MAXIM New Zealand June 2020

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baby face

Chase Carter, the 22-year-old model with pool-blue eyes, golden hair, and a baby face, muses, “I think it was all the wake surfing I did,” by way of explaining the hoarse voice she came home with from a trip to Sardinia for a UNICEF gala. We’re speaking by phone on a late summer afternoon. “And not showering after I got out of the ocean and keeping my swimsuit on all day — the stuff that your parents tell you to stay away from when you’re a kid and you don’t listen to them.” Such are the common workplace hazards for the Bahamian beauty, who is now based in New York City but spends much of her year on white-sand beaches the world over. “It’s so funny. I don’t recall going to…

3 min
catch her if you can

It’s possible you don’t know who Alex Hirschi is, but in today’s social media-dominated world, there’s almost no doubt that you’ve heard of her professional handle, Supercar Blondie. The Australian-born, Dubai-living former radio personality has built her fanbase of around 14 million combined followers on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, on her passion for speed and the enthusiasm she brings to her videos and posts. It would be easy for a cynic to assume it’s the “Blondie” side of the persona that has attracted her legions of followers, but the truth is Hirschi stands apart from the horde of influencers and enthusiasts because of her genuine passion for sharing supercars with the world. She initially used her journalism degree to land a job in Dubai as a radio host. Soon, she discovered…

3 min
not-so-mellow yellow

For over half a century the DBS designation has been applied to the vehicles at the “pinnacle of the Aston Martin production range,” as the iconic British marque puts it. Now Nicolas Bijan, owner of the legendary Beverly Hills-based menswear and lifestyle brand House of Bijan — recently relocated to a new, larger location on Rodeo Drive — has collaborated with them on the ultimate custom DBS, with the first one finished in his signature shade of yellow. Based on the new DBS Superleggera, with a 5.2-litre V12 twinturbo engine that produces an amazing 715 hp, and customised in partnership with the brand’s Q by Aston Martin bespoke personalization service, the limited edition grand tourer was unveilled at a special gathering of global Bijan and Aston Martin collectors during Monterey Car…

4 min
silver dream

Massimo Tamburini’s limited edition Bimotas are legendary. Constructed in Rimini, Italy using Japanese superbike innards cannibalised from brand new bikes then shoehorned into superior frames with visionary aesthetics. Also responsible for designing the Ducati 916, and the MV Agusta F4, Tamburini was an icon. In the Top Trumps game of cards the Bimota was always the most expensive piece of kit. Which made sense, given they threw away most of a brand new bike to make every one. Today, if you are looking for an exotic and beautiful beast of a bike like a Bimota your list will be short. Right at the very top with a star will be someone who shares more than a few things in common with Tamburini. His name is Walt Siegl. And for a cool…

2 min
big red

A summer’s day in Provence. Lazy afternoon sun. Lavender fields as far as the eye can see. A sweet floral haze tasting of aquamarine and purple. Black sticky tarmac lanes. And a whiff of perfectly burned high octane fuel. Crisp. Metallic. Rich and oily. The glow of an engine block shimmering in the heat. I wake up. And yet, there was more. Something beautiful. Spellbinding. Toned. Sleek. Curvaceous. And fast. God may have invented fast bikes. But deBolex Engineering, a two-man custom motorcycle builder based in Croydon, England, created this. An experience so ethereal no mere mortal could resist. I say experience, as to describe their Ducati 803 as “ just” a motorcycle is to describe Elle Macpherson as “ just” a girl. They are Pininfarina. Or Zagato. For deBolex do not…

8 min
covid-19 how to beat the social recession

At this stage of the social isolation game, you may have noticed an obvious divide emerging among your friends. As distancing and self-imposed quarantine wear on and workplaces begin staggering employees in-office days to cope with regulations, the COVID-19 outbreak has left many people feeling alone and detached in ways never thought possible. Some of us respond by hunkering down into cosy domesticity: baking banana bread, reading books or taking long baths alongside a trusty IPA. Others challenge themselves to return from seclusion with inflated muscles and a spray tan in a show of over-exercise meets ‘whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger’. And yet by this stage, more and more of us are beginning to fray: Zooming with friends (or colleagues that you previously wouldn’t have given any attention to)…