MAXIM New Zealand September 2019

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maxim australia 8th birthday

A huge night was had by all at the MAXIM Australia 8th Birthday party, brought to you by Air Locker Training, at Flamingo Lounge in Potts Point, Sydney. Over 800 VIP guests celebrated our truly amazing eight years of existence as a swag of sexy women including MAXIM birthday cover girl Olivia Caneva, Kyle Sandilands’ girl Imogen Anthony, former MAXIM Australian Swimwear Models of the Year Yana Vozharovskaya and Jemm Moore and a plethora of reality TV hotties (and their male co-stars) from The Bachelor in Paradise,Married At First SightandLove Islandpartied on until the wee hours. As did those Crusty Demons lads and a bunch of Aussie influencers! A massive special thanks to all our brilliant sponsors who made it the evening possible, especially Air Locker Training, Beach Bondi Beer,…

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kira dikhtyar

Tell us about your career as a profesional gymnast, Kira. I started practicing gymnastics at the age of six, professionally began competing from 11 and became a member of the Russian national team at the age of 13. “I DIDN’T THINK ABOUT A MODELLING CAREER UNTIL AFTER I QUIT COMPETING IN GYMNASTICS.” What is something most people wouldn’t know about you? That I finished special school for professional athletes, with gold medals in Academics, and earned a scholarship in Moscow State University – the best university in Russia. How did you get into modelling? When I was a kid I never dreamed of becoming a fashion model, I was competing in rhythmic gymnastics and wanted to become a coach. While I was training, I was chosen by my team to pose for magazines and sporting brands.…

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bird of prey

You know you’re a supreme supercar when you make your competitors look like a Toyota Camry. Milan Red, created by Austrian start up Milan Automotive, takes its name from the bird of prey (not the Italian city). It possesses 1,325 horsepower and weighs only 1,300 kg, meaning it has one horsepower per kilogram — the sexiest ratio known to car builders. This explosion of energy is the result of the 6.2 litre V8 Quad Turbo rear drive, operating without any electric support and developed by AVL Racing, a premium supplier of Formula One, Nascar, and Formula E racing no less. The wishbones of the Milan Red will be manufactured wholly from carbon — an actual first in the history of street-legal cars. But perhaps the wildest add-on: an interior visualization of the…

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super zero

ENGINE ZForce 75-10 electric TRANSMISSION Clutchless direct drive POWER 82 kW CURB WEIGHT 226 kg TOP SPEED 195 km/h SEAT 787mm PRICE $18,995 Known as the Tesla of motorbikes, Zero Motorcycles has announced the latest addition to its electric lineup —and it comes packing specs. The 2020 SR/F offers an air-cooled motor that can easily spark up 82 kW and 140 pound-feet of torque. All this plus a top speed of 195 km/h and 260 km of travel on a single charge may keep the haters away. So far, so impressive, but Zero also has some add-ons for those who are always looking to upsize their meal. An additional power tank can be purchased if you need that extra 25% of range, and a lightning quick one-hour charging option is available with the premium model. The premium model also has heated handlebars, for those looking…

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citroen’s calm, clear and cool... conceptual creation

Citroen have provided the world with some of the craziest, most out-there concept cars imaginable. Their previous effort was the boxy Ami One — a soul-less, industrial-looking electric city minibus. With the 19_19 concept, though, there is more room for open-road feels once the autonomous driving mode is switched off and you hook into the corners yourself. Put together for the VivaTech Paris Expo, the most glaring feature is the oversized 30-inch rims, with spongy paper-thin tyres designed to help reduce road noise and increase driver win. If that wasn’t enough, the ‘Progressive Hydraulic Cushion’ active suspension system virtually creates a floating cabin, sensing the road ahead through, umm, sensors, that allow a bump-free ride. Because the entire body is made from glass — or something glassy — you can look down…

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rapid drop

There’s no way to win this battle. Gravity always comes out on top. As Aniol Serrasolses paddles closer and closer to the rushing edge of a monstrous waterfall, he passes the point of no return and his fate is sealed… he’s going over the precipice. You or I would likely be overwhelmed by the natural fear that comes with a death-defying drop from heights of 100 feet or more, but for Serrasolses, it’s a moment of clarity, a few seconds of purity and absolute focus. The world around him doesn’t exist. It’s just him, his kayak and the hope that his skill, experience and planning are sufficient to let him float away safely after an epic descent. It may look like insanity, or even a death wish, but for Serrasolses, it’s…