Guardian Weekly 22nd October 2021

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Harbourside commemoration The sails of the Sydney Opera House lit up with projections as part of a tribute to frontline workers and those who have been vaccinated. New South Wales was in a celebratory mood as the proportion of the state’s population who are double-jabbed reached 80 % and restrictions on social and cultural gatherings are being relaxed. The Guardian Weekly Founded in Manchester, England 4 July 1919 Guardian Weekly is an edited selection of some of the best journalism found in the Guardian and Observer newspapers in the UK and the Guardian’s digital editions in the UK, US and Australia. The weekly magazine has an international focus and three editions: global, Australia and North America. The Guardian was founded in 1821, and Guardian Weekly in 1919. We exist to hold power to account in…

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a quandary in beijing, two lives remembered, and a very british row

China’s revealed its vision for a greener future at the UN biodiversity summit in Kunming last week. But with confirmation that Xi Jin ping will not travel to the Cop26 summit in Glasgow at the end of the month, what does the president’s idea of an “ecological civilisation” really entail? It’s a notion that it seems will be hard to realise when coal still plays such a dominant role in the economy and when that economy is beset by fears that unpaid debts incurred by property behemoth Evergrande could halt its post-pandemic recovery. The big story Page 10 → Two lives that came to tragic ends very far apart are documented by Latin American correspondent Tom Phillips and our UK reporting team. Phillips follows the perilous journey made by a Brazilian nurse…

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global report

1 UNITED STATES Biden leads tributes to his ‘dear friend’ Colin Powell Joe Biden hailed “a dear friend and patriot of unmatched honour and dignity” as he led tributes to former Republican secretary of state Colin Powell, who died on Monday from complications from Covid-19, aged 84. The US president said: “As a Senator, I worked closely with him when he served as national security advisor, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, and as secretary of state. Over our many years working together – even in disagreement – Colin was always someone who gave you his best and treated you with respect.” The US secretary of state, Antony Blinken, said the world had lost an “extraordinary leader and a great man” in the retired four-star general Powell was chairman of the joint chiefs of…

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Sir David Amess Veteran British politician who worked for almost 40 years as a backbench Member of Parliament for two Essex constituencies. He died on 15 October, aged 69. Colin Powell Four-star general in the US Army and America’s first Black secretary of state, who was a key figure in the build-up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003. He died on 18 October, aged 84. Paddy Moloney Leader of Irish band the Chieftains, who helped to re-popularise traditional Irish folk music. He died on 12 October, aged 83. Ruthie Tompson Former animator who worked on the 1937 hit Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and was the last living link to the earliest days of Walt Disney’s animation studio. She died on 10 October, aged 111. The big story p10 →…

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science and environment

SPACE Planet discovery suggests gas giants can outlive the sun A Jupiter-sized planet has been found orbiting a white dwarf star in the Milky Way, providing clues as to what will happen in our solar system when the sun eventually dies. An international team of astronomers, led by Joshua Blackman of the University of Tasmania, observed the phenomenon, which forms when a star runs out of nuclear fuel to burn, and dies. The distant planet, a gas giant with a mass 1.4 times that of Jupiter, was able to survive the death of its host star. Themiya Nanayakkara, an astronomer at the Swinburne University of Technology who was not involved in the research, said the discovery suggested outer gas giant planets like Jupiter and Saturn could survive the death of the sun. “It rules…

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united kingdom

ENERGY Lukewarm reception for government heating plan Ministers unveiled plans for £5,000 ($6,900) grants to allow people to install home heat pumps and other low-carbon boiler replacements as part of a wider heat and buildings strategy. Labour condemned the plans for not having sufficient substance. Details for the scheme include £450m towards grants to replace boilers, with a pledge that the fund will mean heat pumps should cost no more than gas boilers to install or run. The wider strategy also contains a commitment to funding totalling £3.9bn to decarbonise buildings and how they are heated, with a 2035 target for all new heating systems in UK homes to be energy-efficient. The business and energy secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, said recent gas price rises “have highlighted the need to double down on our efforts to…