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Issue 1 - 2019

InCar Entertainment is the only Australian magazine for car audio enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates good sound and on-road entertainment. Each issue combines great photography with expert coverage on DIY installation techniques as well as reviews of in-car audio visual products and technologies.

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alpine halo9

Alpine innovation continues with the unique design of the Halo9, delivering a revolutionary 9” high-definition touch-screen that fits directly into any dash with a 1DIN or 2DIN slot. The iLX-F309E brings a large screen to a variety of vehicles without the need for custom installation, the super-slim display hovers over the dashboard providing a sleek and classy look. Equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto you have a multitude of smartphone options available, you can get directions, make calls, send and receive messages and listen to music all in a way that allows you to maintain full focus on the road. Users can control elements of their smartphone through the 9″capacitive display or activate Siri and Voice Recognition for minimised distraction. Enjoy all your favourite audio with a limitless amount of options…

7 min
playing the joker

So… let’s say you’re a major fan of Heath Ledger, of Batman and the Joker, you like your grumpy V8 utes, loud music and car shows? How might you roll all that together in one impeccable mean machine? Read on! ‘WHY SO SERIOUS?’ Sam Halter’s LS1 VE Ute covers all the bases, and then some, as the car is regularly driven on the street, in addition to being show-ready, with its dark Ledger-Joker custom paint theme and a dual system ready for performance from the rear tray system. It competes at events and car shows from Tamworth, Grafton and Lismore out to Warwick and Toowoomba (that’s a lot of squished bugs) and she has more than 20 various trophies to weigh down her garage cabinetry, including Queensland Overall State Champion Ute, and…

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queen of clubsports

There are many different types of custom cars — just like there are many different types of custom car owner. Often, however, car and owner fall neatly into a describable category — street, sleeper, modified, JDM, drift, drag, show, daily… unfinished project… or plain ol’ crazy. And while crazy is certainly a notable element throughout the build of ‘IRRIT8’, this is a vehicle which crosses into other groups; it refuses to be pigeonholed. And we like that. Take a gander at the full selection of pix here, and you will see what we mean. What’s more, this beast is owned, and has been built, by a woman. Pertinent to its design? Hard to judge; colour-scheme aside, we reckon few hardened car showgoers would pick its owner when they see this showpiece coming…

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rodeo drive

You’d be hard pressed to slip even a business card under the chassis of this Rodeo – it has been lowered that much. But of course, that’s not been done willy-nilly here. The entire car shines brightly in the world of design and customisation, with a full rebuild inside and a comprehensive restyle on the outside, while the engine and suspension have been reengineered. And the all-important audio kit has not been neglected either. BODY BUILDING So strategies, feature adaptations and work aplenty has gone into this build. The car has been dropped by three inches, the roof line chopped by two and a half. The front guard indicators were shaved; the tray sides were shaved and smoothed; the wheel arches were pumped. Front bumpers from the Rodeo and a custom 1960…

10 min
the home versus the car a study in acoustics

So the car environment as an acoustic setting. Good or bad? You might think bad — there’s a whole heap of road noise for one thing, and you’re limited in where you can position your speakers for another. Tweeters down in the door? Subwoofer in an unmoveable boot position? Your home hi-fi lover will see only these limitations compared to their big room of audio joy at home. But but but! Talk to those who design loudspeakers, and you can get a different story. For starters the car environment is broadly predictable. If you’re designing home speakers, the great unknown is the room they’ll be used in — big or small, soft or hard, side walls or no side walls or one side wall?… they just don’t know. Compare this with…

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eisa awards 2018-2019

The announcement last year that EISA, then the European Imaging and Sound Association, was going global felt like an inevitability. While audio markets and sometimes models do vary around the world, consumer electronics has never been so globalised as it is today, and spreading the EISA footprint allows the organisation to deal directly with global head offices, as well as bringing in opinions from outside its European headquarters. Ours, for instance! We were invited to consider joining EISA in 2016, and agreed, knowing both the organisation and many of those already involved; we were officially enrolled as members in 2017, as the organisation rebranded itself as the Expert Imaging & Sound Association. THOSE EISA MEMBERS IN FULL… Audio & Cinema em Casa (Portugal) AUDIOreview (Italy) Australian Hi-Fi (Australia) Australian InCar (Australia) AutoSound Technical Magazine (Finland) AVPremium (Spain) Bug…