October 2021

It’s jam-packed with fun including movie news, gaming goss, comics and stacks of puzzles, quizzes, activities and posters. Every issue is themed around something special, be it superheroes, videogames or even K-Zoner favourites like pranks and jokes.

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october what’s on

GET INTO 1st International Day for the Elderly 1st World Smile Day 2nd World Card Making Day 2nd World Farm Animals Day 5th Do Something Nice Day 5th World Teacher Day 11th It’s My Party Day 12th Moment of Frustration Day 15th Bosses Day 16th Dictionary Day 21st Count Your Buttons Day 23rd Make a Difference Day 25th International Artist Day 27th Black Cat Day 29th Frankenstein Friday 30th Mischief Night 31st Halloween HAPPY BIRTHDAY 1st Brie Larson, AKA Captain Marvel 3rd Tessa Thompson, AKA Valkyrie 5th Jacob Tremblay, AKA Luca 9th Jacob Batalon, AKA Ned Leeds 15th K-Zoner Aston 19th Jon Favreau, AKA Happy Hogan 25th Squidward 31st Letitia Wright, AKA Shuri SCHOOL 5th Back to school in ACT, NSW, Qld and Vic 11th Back to school in NT, SA, Tas and WA OH AND... 11th November issue of K-Zone out in Australia (November 1 in New Zealand)…

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loot zone

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures MEGA Construx Hot Wheels Original Racers Build your own Hot Wheels race car and rev into action! There are four Original Racers to collect – each comes with a buildable vehicle and poseable micro action figure driver. LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts: Polyjuice Potion Mistake Recreate Harry, Ron and Hermione's second year adventures at Hogwarts with this LEGO set! The set includes an exclusive Golden Harry Potter minifig, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of LEGO Harry Potter! Collect Funko Pop! Vinyl versions of characters, like Shang-Chi, Katy, Wenwu, Jiang Li and more from the new Marvel movie, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings! There are multiple versions of Shang-Chi and Katy figures to collect, and this isn’t even the complete collection!…

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get your build on this page!

Congrats to this month’s ScreenSpace artists! You have scored your own copy of In The Car Activity Book! We Want YOU! Have you made something AMAZING on your computer, console, tablet or phone? To be in ScreenSpace, visit www.kzone.com.au and click on ‘Be in K-Zone’! Go to ‘ScreenSpace’ to submit your epic gaming screenshot, coding creation and digital artwork. Remember K-Zoners, it’s all about protecting your identity. Be a safe gamer and don’t talk to anyone online who you don’t know for real.…

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yo collecta

HECTIC HOARDER OF THE MONTH Name: Lewis Collects: Space Jam merch Squad star: Lewis has been collecting Space Jam gear for over six months now, ever since watching the original Space Jam movie from 1996 for the first time! Lewis loved the epic movie and was so excited to see Space Jam: A New Legacy with LeBron James and the Tune Squad this year! Lewis’ favourite character is LeBron James, because he is also one of Lewis’ fave NBA players! THIS MONTH’S COOL COLLECTABLE GIFT! New members are joining your squad Lewis! We're sending you the Spalding Space Jam: A New Legacy Basketball, with a Space Jam: A New Legacy Sylvester and Tweety Pop! Vinyl! Collect something cool? Consider yourself a mega fan? Tell us all about it at…

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sonic domination

SONIC THEMES Sonic Colours: Ultimate is an out of this world amusement park, that has been deliberately built to slow down Sonic’s speedy ways. However, do you really think there’s any chance of that actually happening? Naaah! Whisk around rescuing Wisps in Sonic’s rad red-hot kicks. GOLD RINGS Sonic at the Olympic Games – Tokyo 2020 takes the famously fast feet and combines ‘em with fast finger-tapping mobile gaming! Grab gold medals in over 15 Olympic events. Plus, do it all at peak pace while saving host city Tokyo from baddie Doctor Eggman. MARIO VS SONIC Normally, Sonic can run (golden) rings around his running mate, Mario, but the Blue Blur has to slow down in Mario + Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Y’know, to keep things fair when chasing those gold medals! SONIC…

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ultimate sonic master

KZ : Hi Takashi! What are you responsible for as Sonic Studio Creative Officer? T: My role is to check the quality of products and creative work related to Sonic and make sure all of the products are true to Sonic. In addition to games, I check comics, animation shows, movies, apparel, and more. I work with teams on creating the concepts, coordinating with the development team, checking interim deliverables and promotion partnerships, from the beginning until the release. KZ : You started as a game designer! What was the hardest thing about that role? T: Thinking about games is fun work, but actually making a game fun is a big challenge. You work with programmers, artists, and many more people to make a game, so if your idea isn’t fun, the work…