MAXIM New Zealand April 2020

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6 min
shaik, rattle & roll

In a world that suddenly seems overpopulated with “supermodels,” there’s only one Shanina Shaik; her striking hazel eyes casting a seductive gaze, her flawless skin a glowing bronze with a dusting of freckles, the unmistakable exoticism that sets her apart from the rest of the beautiful people. Despite her booming success, Shaik’s diverse background — an Australian-Lithuanian mother and a Pakistani-Saudi father — wasn’t always an asset. While her striking features are celebrated and desired by designers today, early on in her career, her uncertain ethnicity was a bit of a hindrance. “At times being so mixed hindered me from getting jobs as clients couldn’t place me in a ‘category’ of race,” Shaik tells MAXIM, “which I thought was absurd and really unfortunate.” Thankfully those days are behind her, and Shaik…

6 min
the last crusade

The sun is torrid and there is no breeze. The entire world feels like an oven set on broil, merciless and angry. And yet we’re grinning idiotically like drunks with bellies full of the good stuff. The reason for our joy is simple: we’re driving high-tech 4x4s through an ancient, rugged landscape. It’s like a cheat code of mechanical differentials, burly body-on-frame fortitude and petrol engines so big they can swallow the nearby cliffs. The thrill is hard to articulate. Barrelling down an open swathe of Arab desert, the pedal is floored as the world opens up before us. All around the cliffs of Wadi Rum, some spiraling almost 3,000-feet into the sky, rise from the red soil like sentries. The sun is about to set over Jordan, hovering not too…

5 min
the kings of custom

Spike Lee (pictured right) and Lenny Kravitz are not ordinary men, nor would we ever expect them to wear ordinary watches. To say that they are individuals who put their unique stamp on everything they touch is understating the case. Even a rare vintage Rolex Daytona would be a bit too quotidian a timepiece for a pair of idiosyncratic geniuses and true icons who have had such a profound effect on our culture. A unique, bespoke Rolex Daytona with one-of-a-kind design details that acts as both an homage to classic watchmaking and a contemporary expression of timekeeping, however, is the perfect accessory. Of course, there are very few horological design houses that could, or would, carry out such a commission. Bamford Watch Department and MAD Paris spring to mind. But there…

2 min
road warrior

No American-made car has won first overall at the 24 Hours of Le Mans since Ford’s legendary sweep from 1966 to 1969 with its iconic GT40s. Former film writer, director and Wall Street money manager Jim Glickenhaus has made no secret that he plans to change that, and the new Glickenhaus 007 from his Sleepy Hollow, New York-based Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus marque might just make it happen. The FIA Endurance Commission, a joint venture by Le Mans governing bodies FIA and ACO, has announced that racing variants of road-legal hypercars will compete in the replacement of its top LMP1 prototype class starting in September 2020, opening the field to the likes of SCG. Glickenhaus, a world-class Ferrari collector before he got into the manufacturing game, is best known for commissioning the…

1 min
the bentley exp100 gt

Nothing says look at me luxury quite like excessive, sickening amounts of space, which is why Bentley’s 100th birthday present to itself is viewable from the moon. In a very un-Bentley-like live stream, Bentley revealed their EXP 100 GT Coupe concept to the world — dedicated to their milestone and their egos. It's large, luxurious and on brand at 5.79 metres and 1899 kg — but unlike its bros, it's entirely electric. But despite being petrol-less, it has enough power to haul to 100 km/h in only 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 300 km/h. Battery range is good for about 729 km. One major can't-look-away-from focus point is that massive grille, which isn't actually a grille at all — because of all the electric-ness. Its purpose is to display and…

3 min
guess who’s back from the dead?

Resident Evil 3, it’s redoing the whole game with a modern spin... Capcom is on a run with its revered survivalhorrorseries Resident Evil. After some so-so action-focused games in the early 2010s, it went back to its horror basics in 2017’s virtual reality enabled Resident Evil 7: Biohazzard. It was excellent! Then Capcom surprised everyone in 2019 with a remake of Resident Evil 2, which was so well done it crept its ways into many “best games of the year” lists. So, unsurprisingly, Capcom has woken yet another one of its favourite monsters from slumber. Now bare-boned HD re-releases is something we’ve seen a lot of lately. A few modern conveniences and an HD polish is nice, but it doesn’t make a game feel new. The Resident Evil 2 remake, however, went…