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January 2022

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4 min
getting to know... brianna mellon

Ridiculously hot MAXIM photo shoot, Brianna, congrats. Thank you! I feel proud. I loved this shoot so much and couldn’t think of a better place for it to be featured. I loved the whole vibe – the day before the shoot I watch the movie Blue Lagoon with Brooke Shields and I was very inspired. The day was relaxed and fun, minimal effort. Neil [Dixon, photographer] is always able to capture me feeling naturally confident and sexy. When do you feel sexy? I feel at my sexiest when I get back from the beach. Something about the salt in my hair and heat coming off my skin really gets me feeling sensual. What is your best asset? “Something about the salt in my hair and heat coming off my skin really gets me feeling sensual.” Probably…

2 min
evolution theory

In a world adjusting to a new normal, Lamborghini’s latest may be proving the theory of evolution correct. The latest model in their arsenal is the Sian Roadster — an open-top hybrid that is the industry’s first use of a supercapacitor in a supercar. Similar to something Doc Brown would install in the Delorean. Lambo's familiar naturally aspirated 6.5 litre V12 has once again been called upon. This time around, it receives assistance from a 48-volt electric motor that provides an additional 34 horsepower on top of the V12's 785 horses. The lithium-ion battery pack, however, has been dismissed in favour of a supercapacitor. Located between the cockpit and engine it stores 10 times the power and ensures a power-to-weight ratio of 1.0 kg/hp. The design is inspired by the legendary Countach from…

1 min
the badgal

Do you like your yachts incredibly luxurious or extremely high-performance? With the latest superyacht from Officina Armare - the BadGal - you can have it all, as she has equal elements of both. Listed as the studio’s fastest vessel to date, it lives up to its name with a badass attitude whether sailing or anchored. But this BadGal is no poser, Officina’s fiesty DNA is still present and the sports twin 12V 4000CM93L engines make her unusually fast for her size (141 feet), hitting speeds in excess of 50 km/h. Unlike a displacement yacht, she rides on top of the water, not through it, thanks to the planing hull. Inside, there is luxury over three sexy decks, with the massive master cabin unsurprisingly located at the main deck’s bow, while four…

1 min

The automotive world is entering into an interesting transition. Vehicles are moving off carbon-based fuels, and autonomous driving is (unfortunately) trending. Nissan has decided to look beyond these transitions though — 30 years beyond — with the Nissan GT-R (X) 2050 concept, designed by Nissan design intern Jaebum Choi. Wearing a futuristic racing-style suit and large backpack; you pop the top of the GTR-X and slip in, lying flat on your belly with arms and legs spread in an X-pattern. This position allows for good low-drag aerodynamics, much like the early Roborace cars, but it's pretty ordinary for looking out the windscreen. So there's no windscreen, and no work for the guys at the intersection with their squeegees. The drivers vision is simulated through the helmet via the vehicles camera. Human and…

10 min
the last test

In early November 2002, as the Australian team prepared for the 2002–3 Ashes series, Steve Waugh had a feeling the selectors wanted the series to be his last. I had a feeling too. Possibly, the whole of Australia did. The rot had set in eight months earlier when the selectors, headed by Trevor Hohns, dropped Steve Waugh as Australia’s one-day captain. Hohns had been sensitive about exactly where to let Waugh know he’d been axed. He thought it would be a little harsh to give him the bad news in his hotel room on the day of the 2002 Allan Border Medal. So he had tried to do the deed the day before in Devonport, as Waugh waited to go in to bat for NSW in a limited-overs clash against Tasmania. Hohns…

4 min
thor workout the director’s cut

Coming from a culture where we make fun of ourselves a lot — yep, both the big guy and I are kiwi — the one thing that most definitely wasn’t a joke was Taika Waititi’s training regime while in Australia directing the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. I caught up with his local trainer and co-founder of TRAIN VERCE, Wade Farmer, who gave me the ins and outs of his workouts with the Marvel “overlord”. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Just watching Taika’s movies gives you an idea of exactly how high energy the man is. He writes, directs and stars in almost everything he does, so there’s no such thing as a short day on set. For Taika, who also plays the role ofKorg in Thor: Love and Thunder, these training…