MAXIM New Zealand January 2020

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she’s back, back again… the casey files

SINCE I LAST APPEARED IN MAXIM I HAVE BEEN… busier than ever! The past 12 months have been wild. I’ve settled into my new life in the U.S. and have been travelling around the world working nonstop. Having said this, I am so glad to be home and very excited you are having me back for another feature! Thank you, MAXIM! SO. MUCH. LOVE. THE BEST THING ABOUT THIS MAXIM SHOOT IS… it’s different to my previous MAXIM shoots. Neil [Dixon, photographer] and I have shot a handful of times together and every time we do a photo shoot we try to do something bigger and better than the last time. This time around we managed to find a European-inspired location on the NSW Central Coast, and it was gorgeous. WHEN I’M…

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status update

FULL NAME: Casey Renee Boonstra HOMETOWN: Cronulla, NSW LIVES: Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. BORN: May 25, 1993 FIVE-WORD SELF-DESCRIPTION: “Energetic, spontaneous, generous, adaptable, grounded.” HIDDEN TALENT: “I can backflip into the splits in heels!” GO-TO DRINK: “Moscow Mule.” HANGOVER CURE: “Sleep it off, eat, drink water, cold shower... if that all fails, have another drink — it helps.” LIFE MOTTO: “Stay focused on your dreams and appreciate the little things. Give without remembering, take without forgetting.” INSTAGRAM: @caseboon…

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the next evolution in aston zagato design

When Italian design house Zagato turned 100 this year they didn’t get a letter from the queen. Instead, they celebrated and collaborated with one of their closest paisanos: Aston Martin, and gifted the world the DBS GT Zagato supercar. Based on the DBS Superleggera, the next evolution in Aston Zagato design is well apparent here, though signature touches such as the double-bubble roof remain. Now carbon fibre, that roof flows from the front wraparound windshield to the rear. Problem is there is no rear windshield. The solution? A digital rearview mirror. Finishing off the exterior is a wide dynamic grille, made up of 108 (we counted) diamond-shaped carbon fibre pieces that remain in place when the car is parked, and open up when the engine sparks up. Said engine is the flagship…

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the silent assassin

By now, if you're not aware of Droog Moto’s dark post-apocalyptic themed style, you should hand in your trench coat. Their bikes are characterized by a rugged exterior, chunky tyres and a riding position that’s as aggressive as a New York cabbie. This time however, the two person team has produced a custom one-off that is loud in every way except its engine. Droog’s builds have become so popular they’ve begun producing limited series production custom motorcycles for picky riders worldwide. The Silent Assassin E-Scrambler, is one such example. Commissioned by an unknown customer, the ride runs off a Brammo Empulse R base, with a water-cooled permanent magnet AC motor. Predictably, it produces electro power figures of 40 kW; surprisingly though, the battery drives a six-speed transmission. That battery is connected to a…

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all-in-one automation

In case you hadn’t noticed, everyone’s an expert on predictions when it comes to future autonomous driving technology. One of the better thought out projections is shared, on-demand vehicles taking over car ownership. Before Uber monopolises the concept, Jaguar hopes to get a leg up with their Future-Type Concept. The Future-Type combines electric power, advanced AI, autonomous capabilities, social sharing, and on-demand ride summoning - all within their Jaguar brand of refinement. You’d be forgiven for not recognizing if this thing is actually a Jaguar though. Gone are the traditionally sleek lines from the F-Type or the classic E-Type, instead, the design is straight up futuristic transportation pod from a sci-fi flick. At the core of Jaguar’s new concept though, is the steering wheel. Dubbed ‘Sayer’ after the designer of the original E-Type,…

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star wars: the end of an era

FINN John Boyega The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and now The Rise of Skywalker feature the new generation. How does it feel to have that progressive responsibility on your shoulders? In The Last Jedi the characters were split apart and going through their own individual issues in a way. But then this one wraps it up in a nice, red, bow because when you go back to The Force Awakens you realise everything has led to this moment. It felt nice to stand there with Daisy [Ridley] and Oscar [Isaac] on this one, representing the three main characters in this story. It’s a blessing and an honour. What was the toughest sequence you did for The Rise of Skywalker? The horseback riding. It’s not tough, but just knowing if it goes wrong — it…