1989 HOMETOWN: Central Coast, NSW LIVES: “Sydney but I’m more of a nomad these days.” HOBBIES: “Travel, hiking, playing with my pets.” HIDDEN TALENT: “I can make a clover with my tongue?” PHOBIAS: “I can’t stand spiders and I’m also claustrophobic.” GIRL CRUSH: Miranda Kerr, she’s such a cutie and she’s Aussie!! FAVOURITE DRINK: “A Margarita, please, and thank you.” HANGOVER CURE: “Haven’t found one yet! If you find the answer, please let me know as they seem to be getting worse every year.” LIFE MOTTO: “Life is what you make it.” INSTAGRAM: @caseycostelloe…

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the visionary

Three years ago, BMW gave us the Motorrad Vision Next 100 — a bike that wouldn’t topple no matter how incompetent or amateurish its rider was. Now, the Motorrad factory gets less gimmicky and more mature with this — the Vision DC Roadster, a handmade all-electric machine with the same barrel-chested freedom-fighter look of its petrol-powered, boxer-engined cousins. In case it wasn't totally obvious, BMW is chasing down the Harley Davidson Livewire with a pure-EV, naked muscle bike of its very own. For more than 90 years, the 2 cylinder boxer engine has been a key part of BMW Motorrad's soul. Now there is a battery in place of where that legendary engine would have been — a crime or sign of the times? The team has wrapped the battery box in…

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hybrid bull

After eight epic years, the Lamborghini Aventador isn't done shocking the world, except now, it’s literal. Like the Veneno and Centenario before it, the new Sian is built off a heavily-modified Aventador — but now it's a hybrid. With a name that fittingly means "flash or lightning" in the Bolognese dialect, the Sian follows Porsche and Ferrari for some hybrid supercar treatment. But Lamborghini had scientists on the payroll, so instead of a lithium-ion battery on board, they decided to use a supercapacitor to get that launch. In the Sián, the supercapacitor has 10 times the capacity; it works on the same principle as Mazda's i-Eloop system on family sedans that are roughly one-hundredth the price. Paired up with the supercapacitor is a time tested 6.2 litre V12 shared with the Aventador…

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asymetric wonder

Citroen’s snobbier sub-brand DS Automobiles, have dusted off their crystal balls and projected 20 years into the future. By far their most extreme concept, the E-Tense is a 1000 kW front wheel drive electric machine with Formula E suspension and some seriously jaw-dropping design choices. Looking like it’s been left out in the sun or subjected to crash testing, some would call it asymmetrical, because it’s both electrically-driven and fully autonomous. DS give the driver the most extreme experience, by putting them out in the wind with an open cockpit — protected by nothing but a short angled windscreen. You can still take passengers though, the driver's scissor door is mirrored by a double-length gull wing on the passenger side, which swings open to reveal two enclosed passenger ‘cocoons’. It seems…

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the young man and the sea

As Boris Herrmann prepares for next year’s Vendée Globe, an around-the-world solo, non-stop sailing regatta, he doesn’t sugarcoat the challenges he faces. The German racing sailor, who perhaps understands the dangers and difficulties better than anyone, refers to the roughly three-month ordeal as the “Everest of the sea.” Except rather than being surrounded by teammates and Sherpas who can assist in the event of difficulty or disaster, Herrmann will be all alone in the middle of the world’s most expansive and unpredictable oceans. Circumnavigating the globe by sea, first achieved by the Magellan-Elcano expedition in 1522, is one of the rare achievements that doesn’t appear to have gotten much easier in the centuries since, despite advances in technology, meteorology, communication and navigation. Especially when it’s attempted solo, a daunting challenge of…